Weight and Regiment Updates
Thursday, August 31, 2023

Penguinz0, AKA, Cr1tiKal and Coach Greg Accuse Liver King of Being “Back On Steroids”... They’re Late to the Party.

Current weight:

After jumping time zones on the Liver King pterodactyl, and celebrating 19 years with my Queen in the desert (already planning our 20th), Liver King is welcomed back to another week of Primal Mayhem… good! As per standard operating procedure, here’s my weekly confessional/update… my four roles:


When you know your "why" in the world, winning is a forgone conclusion...all ya gotta do is sort the how and the what — that's the easy part. Define your highest leverage roles (no more than 4)… assign a profound WHY to each, and take massive fucking action (fire, fire, fire, aim!) to execute. Here are mine…

Dominant Man

It’s my biological imperative, and it amplifies my impact in my other roles. This week, here to set the record straight, address Coach Greg, and share a fuck load more on my stats… for the “Primals wanna know.”

Dominant Dad

So that one day, they come to believe in themselves as self-made kings. This week, I summarize the training and nutrition protocols as I prepare my boys for their hardest Barbarian yet — their rite of passage (Stryker’s in September and Rad’s in January).

Dominant Husband

My complementary opposite (the balance to my blade)… my lioness… my soul mate… she makes me whole and gives me my edge. This week, I detail Liver Queen’s affection quota (Young Primals, love is a verb).

Dominant CEO

Because 4,000/day kill themselves, and there’s something we can goddam do about it. This week I highlight precisely how we’re casting the Liver King-sized net, getting the message out with mega influencers like Kanel Joseph, and Jesse James West as they attempt The Barbarian Crucible [JJW and Crucible pages/placeholders don’t exist yet], new and improved content, and post-production begins on the series 126 Ways to Increase Testosterone/126 Ways to be a Fucking Man — to always stack the deck, dominate and win a life. 

Penguinz0 and Coach Greg Accuse Liver King of Being “Back On Steroids,” Says I “Have Muscles on my body that haven’t been invented yet,” and so much more…

Liver King posing on his porch

On August 20th, 2023, my weekly confessional/update went live — Liver King Back On Steroids (Find out!) in this week’s confessional. Here’s a snippet.

After 220 days natty, Liver King is back on the technology. More specifically, steroid (singular) and a low-dose HGH. Everyone around me has put in their nickel’s worth saying shit that ranges from “Why, you’re looking better than ever, you don’t need that shit”... to “Bro, steroids are fucking awesome, you should get back on ‘em.”

Read the entire update here. where I write about…

  • Eating a pound of fresh, raw testicles every day for 220 days and counting
  • The emergency CT scan
  • Technology, including HRT/steroids, can be Pirmal AF
  • The name is Liver King, not Liver Caveman

Addressing Penguinz0 and Coach Greg

I’ve always said how much I appreciate the guys sitting on the couch, usually in their mothers’ basements, making gossip-driven reaction videos about me because they’re introducing the Liver King and The 9 Ancestral Tenets to their respective audiences. Only problem is that most of it is ridiculously inaccurate, and some of it is downright lies. Liver King here to set the record straight for Cr1tiKal Penguinz0,Coach Greg, and everyone else.

For the record, I was still natty AF when I posted my last LK 2.0 “220 Days… Natty AF” picture to my daily IG stories. The next day, I wrote my weekly confessional to announce that I’m no longer natty, but had one helluva run and learned a fuck load of life-changing things along the way (including how to sleep… turns out, I’d been doing it wrong).

A week later, Cr1tiKal Penguin and Coach Greg made their 6th and 9th video about Liver King in less than a year… My response?

Yes, I look shredded AF. Thank you! I'm also 20 fucking pounds lighter than my late December weight. If you can't see the difference in bloat and water retention between my confession video and my latest videos, you should start eating Liver, and then get your eyes checked. 

Anyone who knows me in real life can see I'm a leaner, more agile beast, and best of all, I’m having more fun these days since I can remember, pulling Primal pranks, lighthearted, and feeling like a goddam Barbarian-King!

But it wasn’t all sunshine and liver… there were weeks where I met my darkest days (especially in January - I might publish those confessionals too, if Primals wanna know), but there’s always another hell beneath hell, so good, bad, or indifferent, resistance is that which creates strength of body, mind and spirit. I’m grateful AF for all the blessings of resistance, especially the videos, that have forged me into the unrelenting evolutionary hunter, the man, the father, the husband, and the CEO that I am today.  

Cr1tiKal Penguin and Coach Greg, once again, thank you for all the compliments on my physique… 

But I want to be clear on the record that I have been 100% natural, if you call eating a pound of testicles a day natural, from January 2nd to mid-August. I'm also going on the record to say that I am not natural as of August 10, 2022

I've done what I’ve needed to do, and proven to myself what I wanted to, and… I’m not stoked about eating testicles every 3 to 4 hours to get my 1lb of fresh raw testicles in, each and every day as a permanent part of my life.

And to the Cr1tiKal Penguinz0 Primal, it looks like you desperately need some Ancestral Tenet 7: Sun (which, in part, is why I’m inviting you to Liver King Ranch… below). Coach Greg's tan and sun exposure looks on point. Good job, Coach Greg (I would invite you too, but we both know why you can’t come… open offer).

Inviting Cr1tiKal, AKA, Penguinz0 to Liver King Ranch

Liver King sitting on a wood chair in the sun

I mentioned above, you’re officially late to the party… but still invited to light it the fuck up. Turns out, we have a fuckload in common (both hated our former selves… both had best friends that took us in… both “make shit” and want to create meaningful impact that creates legacy), so I’d love to connect, aim high, and combine forces to do some goddam good in the world.

Liver King inviting Cr1tiKal to LK Ranch to show you that NOTHING I do is fake, meet my family (including my four Dobermans), show you our ways, share our respective WHYs in the world, get you that sunshine you’ve been missing out on, and as a show of gratitude, I’d like to donate $100K to a charity of your choosing so that our impact makes a benevolent dent in something that matters to you.

Cr1tiKal Says “It All Came Crumbling Down” — Liver King Says “To Build Something Better In Its Place”

I couldn’t be more goddam grateful. I always say whatever happens in life, good, bad or indifferent, it’s all good because everything in life is a gift. This was the catalyst to come clean with my young boys, Stryker and Rad, and with the Primals around the world striving to become more. It gave me the opportunity to take massive fucking action, to course correct, to grow, and to get better. I got to show my boys how to face resistance, take extreme ownership, and persevere. 

I got a world-class doctor, Gabrielle Lyons, who pulled together a team of doctors to run tests, to diagnose and optimize as a “natty” for 220 days. My Queen and I got peace of mind from a clean bill of health. I got to address root cause issues like my sleep. I got to see, objectively, how fucking powerful bull testicles are, and discovered intellectual property along the way. I got to see the profound difference it made to skip the second workout of the day, kick my feet up, and smoke a cigar…. earned!

Ultimately, I got the opportunity of a lifetime… to take what appeared to be Liver King crumbling down, a destruction of my own doing, and build something better in its place. I am a better man, father, husband, and CEO precisely because of this resistance, and I couldn’t be more goddam grateful. Thank you to everyone who played a role in allowing me to face my demons and build the King I am proud AF to be today. — Just getting started!

Cr1tiKal and Liver King Not So Different

When I learned about Cr1tiKal’s past, it reminded me of me (I hated my life), and all the Young Primals that I hear from daily who hate their lives, and don’t know what to do or where to even start… we have generations of men that can’t carry a load (literally or figuratively)... they don’t have self-respect and their peers don’t respect them either... they will never rise to be the evolutionary hunter (fighter, provider, protector) they were born to be. Without a fight, they will continue to suffer and struggle and wonder about life. 

I watched a few video clips to learn and understand Cr1tiKal’s position on me… how can I blame him? The videos I watched were: 

"Can't Think of a Title," a heart-to-heart video about his life... unemployed, given up, stopped looking for a job, doesn't know what he wants to do with his life to begin with… states he just really needs to get his life together. This sounds familiar.

"About Me," a video detailing hitting rock bottom... girl broke up with him... no job... no massive action but still a sense of wanting to be remembered as someone who made a positive impact on the world… a desire to be a part of something big!! He goes on to remark that sometimes the worst situations can lead to something positive that you would have not have otherwise achieved if you hadn't gone through that pain. This sounds familiar too.

I learned that he didn’t show his face for his first several years on YouTube, and after he did, his connection with his audience grew rapidly. Similarly, I was Liver King in private long before I was blasted out of a fucking cannon on social media.

It gets better. In his sophomore year in college, he credits a group of best friends for turning his life around. Same happened for me in late highschool. That’s the mother-fucking power of a tribe! Those bonds ignite the figurative fight to be kinetic in nature, carry a load (it’s called responsibility), to create impact… “to make shit!”... to make a fucking dent in the universe.

Noone knows this better than me… been through that hell (see Liver King Bio and Stats for the full story), and I’m here now to provide a path. 

Liver King laying on a porch with his dog

M-249 SAW, P-90 PDW, and Benelli M-4 12 Guage w/ your fucking name on ‘em

Cr1tiKal, let’s aim higher, rise above social media, share in a good old-fashioned face-to-face bond, and see if we can piece together something the world desperately needs right now. That’s why I’m extending you an invite to Liver King Ranch with open arms (got a M-249 SAW, P-90 PDW, and Benelli M-4 12 Guage w/ your fucking name on ‘em)... with an open mind (to sharpen our respective energy swords)... and with an open heart (to destroy and enjoy as we rip through LK Ranch pastures with our Wharthogs) to share, learn, and lean the fuck into Ancestral Tenets 8 (fight), 9 (bond) and 10 (have a little fun w/ “fun tactics”)...

To unite a fight that’s part of our shared pasts so that we can provide a better path for Young Primals to strive… guaranteed to light it the fuck up, and send your pasty white ass home, a little less white, a little more Primal.

Cr1tiKal Makes Solid Argument About My Seemingly Contradictory Position on Technology

Most of this was covered in last week's confessional but here it is again, in case ya missed it.

“Twitter points out, how Liver King calls his diet eating like our ancestors ... joke because he has a Chef… LK says if you don't hunt it, it doesn't count... calls LK a liar... indulging in the modern excess... accuses Liver King of not living primal. Dude goes to bed in a coffin... it's the only thing he does. Super privileged in the modern excess era.” - Cr1tiKal

All good points. 

“on very expensive shit that is not Ancestral Living. Private jet, personal chef, snakes on a plane... he doesn't follow his own advice... private jet... arbitrary excuses. Why eat raw meat... why not just cook it then because it's the better life component. I make whatever rules I want.” – Cr1tiKal

Again, all valid points.

Here’s my philosophy on the matter, and would be happy to show and tell all about it if Cr1tiKal accepts my invitation to LK Ranch.

The name is "Liver King," not "Liver Caveman." How do Kings' live... where do Kings' live... I didn't show up 2 years ago and say, "Me Liver Caveman, me make fire, sleep in cave like ancestor brother, technology bad." 

A self-made King is the mark of a man who earns... who creates unequivocal value to unite a fight bigger than himself — I call it "ancestral living" in the modern world. It's the ultimate juxtaposition where the way of the Barbarian meets modern man to forge whatever goddam life he wants to shape and create.

The baddest Barbarian earned rights to the bigger cave and deadlier weaponry (yes, technology). The noblest King earned the castle, carriages (fleet of supercars) and right to bear arms — to protect and lead his people with nobility. 

The modern-day man is no different. The ancestral lifestyle is a fundamental Primal framework to express our highest and most dominant form. The modern world, with all its imperfections, offers great utilities to optimize further... to become even MOOOAR! 

Our evolutionary hunter ancestors left the comfort of the cave for adventure, excitement and a better life… earned, and summarized by one word: MOOOOAR! There’s a parallel evolutionary story of the technology trajectory that brings us to modern day. 

Our earliest ancestors evolved and invented good ol fashioned pummeling power… striking by force and acceleration, percussion technology... the smashing of things to gain access to the nutrient-rich brains and bone marrow. We invented fire-at-will technology. We invented language technology, and continued the communication technology trajectory with social media. Point is, the evolution of technology, as long as it's used as a utility (as opposed to pure entertainment that distracts from doing the thing to create value), is pretty goddam Primal.

By definition, technology is — the invention of useful tools — and when viewed with a wide lens, technology is Primal AF because it allowed us to further the interest of the tribe, and to feed our families.

  • Pummeling technology w/ upper extremities and neural patterning proved deadly to procure food
  • Percussion technology w/ rocks gave us access to otherwise inaccessible foods like the cranium/brains, and the femur/bone marrow
  • Percussion technology gave us bifacial blades to hunt
  • Communication systems to signal "good/bad, live/die, love/hate
  • Fire-at-will to feel warmth
  • Travel by horseback… travel by jet
  • And, yes, guns are an extension of the primal technology of our ancestors.

It's up to the Primal to sort what is a utility to wield as a weapon to build and create or contract, retract and destroy. Choose your weapons wisely, aim high, get to fucking work, and build motherfucker, build!

Who Wants Cr1tiKal to Accept My Invitation to Liver King Ranch?... I Do! Post in the comment section below.

Liver King flexing in the sun


I am Liver King... a savage barbarian beast, double-fisting battle axes... running up the mountain to no end. I stand 5’7” at the horizon, and this week, I descend with 186 lbs of force and flesh upon our earth — there's a reason the giraffe is not the King of the jungle.

  • Dec: 202
  • Jan: 196
  • Feb: 192
  • Mar: 190
  • Apr: 187
  • May: 186
  • Jun: 186
  • Jul: 182
  • Aug 28th, 2023: 186 lbs


The Nine Ancestral Tenets are the forces that shaped our ancestors to become the baddest mammalian predators that ever lived… they still work today so that we can be healthy, happy, strong, and robust.

  • Sleep … subprimal — took on too many commitments, including a 3AM shark hunt
  • Eat … primal AF — easy!
  • Move … primal AF — all workouts, the push-up diet and Barbarians… DESTROYED!
  • Shield … primal AF (thanks to my Queen)
  • Connect … subprimal (I left my rubber-soled shoes on for a desert hike)
  • Cold … primal AF - 24 minutes clocked at 34 degrees this week
  • Sun … primal AF
  • Fight … primal AF
  • Bond … primal AF and got bonus points for trips with family
  • Fun … primal AF, pulling pranks, and getting in fuckloads of primal activators: YEAH, YEAH, BOI!

Want more Liver King stats, or if young "Primals wanna know," MOOOAR, post in the comments section‍.


  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV): down from 88 to 44 (HRV was 144 in July)... worth noting that the higher the HRV, the more recovered a primal is. I know… I know…
  • Resting Heart Rate (RHR): up from 68 to 74 bpm (a sign of over-training/reaching, especially with HRV going down. RHR was 56 in June)
  • Perceived Exertion: from high to higher to full fucking send… I know… I know.
  • Grip Strength: 144 lbs upon waking… skull-crushingly dangerous and performed a 60-second hand with the balls of steel (210 pounds in KB weight)
  • Glucose/Blood Sugar: relatively unchanged from 72 to 70
  • Ketones: lowest was .2mM BHB to .7mM BHB… that’s what I call metabolically flexible and fit AF!


* No measurements this week except weight

  • Weight: 186 lbs
  • Body Fat: shredded and vascular AF
  • Roman Chest Plate: chiseled
  • Arms: dangerously strong pummeling power
  • Waist: six-pack centerpiece, (maintenance on the Liver King ab implants) and six-pack supplement: murder medley). Lost over 4 inches since Jan 2nd.
  • Legs: lost the most size from waist and legs since Jan 2nd. Started additional lower body sessions, they’re getting there!
Liver King posing on his porch


* No maxes attempt this week just max fucking effort

  • Strict Press: DNA… previous PR was 255… missed 215 in June. Fuck me!
  • Deadlift: worked up to heavy triples with Vitruvian while traveling
  • Squat: box squat cycle... heavy triples with 405# straight weight, plus 80# chain weight
  • Bench: heavy dumbbell presses... 7X15 with 100# DBs
  • Six Pack Centerpiece: maintained the Liver King's 30-push ups every 30-minute diet and continuing to supplement with Murder Medlies on Wed and Sat... still performing heavy unilateral KB carries, yolk carries, and Barbarians, which develop the fundamental building blocks for a strong AF and shredded core... gotta maintain those Liver King ab implants because “life just ain’t worthing Primals, without a pump and a centerpiece six pack.”


  • Liver King Strict Press Challenge: 7:11… not a PR, but pretty goddam fast!
  • Barbarian: completed my 121st renewal on a level 10 course at LK Ranch (now training for "Hell on Earth")
  • Fran: 1:51 is my PR... not repeating this for a while. Will leave on record because this mother fucker is etched in my soul.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner got the usual treatment: always getting down on the raw liver, and raw bone marrow... and of course, a full pound atof fresh, raw bull testicles/day (since Jan 2nd… yes, still onnit!). As foretasted, a shit ton of electrolytes and or fresh blood and colostrum when out at LK Ranch. See more on Liver King diet.

Even traveling, LK Chefs make dope AF, delicious AF meals for me and the tribe. Currently writing this while on the Shark Hunt, and bout to get down on some fresh AF blacktip shark, and bull red sashimi, but first… I’ll be taking the liver and searching for testicles.

  • Breakfast: raw, shell-on, fertilized eggs from Liver King Ranch... Liver Queen's fermented cream, and whatever else LK Chef Lionel puts out for me in addition to the usual stack: Liver King Supplements... Liver King Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and of course, KING.
  • Lunch: a bone-in piece of red meat, black coffee, and my usual staples... Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and KING. I won’t write this every week but I’ll say it again for everyone in the back… raw Liver, raw Testicles and raw Bone Marrow remain on the menu with all meals.
  • Dinner: ate Snakes on a Plane last week, rabbit osso buco this week, delicious salty blood and nose-to-tail organ board with Jesse James West at LK Ranch, and fresh shark this week. More crispy duck, and the usual: a delicious pound of cooked carnivore carcass (ribeyes, bone-in strips, bone-in ribs, beef cheeks, tongue, cheese beast burgers made with liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, kidney, and a little bit of muscle meat), testicle ceviche, carbs (primal rice, sweet potatoes, Paul Bunyan's maple syrup, and sorghum syrup), and once again, my primal AF staples... Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and KING.
  • Recents: recent additions as of late have been Sorghum syrup as a whole food source of carbs and running DHT experiments (for MOOOAR!). Anything and everything food-related that’s a 5-alpha agonist is being selected for. NOTE: DHT is what real alpha Primals are after… It's inaccurately villainized as a propagator of hair loss, and prostate problems, but this topic is incredibly nuanced. Bottom line is DHT is King when it comes to androgens. Liver King DHT articles and videos forthcoming as part of the 126 Ways series.
  • Notes: I stated that I don't want to have to eat a pound of testicles every four hours, every day... before tech (TRT), I had to have the testicles every four fucking hours... now I don't (have to), but still continuing for a few reasons… 1. so that I change as few of variables as possible, and 2. I'd like to see how the holistic package of raw androgens and rich 5-alpha reductase (from the testicles) affect results, especially DHT and Estrogen.


  • a cigar or four in the afternoons, sometimes paired with a Primal Scotch (always earned)
  • 30-push ups every 30 minutes
  • 300-knuckle push-ups bf dinner (under the sun, connected to the earth)
  • 1000+ band pull-aparts and/or several hundred face pulls


Since January 2nd, I've been an upgraded, more dominant version of myself... With 220 days clocked of Primal “natty” savagery, it comes to an end. LK 2.0, is officially back on a steroid and a low dose of therapeutic HGH (turns out fixing my sleep corrected most of the root cause related to chronically low IGF-1) that’s managed and maintained by a trained hormone clinician.

Since I just started this, it’s too soon to comment, but if Primals are interested, post what ya wanna know in the comment section, and I’ll update in the subsequent confessionals. Don’t hold back… be sure to drop comments, questions, love, and hate… I want it all.


Stryker turns 17 in September. Rad turns 15 in January. The greatest gift I can give to my boys is to bleed them through the living hell I call “The Barbarian” — a modern-day rite of passage and initiation into manhood. 

This isn’t their first Barbarian, but it for certain, their hardest hellpath yet, and it’s my job to get them ready… for life!

Their training includes Barbarian-specific-movement linear progression principles, overload protocols, and the biological law of accommodation variations so when duty calls, they can stand up, stand firm, push back, attack and destroy… whatever the fuck is in front of them. 

Their training includes “supplemental” Barbarian nutrition too. For instance, Rad’s a bit light for a full-on Barbarian, so we've made him a 500-calorie, delicious AF Barbarian shake divided into 3 servings/day. So far, he’s gained 3 pounds, and he remains on pace to gain 1/2 pound/week… that’s 12 more lbs by mid-January, when he will crush himself, and transform himself when he bleeds through his most difficult Barbarian to date.


Resounding YES, and it’s one word… MOOOOOAR! — Liver King

In the modern world, most people give more affection to their dogs than they do their own soul mates. What does this say to each other... what does this say to the kids… This is why I indeed require my Queen to meet an affection quota,  “a show of love,” that models compassion, caretaking, and the ultimate in feminine energy, which strengthens our bond above… is this really so bad?

  • 4 kisses/day
  • 2 hugs/day
  • 6 additional touch points/day (shoulders, legs, beard, hands… it don’t matter)
  • 2 hand holds / day
  • 1 head on heart while sleeping
  • 1… nope, that’s where we draw the line… some things remain sacred, and our sex life is one of them.


Liver King on a beach with his trident

Always doing big things as the CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle in an effort to unite a fight against the suffer and struggle that was the hellhole of my former life, and the life of my own boys that landed them in the hospital because they couldn’t breathe.

Leading with WHY and getting the ancestral message out to model, teach, and preach a path for Young Primals to strive with mega influencers like Kanel Joseph, and Jesse James West as they attempt The Barbarian Crucible, and gearing up for many more to come. This was, still is, a heavy lift.

Created meaningful, Primal content, as opposed to just “entertaining” content (about to drop)... related topics include Liver Nerd explaining undenatured proteins, peptides, and enzymes only found organ-specific tissue… Barbarian and The Sacred Rite of Passage… Toxic Masculinity… Never Apologize (LK 2.0 doesn’t do it)... Strong Jaw Guide… The 9 Tenets Mini Series, and the 126 Ways To Increase Testosterone/126 Ways To Be a Fucking Man. Fire, fire, fire, aim with an emphasis on “aim” from here on out. [Create follow up Asana task to circle back and link to these pages once created]

I'm proud AF to say I led... myself, my boys, my Queen, and my professional teams, connecting and affirming my people/tribe with our WHY in the world, and with such worth and potential that they see it in themselves and express a higher form. All while CEO’ing my Tip of the Spear Companies, it’s called “strive mother fucker, strive!”

Anything else ya wanna know, comment or question below...


Read the full inside scoop on Brian Johnson's life story, from cradle to king, including his height and weight through each phase of ascension to current day.