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🍫 FYI material possessions are just that... material possessions.

You can put a price on Liver King’s windshield... but you can’t put a price on the raw materials that make up Liver King’s bar... which makes it completely invaluable.

These bars contain everything you need to launch into the day... and therefore, they must be fiercely protected from wild scavengers… namely, @liverboyrad and @strykerthebarbarian.

If you took even half as much pride in the way you nourish yourself, trust me... you’d do the same.
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Apex Predator's Choice

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Apex Predators Go for the Liver First!

Killer whales hunt great white sharks and take the liver first. Lions do the same, and leave the muscle meats for the birds. The baddest native warriors to ever walk the earth, The Cree, ate raw bison liver, giving them the power of all the almighty beasts. I needed a simple, easy, convenient, and delicious AF way to get MOOOOAR of the most nutrient-dense powerhouse inside of me.

While at it, I added all the extra functional toppings I might otherwise miss while focused on clawing up the leaderboard, whether crushing myself into a fine powder in sport competition or building the business empire (see Net Worth). I would require all the raw materials, and nothing less, to bleed through anything and become the King of any mountain. Enter the hormone-optimizing, alpha-dominating weapon of choice.

  • Liver: if it's a top predator, it goes for it!... alternative: none
  • Ghee: nourishes and supports hormone optimization... alternative: raw bone marrow)
  • Creatine: supports methylation and strength (via 5-alpha to DHT conversion)... alternative: none
  • Protein blend: supports muscle syntheses and nitrogen balance w/ a fullsend blend of amino acids from eggs, protein isolate, and amandin... alternative: a nose-to-tail whole beast
  • Salt/Electrolytes: quenches the blood-thirsty Viking... alternative: fresh salty AF blood
  • Almond butter: conquers cravings
  • Steviol Glycosides and Isomaltooligosaccharide
  • Strength, Power, and Honor — after all, you are what you eat!
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Strength, Recovery, Performance



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The unequivocal ability to grind like a mother-fucking-barbarian requires the currency of life (energy), as well as hormone and neurochemistry optimization. I'm here to give away the Primal Farm, AKA, the recipe (see below), if you're man enough to make it yourself... which I did for over a decade, or you can subscribe and get a month's supply delivered to your doorstep without the fuss. If you want moooar outta life, you must do moooar in life! The Liver King Bar is the ultimate high-fat (hormone optimizing), low-carb, protein bar upgrade for alpha organisms, barbarians, warrior-beasts, and kings.


Nutrition Facts



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  • CALORIES: 220
  • PROTEIN: 12 Grams
  • SUGAR: 2 Grams
  • FATS: 15 Grams for hormones
  • CREATINE: 1.5 Grams
  • SALT: 500 Milligrams (increases blood volume in muscle and upgrades muscle contraction)
  • STRENGTH: Measured in ounces of blood


If you don't fucking love it, most won't eat it. If you don’t eat it, it doesn’t work. I needed to make a Primal AF snack, so goddam dessert-worthy that I'd have to hold myself back from eating the case in one setting.

Behold, the delicious AF almond butter Liver King Bar, now with even MOOOAR liver. A rich and savory creation that awakens and delights the primal palate. Where the richness of nature's bounty unfolds as you take your first bite, the velvety almond butter embraces your taste buds with a creamy decadence that lingers on your tongue like a sweet caramel caress. This luscious nutty goodness, a gift from the ancient Spartan-favored trees, infuses the bar with a savage luxury taste that satisfies anyone with a pie hole.

A delicate dance of vanilla and a hint of cinnamon enlivens the flavor profile, like a symphony of spices that titillate the senses and awaken the Barbarian-King's spirit. The sweet warmth of vanilla weaves through the bar, leaving a gentle trail of delight as it mingles with the almond butter's richness.

In perfect harmony, the subtle hint of cinnamon unfolds, adding depth and complexity to the snack experience. This ancient spice, cherished by our ancestors for its healing properties, infuses the bar with a touch of ancient wisdom, connecting us to the primal traditions of old.

As you indulge, you'll notice the perfect balance of sweetness, spice, and salt dancing together in tribal unity. If I may say so myself, this is a goddam masterpiece of culinary artistry, and stands as a testament to the primal connection between humans and the bounty of the earn — the successful hunt. As a Mayan shaman once told me, “enjoy, but go no further.” Savor this primal delight with the richness of almond butter, the smoothness of vanilla, the complement of cinnamon, and the perfect side of salty to complete the sweet. A taste that transcends… to be treasured. Did I mention it's delicious AF!

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Liver King Bar Reviews


LIVER KING Bar Reviews

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5 star rating
Nutritionally perfect, tasty bars
Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2023
Flavor Name: Original
Size: 1.59 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Verified Purchase

I love these bars! They're a little bit small but given the excellent macros, I don't mind. Oly had the original flavor ones, nice cake-like texture with a cinnamon aftertaste. Definitely recommend and love these clear ingredients.

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Lynn Miller
5 star rating
Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2023
Flavor Name: Original
Size: 1.59 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Verified Purchase

Now that I have experienced these, I am adding these delicious bars to my must-have list. You will be hard pressed to come across other bar of this kind. These remind me of shortbread cookies that my gradma always made during Christmas. These have a buttery taste and they melt in your mouth. High quality, delicious, and priced right. I'm considering ordering more so I don't run out.

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Morgan Nickerson
5 star rating
Amazing Taste
Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2023
Flavor Name: Original
Size: 1.59 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Verified Purchase

First off, I love Brian/Liver King and all of his companies' products! Everything is high quality and very healthy in comparison to competitive products. These bars are hands down the best protein bars I've ever had. The flavor is amazing as is the texture. My only complaint is that they are slightly on the smaller side. I'd easily love to have these be three times the size 😂.

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Amazon Customer
4 star rating
Quality Bars
Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2023
Flavor Name: Original
Size: 1.59 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Verified Purchase

This is my 3rd or 4th order of the whole feast and liver king bars. I personally love them both. I have seen increase in my performance at the gym and have been achieving physical goals while using these products. Both products are equipped with the calories and clean protein needed to get through my work and workouts on the daily... and they taste good! To be completely honest, since taking these products, my chest hair growth has been through the roof. Really starting to feel the primal traits come

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Amazon Customer
5 star rating
A Nutritional Powerhouse! Go to 4 On the Go !!
Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2023
Flavor Name: Original
Size: 1.59 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Verified Purchase

This product exceeded my expectations! The Liver King Bar is a true nutritional powerhouse - it's not just a delicious dessert but it also is packed with essential electrolytes. I love how it boosts my energy levels and keeps me feeling revitalized throughout the day. Highly recommend for health-conscious individuals!
No messing with protein powders as you drive down the road or take a zoom call... taste great and speeds recovery !!

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Maybe I'm biased... maybe I'm not! See hundreds of more Liver King Bar Reviews.

The perfect pre-Barbarian pre-workout, in-between Crossfit competition, or in-between meals: for me, a strong black rifle coffee and the LK Bar... yep, that'll do.


Ingredients and Mechanisms


Liver King Bar Ingredients and mechanisms

Liver King Bar banner - The Modern World

BEEF Liver

Was (still is) prized and devoured by alpha organisms in the wild and provides fundamental nutrient building blocks that are missing in the modern world like real bioavailable vitamin A (retinol), glandular-derived vitamin B12, choline, folate and heme iron to support virtually all biological functions including methylation, detoxification, and blood filtration. A must-have to optimize maximum athletic performance or to dominate the boardroom. It’s true…“Liver is King” — yep, I said that!

Raw liver on a cutting board
Ghee in a jar


Because “strength is never a weakness and weakness is never a strength” - Mark “Smelly” Bell. Ghee is clarified butter rich in special hormone-optimizing fats (think concentrated milk) to nourish strength, fat loss and muscle growth… aids deep sleep and performance.


Creatine is simply fucking amazing! It loads muscle cells, tilts the manhood scale from beta to beast, and anyone who knows about methylation (how we epigenetically express our potential on our path to “Top King” status) knows that creatine dominates this arena.

  • Energy… recycling energy-producing ATP in muscle and brain tissue
  • Muscle mass
  • Recovery
  • Performance
  • Mental acuity
  • Neurological
  • Manhood, virility, drive, and ambition to win at life. While creatine has not been shown to increase testosterone, evidence has indicated increases in DHT, which is the 5 alpha-reduced metabolite of testosterone — responsible for masculine excellence. This predominating androgen is responsible for the warrior's alpha-calm energy, Barbarian strength, King-like erectile health, and all things male-dominated.
Protein powder

Protein Blend

To express your highest and most dominant form… no doubt, get the lion’s share of your protein from the whole beast (and muscle meats). Get the rest from the Liver King Bar… egg whites, isolate protein, and amandin deliver all the amino acids you need to support protein synthesis.

Almond Butter

Almonds were regularly on the menu for blood-thirsty Spartan warriors… so it was said they prepared a notorious black broth of blood and boiled pig’s leg, along with side dishes such as almonds, other fruits, and meats. A great source of diversified protein with just the right amount fiber (to hedge, of course because I don't believe the fiber myth nor is it evolutionary consistent). Packed with vitamins B3 and E, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. This power food contains fatty acids that aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K. Spartans knew!

Almond butter and almonds
Cinnamon Sticks and Powder


To be certain, I went straight for the cinnamon for a singular purpose: to kick the taste into hyperdrive,... but low and behold, it's also a secret weapon shown to decrease HbA1C (blood sugar marker), triglycerides, and cholesterol. I'll just say, "you're welcome," and when you savor it, you'll know why!

Himalayan Salt

Ah, the primal wisdom of salt and only the good shit in the LK bar... real, authentic, genuine Himalayan salt. It bolsters the life force within by proven mechanisms that increases blood volume in muscle, muscle contraction (gainz), electrolyte balance, and performance. The first known currency in recorded history, salt's dominion was all-encompassing, even giving birth to the term "salary" from the Latin "salarium," denoting "salt money." When sodium drops, important electrolyte balance suffer leading to feelings of fatigue... "feelings" that say "I need to rest... to take a brake, retreat, decay, die and suck at life." Nope, not here!

Himalayan salt in a bowl

Buy The Bar or Machine Gun Belt



By the box

The only bar of its kind in the world, one box wields 12 separate units of alpha organizing, dessert-worthy, primal sustenance to separate from the pack. The Liver King bar is a global exemplar… in a league of its own. LK functional toppings with no shortcuts. Conquer cravings, and feel primal knowing that virtually the whole bar is made from pure ingredients found naturally, the way it should be.

Box of Liver King Bars
  • Price: $37.80 per box (includes 12 bars) with subscription discount
  • Flavors: 1. Regular, 2. Chocoate, and 3. Colostrum
  • Discounts: 10% off with subscription... Subprimals whine about the cost but price is what you pay, value is what you get, and there ain't nothing like this motherfucker on the market. High quality shit is expensive AF to bring to market... it's worth every goddam penny.
  • Buy here: The Fittest, Amazon


Maintaining weapons in the field of view increases testosterone by 60%! Why wouldn't you wear a LK Bar Machine Gun Belt? It comes with 36 badass bars, Barbarian programming and enrollment in 126 Novel Ways to Increase Testosterone. Did I mention it's dessert worthy? Extinction is the rule, and survival is the exception.

Machine gun belt of Liver King Bars
  • Price: $99.00 per machine gun belt (includes 36 bars) with subscription, Barbarian training and access to 126 Ways to be a fucking man.
  • Flavors: 1. Regular, 2. Chocoate, and 3. Colostrum
  • Discounts: None
  • Dominate here: Exclusively at The Fittest
    *** SOLD OUT! *** Turns out that Primals are loving the machine gun belt. Sign up here for immediate notification… to take massive fucking action.

Homemade DIY Recipe



  • Servings: 28 LK Bars or LK Almont Butter Cups
  • Coverage: 2-Week supply devouring two/day
  • Time to Make: 30 Minutes
  • Time to Eat: You tell me...



  • Ghee: 220 grams
  • Almond Butter: 420 grams (the whole jar)
  • Duck Fat: 50 grams (optional but great for the hormones)
Almond butter and ghee in jars
Whole Feast protein blend product image

Dry Goods

  • Whole Feast Vanilla Protein: 220 grams
  • Collagen/Gelatin: 140 grams to added to the homemade version (not included in commercially available LK Bars). Living Collagen and hydrolyzate versions deliver the building blocks for connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and Liver King-like glowing skin and hair (lmao). Living Collagen also contains glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, chondroitin sulfates, hydroxyproline, and bioactive growth factors. Nuff said!
  • Redman’s Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: 12 to 24 grams (trust me, electrolytes suffer otherwise)
  • Cinnamon: 10 grams
  • Creatine: 140 grams
  • Liver Powder: 14 grams (NOT optional)
  • Bone Marrow Powder: 14 grams (optional but great for robust strength and health)
  • Bull Testicle Powder: 14 grams (optional but great for manhood)


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Put ghee, almond butter and duck fat in the oven until the ghee and duck fat are liquified
  3. While heating up your fats (ghee, almond butter, and duck fat), premix (in a large pot — calling this pot #1) the protein, collagen/gelatin, salt, cinnamon, creatine and organ powders into a homogenous mixture
  4. Remove the ghee, almond butter and duck fat from the oven and spoon/pour the recipe amounts into a separate large pot (calling this pot #2) and stir until it's a homogenous mixture
  5. Pour in the dry goods from pot #1 into pot #2 and mix vigorously buy hand until you got a good delt pump, switch arms and continue until it's a homogeneous mixture
  6. Pour into your favorite lead-free glass container for servings or do what I do... pour into cupcake molds with unbleached cupcake liners… this fucking kills!
  7. Refrigerate for 30 minutes… destroy and enjoy!


  • 50G of Liver King Bar Concoction (from recipe above)
  • 100G of Farm Fresh Greek-Style (Strained) Grass Fed, Full Fat Yogurt
  • 30G of Maple Syrup (only if you fucking earned it)

Holy fuck, this is so good, especially if you strain the yogurt, it’s like a slice of primal snack bar loaded with heaven, LK Bar cake with thick ass cheesecake and drizzled in cool, refrigerated maple syrup. If ya ever heard of Paul Bunyon, yeah, that’s why... thank me later. Full step-by-step video coming soon to this page:

If you can taste the organs, don't be a little bitch... man up, or man down and decrease the Bone Marrow and Testicle Powder. Alternatively, I also invented a tastier version for subprimals on the path to Primal. It's the Homemade LK Bar Recipe w/ Colostrum (no Bone Marrow or Testicles). All ya gotta do is substitute the Bone Marrow and Testicle powder with 28 grams of Colostrum... pure primal genius! LK bar versions of dessert worthy goodness coming soon...


I never anticipated that the bar in chocolate would be in such demand. We couldn't keep up. The alternative is to make the homemade variety. It's the same as the above recipe options... just add the 100% cacao and cacao nibs (trust me) on the bottom of your serving container or cupcake liners before you pour the homogenous mix. Top it with a few additional 100% cacao pieces or bakers chocolate and nibs, sprinkle some shredded coconut and you've got another dessert worthy creation beyond this realm.


If you're looking for a pure carnivore, animal-based bar, option that you can make at home, lose the almond butter and replace it with suet (kidney fat), or rendered tallow. It's not nearly as taste worthy (you'll have to add in some wild, unfiltered, unpasteurized, raw honey to taste) but I always keep a dish of it on hand for the occasional guest that balks at my LK bar. Either option remains paleo and keto-friendly, and no vegans were harmed in the process. Feel free to add in other electrolytes (magnesium and a pinch of potassium) and collagen hydrolyzate for joint and tendon performance, to support healthy hair, skin and nails (talking to you ladies).

The Whole Feast



I formulated a specific protein shake just for Liver King and tribe... it’s how I ensure a true nose-to-tail, horns to hooves experience for me and mine… it’s how I get all the parts and all the goodness of the beast — inclusive of the connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, kidney, colostrum, blood, bones and more.

The Fittest - The Whole Feast product image


No amount of supplements will outperform a subprimal lifestyle. If you sleep like shit, which most people do... if you eat like shit, which most people do... if you move like shit and don't lift heavy shit, which most people do, you will continue to express the same fucking shit... the hurt, hate, suffer and struggle that you call your life. I would know... this was my own life for twenty-mother-fucking years.

Read all about Liver King Supplements — the one's that personally take — with full fucking transparency, plus the an indepth review related to why "supplements" are called supplements which is why The Nine Ancestral Tenets are fundamental AF.

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