Kanel Joseph pushing himself on the Barbarian Crucible

The greatest gift I can give to another brother is to bleed them through the 9-stage living hell I call the Barbarian Crucible.
- Liver King


On July 6th, 2023

Kanel DMs me, “Can I become the Liver Prince?... I need your blessing.”

To which I replied, “That can only be earned… nothing is given.” 

On August 4th, 2023

Kanel shows up to attempt the Barbarian Crucible.
Here’s what happened next...

Liver King's Barbarian Brotherhood emblem

So it begins...

Kanel Joseph arrives at Liver King Ranch to try the Barbarian

Wearing nothing but a petrochemical-laden, polyester-made jungle skirt, Kanel is waiting for me in front of the red barn… he doesn’t have a fucking clue of the pain that lies ahead. I assign him a first-impression Primal ranking (1-10):

  1. Manboy
  2. Wanderer
  3. Savage
Beta AF
Alpha AF
The High Evolutionary is crowned "The Ultimate Primal" and qualifies to compete for "The Barbarian-Crucible King"

Justification: he had his bare feet connected, anchored, grounded into the earth…no subprimal sunglasses or sunblock, no non-native scents, no fear, no shirt, no shoes, no problem.

Next, I tell the rules, and send him on his way in the 100+ degree hell path carrying a 350 lb load (for one mile), with Primal encouragement: “...train the barbarian, test your Barbarian, uncage your motherfucking Barbarian. 3, 2, 1, go!” 

He looks like a baby giraffe taking his first steps as he trips over his own feet… he can barely pull the fucking sled out of the barn. I’m thinking, is this guy for real… he’s probably going to die today, or at minimum, get badly hurt — good!

Kanel Joseph flexing before the Barbarian Crucible

Stage 1: The Barbarian

Liver King's Barbarian - The Separation logo

The Separation

Kanel Joseph embarks on Liver King's Barbarian Crucible

The separation symbolizes Kanel tearing apart from his former self, deloading from conventional wisdom, and throwing himself to the wolves. Unbeknownst to Kanel, the wolves are goddam starving, he’s the prey, and he’s an easy target… they may just eat him alive!

A proper rite of passage like The Barbarian is the hardest thing most men will ever do. It will test him… it will scare the-fucking-shit outta him… It will absolutely crush him… and if he completes it, it will transform him into the formidable force that he was born to be. He will have earned self-respect, the respect of his peers, his tribe (his family), status and new rights to achieve. Bear in mind that The Barbarian is stage one of nine of the Barbarian Crucible… the beginning of the beginning.

Liver King giving Kanel Joseph a speech while he does the Barbarian

As Kanel sets off on his own war path, he comes face to face with his demons, grunting, screaming, and uttering uncontrollable obscenities. 

Liver King heads back to the big house at Liver King Ranch and does what Liver King 2.0 does best as of late… I get back to fucking work!

Liver King relaxing and smoking a cigar on the couch
Liver King's Barbarian - The Ultimate Test logo

The Ultimate Test

Kanel Joseph starting the Barbarian Crucible

The ultimate test will call upon Kanel’s alpha-masculine tactical virtues… the same virtues required of men across history: strength, courage, mastery, honor and loyalty…  it will test his force of will (the body, heart, mind and spirit) with such depth, he becomes something else on the other side. One man enters, no man leaves unchanged. Kanel sure as fuck is testing himself… let’s see what he’s made of.

Fifteen Minutes In, “I’m Fucking Done”

As I’m settling in to my flow state to get my own shit done, the walkie turns on and my lead operator tells me that Kanel, the wannabe Liver Prince, say’s he’s fucking done. I reply back, “Turn the volume all the way up on the walkie,” and here’s what I said to Kanel…

Kanel Joseph taking a break while doing the Barbarian Crucible

“You show up to LK Ranch… you want to earn a new title, new status, new rights, new potential and worth, and you’re already giving up… you may as well quit on life while you’re at it, and never hold your head above your shoulders again. If you’re actually done, I don’t want to see your fucking face… there’s nothing else left for you here. Fine, give up, get the fuck outta here, and carry the load of regret, a permanent reminder that quit is an eternal part of who you are, and it’s etched into your fucking soul.” 

I turn the walkie off… I was fucking pissed.

He Strives

Radio silence… I don’t hear jack shit coming from the walkie so I assumed he was packing up his shit… good. I don’t have to deal with this prankster ever again, so I move on to create King value. Thirty minutes later, the walkie comes on. Turns out, he didn’t quit after all. 

He’s actually in the process of crushing himself… he’s doing more than what he thought he was capable of… he’s facing his demons, he’s overcoming, he’s persevering, and he’s putting one foot in front of the other. His grip is gone, he’s ripped his hands, he’s overheated, and he’s going deeper into the hellhole… good! To which I reply, “If you’ve got a goddam breath in you, you’ve got a step in you… march motherfucker, march.”

Kanel Joseph doing the Barbarian Crucible

"Fuck You Liver King. FUCK YOU!"

At the 500 yard maker… only 1300 yards short of The Barbarian, he yells over the walkie, “Fuck You Liver King, FUCK YOU!” To which I reply, “The only one who’s fucked is you… I take myself to hell and back on the daily, I crush myself and transform myself, and fuck myself from Sunday to sideways… I don’t carry regret, but you, wannabe-Primal, will.” He decides to commit to get to the 900 yard mark. He strives, despite the blood!

Bloody AF Hands, He's Done

More than three hours in, he’s decided he can go no further, and that 600 yards is when and where he’ll call it. This will be the demarcation point where he dies on his respective sword. “Fine, I don’t give a shit… radio me when he gets there.”

Radio comes on… he’s done. He’s really done. He didn’t make it to 600 yards, but he can’t continue. Bloody hands, barely beating heart, and crushed under the weight of his own soul. He’s quit on life. 

Kanel Joseph pushing himself on the Barbarian Crucible

I drive my High Lifter over and here’s what happens next. 

He wanted to quit at only 100 yards but he didn’t. He tested himself, proved that he had more in him, and that he is far more capable of catastrophic things than what he previously thought. He’s earned the right to continue and hold his head up, but not too high.


Kanel Joseph overheating while doing the Barbarian Workout
Liver King's Barbarian - The Return logo

The Return

For those that complete Barbarian, he is a new kind of beast… if he had a breath in him, he had a step in him. He has earned my capacity for catastrophe, and he is now worth more to the tribe. He is a savage beast… a self-made Barbarian, and welcomed into the brotherhood with a new name, such as Liver Prince, or better yet, Kanel “The Barbarian,” and a new claim in status, and a symbol awarded – fucking earned!


While Kanel did not complete the first stage, he bled through Barbarian, put in a Primal effort, and earned the right to continue through the Crucible… it has just begun. Sun and Earth come next… 

Stages 2 Through 9 Remaining

Barbarian - attempted
Scorched Earth, and the remaining stages... up next!
Thermal Pressure
Ice Breaker
Killing From a Distance
Ancestral Tenet 10... Have Some Goddam Fun!

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The Celebration and Official Primal Ranking…

The celebration, and Kanel’s official primal ranking would take place in the West Pasture with a feast fit for a Barbarian-King. A perfect and bloody end to the day… sun setting, symbolizing the raging fire, a cool breeze — earned, and a bond above as we celebrated and talked about the day with Macallan 30, cigars, and took pictures.

Liver King and Kanel Joseph smoking cigars

Kanel “The Hunter”

From the Liver King to Kanel “The Hunter,” the mark of a man is how he chooses to bleed, claw and fight… it’s an expression of his wild, first version, Primal AF self. You did not earn Kanel “The Barbarian” or Liver Prince, but you did what an evolutionary hunter does, you became more… from a level 4 to a level 6, you became Kanel “The Hunter.” You did a goddam good job and earned an invitation back to earn your rite of passage and initiation into manhood, the Barbarian Brotherhood.

Beta AF
Hunter (Invited back for MOOOAR!)
Alpha AF
“The Ultimate Primal” qualifies to compete for the "The Barbarian-Crucible King" because there is always another fiery hell beneath this hell.

Liver King’s “Why” - The Barbarian Crucible

Liver King having a feast after the Barbarian Crucible

Our modern-day men are submissive, subprimal, and weak.... suffering from low manhood, low virility, and low ambition in life. So much so, 4000 people/day kill themselves; it’s a leading cause of death in our young men, and 80,000 people/day attempt suicide. Liver King would know, I was one of them. Then, I did what any self-respecting lion would do… I become a goddam Barbarian. 

I’ve painstakingly created a life-changing event to show young men how to fucking strive and bleed through a hell of their own choosing, to be prepared to battle through the hell(s) they don’t.

The Barbarian Crucible is an invite-only, polarizing AF, entertaining AF, modern-day rite of passage and initiation into a brotherhood that forges man-boy into barbarian... barbarian into King... cave into fucking Kingdom.

Kanel Joseph’s “Why” - He Creates

Kanel Joseph taking a picture of Liver King's abs

To inspire, model, teach and preach that we should be our "real," raw, wild, truest form ... to “be” rather than to “seem”... in my book, that's called Primal AF (which literally means 1, or original, before we domesticated ourselves). 

Why so many guns/weapons?

...you compensating for something?
Liver King's Instagram profile picture

Is Liver King insecure? Yeupp.

Am I overcompensating? You bet your fucking ass.

I love the threat of danger. Without it, I might strive for less. I might become less.

But I built a fucking arsenal around me, so that I can fight, provide, and protect. An arsenal that starts with the head and the heart. An arsenal of the four swords. The physical, social, emotional, mental, intellectual, and the spiritual.

If you want to become more in life, you gotta do moooar in life. And always fucking strive until your blood burns.

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Yes, Liver King is overcompensating for something…YOU!

Modern-day men like Kanel Joseph (before doing Barbarian and going full Primal), are submissive, subprimal, and weak.... suffering from low manhood, low virility and low testosterone.

Liver King would know, I was one of them... then, I did what any self-respecting Lion or evolutionary hunter would do when faced with the illusion of "no way out"... I became a fucking Barbarian… arming myself with the capacity for catastrophe, in part, to fight, provide and protect for weaponless subprimals like YouTuber Kanel Joseph… I gotchu!

I keep weapons in every conceivable field of view to protect YouTubers and other weaponless creators. I wield an arsenal around me to fulfill my biological imperative, plus, maintaining weapons in the field of view... well... it increases Testosterone by 60%.

This is why I keep Brass knuckles on the throne (my toilet). I keep weapons at the head of my bed.... at the foot of my bed... even in my bed, and under my head!

See MOOOOAR on Liver King maintaining weapons here.

Can I Get Some of Those Steroids Before doing The Barbarian?

Of course… I would never let Kanel come to Liver King Ranch and not get down on a mouthful of steroids. Open wide, and enjoy!
Kanel Joseph holding raw testicles with Liver King

Liver King on Homos, Ancestral References, and Racists…

How racist is Liver King…

Most people asking are usually looking to pick a fight. If that’s you, you’re the guy sitting on the couch, making reaction videos, so you’ve already lost. If you’re Kanel Joseph, well done… you’re attempting to pull a primal prank. Come get some, and by that I mean, I’ve got a scrotum the size of Texas to prove just how manly are you really are. Let’s see if you’re straight gangsta enough to get down on the bull testicles.

What kind of homo are you? We all share the same roots…

Which of our early ancestors are you talking about - homo habilis, homo erectus, homo sapien?

This ancestral message is about acknowledging that, if we go far enough back, we are all of one peoples. When I say early ancestors, I’m referring to all of them…

  • Australopithecus (3MM) - Lucy
  • Homo habilis (2.6MM)
  • Homo erectus (2MM)... Kanel (lmao)
  • Homo sapien (200K)

We breathe from the same body of air... we drink from the same body of water... we share the same life-giving sun and forces that nourish our strikingly similar DNA. I believe my fellow man is my brother and my fellow woman is my sister. I believe it's in our ability to deeply love, bond, nurture and share the success of the hunt. That’s what has formed us into the very humans we are today.

Genus homo, irrespective of the species, race or religion, still require the 9 Ancestral Tenets to shape our highest form.

Kanel Joseph and Liver King holding a crown


Hey, my almost Primal friend, you can call me "Liver King" or "L-K," but let's leave that other word back in the history books where it belongs! Let's keep it classy and respectful! 🍗👑

Barbarian Crucible Closing

Even a lion knows… what is right — wins, and what is wrong — dies. His biological imperative is as fundamental as nature, because IT IS his nature. Before higher, or lower, values (good/bad) can be entertained, a man must be a formidable force to claw, bleed, fight, provide and protect. Learn the Barbarian, earn the Barbarian, uncage your motherfucking Barbarian.

When you know your "WHY" in the world, and you center and anchor around it, your tribe will always follow a true north, and you'll stoke fire that fucking rages. When you know your WHY, winning is a foregone conclusion.

Liver King's Barbarian Brotherhood emblem
Liver King sitting on his weights after doing the Barbarian Workout

Uncage your barbarian

Free and paid versions w/ one-on-one guided support...How to scale for all abilities... rite of passage rituals, symbols and the entire



Liver King Out!