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First, if you're a true primal wanting a legit six pack with visible abs (there's a difference), keep reading about the Center Piece Six Pack System below. If you still want the scoop on the ab implants and ab etching, here ya go:

Liver King got ab implants in a Singapore surgery center (2002) while it was still an experimental procedure.

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In fact, I was the first one... more accurately, I invented the idea itself and patented the procedure which is why I receive royalties to this day on each one that is performed. Each implant cost $10K and each has an optional secret refrigerated compartment ($1K extra) where the recipient can store their favorite things like cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches, raw liver, raw bone marrow or raw testicles. If you upgrade and get "the whole unit" option, you'll get the six pack, secret compartments, and ALL the abdominal muscles including the intercostals and obliques. Tell 'em LK sent ya or use code: YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING ME and get 5% off your next Liver King Supplements purchase of Liver King protein and Liver King bars.

You gotta be fucking kidding me... Officially setting the record straight

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💪 I have an obligation to my tribe (you)... to take massive goddam action and do whatever it takes to earn back your trust.

I get it...

If Liver King lied about PEDs, how can I expect Primals to trust my word about ab implants?

This is precisely why I visited @drdanielbarrett... to put these rumors to rest once and for all.

Drop anything else you want to see in the comments… and let’s get it done.
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After UFC 276, hungover AF, the Full Send guys, AKA, Nelk Boys invited me on their podcast. Kyle remarked "I'd never have a shirt on if I was shredded... I'd be tarp negative" to which I responded with some stupid shit like "these are implants... all you have to fucking do is go get implants. They're like 10K each... I'm rocking 100K worth!" It's called "take a fucking joke" or force it down their goddam necks, either way, this is how it went down.

Personally, I thought it was funny AF... they actually believed me, which made it even funnier. You should've seen the subprimal look on their faces (thinking... "all I have to do is get implants"). I sure as shit never thought "the joke," AKA, the fake news, would spread the way that it did. It has officially gotten out of hand... and I fucking love it!

To be certain, I earned each and every one of these motherfuckers... all eight!

Turns out, millions of people believed me too, and started actually believing Liver King has ab implants. To this day, if you Google "Ab Implants," I remain the poster child.

Google search for ab implants shows Liver King on the top

To be certain, I earned each and every one of these motherfuckers... all eight! So, for the record, I've never had ab implants, ab etching nor any other plastic surgery of any kind... but, in full transparency... I do own the method patent on the procedure with financial ties that go with it... to the tune of a $5K royalty on each performed... which is still a goddam joke... c'mon.

I don't know jack shit about the procedure other than this... if you're looking for legit six pack abs in one day, and if you don't give a shit about being ripped with lean core muscles (the intercostal/obliques), and you're the type that likes to buy shit at the mall instead of earning it... ab implants might suit you.

Get the girl... get the job... get the "young king's" life

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A Roman chest plate and a centerpiece six pack changes the entire game. I'm going to show and tell you the exact system to dominate.

A commanding physique increases testosterone and signals to the outside world that "I get to fucking work... I have discipline, for days, that you don't... I am willing to do today, what others aren't, so I can do tomorrow, what others can't"... a strong physique (with six pack abs) is the centerpiece of a King... you can't buy it at the mall, take it from someone nor can it be taken from you... this crown is bolted to the mother fucking head and can only be earned.

Ever see a well-put-together specimen... broad shoulders, v-taped waste, visible abs, low body fat, confidence in how he moves through space... this communicates: "how you do anything is how you do everything", "a lean, mean, dominating alpha AF machine." He will always be worth more to the tribe.

A WEAK body burdened with belly fat is the modern day "man boy" in the kyphotic position, rounded shoulders, hunched back, pot belly protruding... this communicates "I'm sloppy looking and sloppy in all my ways", "I'm sick, subprimal and invite attack." He will always be worth less to the tribe.

Here's a proven system based on the biological law of accommodation and 30-day variable cycles of progressive overload — it has a low perceived exertion, takes 30 seconds per set (ONLY 12 minutes a day... 21 minutes with the supplements — see below), and will stoke massive benefits for heart health, capacity and longevity but what we're really after is the coveted Roman chest plate and six-pack centerpiece with side benefits that generate unequivocal punching, pushing, and pummeling power that says... step the fuck off, bitch, I'm the alpha today. NOTE: healthy diet not required.

My six pack is how I got the girls... got the job... got the life I always wanted. Follow this proven program and it will change the entire trajectory of your life.

Liver King Before his Ab Implants

Push-up Diet Programming

Join the free or personalized pushup diet programming to build your centerpiece six pack


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What I do know is that modern-day men are submissive, subprimal, and weak.... suffering from low manhood, low virility, no core strength, no Roman Chest Plate and no visible six packs. We have to put an end to this. I would know, I was one of them (when I was 10)... then, I did what any self-respecting Lion or evolutionary hunter would do. I took massive (fucking) action... I became a barbarian... I claimed TOP KING status, strength, and self-respect. I'm here to uncage a proven system that brings the six pack abs into the mainstream and burns body fat without the "balanced diet" and intense "workout routine" bullshit.


Liver King flexing close-up

This is not another trick and pony bodybuilding routine with schemes of sit-ups, more core exercises and ridiculous implements... only one machine is required... you... you are the machine. This not only works because I say it does... there's the science side bolted down by four primary mechanisms... how it works with one's own body weight to build muscle and shred abdominal fat at the same time!

Stimulus and response is life... it's the space between that matters, and that's all you. You'd be hard-pressed to make a convincing argument that much else matters more than the muscle-centric approach to life... I'll say it again, without a six pack, life just ain't worth living.

  1. Biological law of accommodation

    It works because of the biological law of accommodation... if you do the same physical resistance every day, without variation or legit progressions, you will no longer create an adequate stimulus that elicits a meaningful physiological adaptation, what we like to call "THE GAINZ!" My Roman chestplate/centerpiece six pack program is based on a 30-day progressive overload cycle and scales in perpetuity with significant variation. Imagine the life... the muscle tissue (lean muscle mass)... the lower body fat percentage for visible abs... the "healthy diet, personal trainer" part (lmao), not required.

  2. Compound movements

    It works because the compound-centric movements elicit testosterone and growth hormone optimization which are primary drivers for building muscle (chest and abs), burning fat and reducing body fat to reveal the centerpiece. By default, the core exercises to build abdominal muscles are compound in nature. Isolated ab exercises remain supplemental.

  3. Basal metabolic rate from lean mass

    Eighty percent of calories are burned at rest... this is determined by one's basal metabolic rate (BMR). It works because this system continues to build lean muscle which skyrockets basal metabolic rate while, subclinically increasing outputs in parallel.

  4. Only 12 to 21 minutes/day... high AF compliance

    It works because anyone can commit to 12 to 21 minutes daily. If you can't do that, trust me, you don't deserve a six pack, a girl, a good job, or self respect for that matter.


Liver King wearing 4th of july clothes while holding a gun

The push up diet is 30 push-ups every 30 minutes (30 days)... here's the advanced program.

  • Week 1... 30 push ups every 2 hours. Even at work, in the shower or at dinner.
  • Week 2... 30 push ups every 1 hour. Even at work, in the shower or at dinner.
  • Week 3... 30 push ups every 30 minutes. Even at work, in the shower or at dinner.
  • Week 4... exactly the same as week 3, or do what LK does, 33 push ups, every 30 minutes.

The Roman Chest plate says... "step the fuck off, bitch, I'm the alpha today"

After the 1st month is complete, congratu-fucking-lations... it's time for MOOOOAR!... For week 5 and beyond... sign up for the system Liver King's 30 push-ups every 30 minutes diet to scale and lead your Roman chestplate and centerpiece six pack to LK proportions and to learn the way of the six pack life. Dominate. Destroy. Enjoy the rest of your new life!

If you can't do at least 60 unbroken, proper form push ups (trust me, you can't) go to for the formula and program tailored to your ability.

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Pushup Diet Programming

Here’s the free and paid version of the pushup diet programming to build your centerpiece six pack.

Six Pack Supplements

Everyone says they want more outta life, but few are willing to do "more" to become more. If you want an uncommon life, you gotta do uncommon things. You gotta be willing to do today, what others aren't, so you can do tomorrow, what others can't. Here's MOOOOOAR, all the extras, AKA, the supplements with the specific ab exercises to burn even more abdominal fat... and before you bother with another personal trainer, ask to see his six pack and more importantly, always ask... what color is your supercar?... exactly! If they don't know how to properly use their six pack, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Lift heavy shit…

Liver King wearing 4th of july clothes while holding a gun

Remember what I said earlier about compound movements... yeah, they still reign supreme, so do heavy squats, heavy deads, heavy yokes, heavy barbarians, and heavy unilateral carries to light up that core. It's true, it takes guts to squat heavy.

Adopt the 9 Ancestral Tenets to optimize your hormones further.

Liver King's ancestral tenets

Sleep. Eat. Move. Shield. Connect. Cold. Sun. Fight. Bond. It’s geometrically more effective when you get your ass on all 9 Ancestral Tenets because this lifestyle will optimize your hormones, and leads to favorable neurochemistry for that coved, alpha-calm drive and determination. It'll get you stronger, leaner, improve recovery, and do more for your workout and life goals than any new fad ab workout or trending meal plan. Are you even eating Liver & Bone Marrow yet? If not, start immediately... or go back to the couch.

Supplemental abdominal exercises

Liver King's Murder Medley. I do core/abs dedicated work twice a week - Tuesday and Saturday mornings. I always perform something that requires hypertrophic adaptation and I commit to 15 minutes of brutal pain (videos forthcoming). Here are my favorites:

  • Strict sit ups w/ arm behind head... 10X10 EMOM
  • Weighted sit ups w/ 25lb plate behind head
  • Weighted GHD sit ups
  • Weighted hollow rocks
  • "V" ups... 10X10 EMOM
  • Race to 100 followed by 6X12 hollow rocks... EMOM
  • Murder medley

Perhaps my favorite is what call Murder Medley which consists of 20 strict sit ups w/ arms behind head, 20 strict sit ups w/ arms out in front, 20 hollow rocks, 20 traditional sit ups, 20 roll ups and 60 second plank... you get zero fucking rest between movements and it's hideously excruciating. This is a sure fire way to build and blow up your core/abs.

When, Where and How Liver King And Tribe Does the Push Up Diet

The six pack way of life... because without a six pack, life just ain't worth living... While CEOing, my whole team does push ups... or they're fired!.

I do push ups while podcasting, business meetings, at the bank, by the sea and at the UFC. I don't give a fuck where I'm at, or what they say because today, I'm putting in the goddam work.

Even my liver tribe does the push up diet. My tribe is a walking, talking gang of power because a tribe that takes up time and space together, dominates and stays together.

I do push ups in the shower, watch time with my boys, on the plane, on the boat, cold plunging, and working out.

I even do push ups in my sleep, before getting in my bed, getting outta bed... I'll even do push ups when I'm fucking dead.

I do push ups while standing, laying, sitting and shitting.

I do push ups before driving, after driving and even while driving (the steering wheel press) -- it adds horsepower to your horsepower.

I do push ups before breakfast, lunch and dinner, when I meet someone, hire someone, and fire someone (if they don't join in the push ups).

I do push ups on palms, on knuckles (I call 'em brass knuckles), inclines, declines, on fingers and even on finger.

I do 100 push ups unbroken, tabata push ups, and every minute on the minute push ups, for LIFE!

I do push ups at the range.

Real man push ups

Under no circumstance is a real man allowed to do push-ups on his knees or with a broken body... once you can do man push-ups, you’re closer to being a "man" because you carry your own weight, and maybe even... someone else’s weight.

When you've conquered push ups, you can be like LK and do world downs.


I'll say it again for everyone in the back... the most important lever to pull to lose belly fat and get abs is definitely not diet... it's compound movements that build lean mass, increase basal metabolic rate and progressive overload with variability. It's called "the 30 push ups every 30 minutes diet," and it delivers. Does diet matter... no fucking brainer! Of course it does, but it's supplemental. Check out the ancestral tenet Eat to feast like a barbarian.


Why fast, why easy?... nothing worth really having in life comes fast nor easy. That which must be earned... that which he must bleed for... commands respect and signals to the world that he is a fucking lion.


  1. Start the six pack supplements
  2. Start the six pack fasting protocol (for subscribers only)
  3. Start the six pack water manipulation protocol (for subscribers only)


Burn fat with cold exposure. Complaining about your shoulder still... do any compound body weight movement that innervates the core (i.e. pull ups). A core workout routine is carrying a heavy load — do it. A carnivore-based keto-friendly "diet" has always reduced body fat percentage for me. For more on a healthy diet, Ancestral Tenet Two (Eat). Never complain and always up your sleep game!

Thinking that you're going to lose weight and strip body fat by eating less is a subprimal principle that leads to metabolic derangements (e.g. lower free T3, higher rT3), lower energy and more body fat in the long term. The muscle-centric approach will always burn fat most effectively, reduce body fat percentage, decrease belly fat and reveal the all-coveted masterpiece... the centerpiece six-pack abs... a symbol of dominance.


Young Legends, do you know how many times teens ask Liver King about building a 6-pack? So many times… you’d think every teenager alive would have one… In the modern world, more teenagers possess a beer gut that devours their confidence on a daily basis, instead of building it… that attacks their sense of self worth, instead of fucking forging it.

Don’t get wrapped around the axle here… I’m not saying the only thing that matters is your outward appearance (though it sure as fuck says and means something). I’m not saying Liver King is perfect either… What I am… is relentless… it’s the way of the barbarian and the six-pack way of life.

I take massive action… because in all aspects of life, it matters that what you say aligns with what you do. So either you stop saying you want a 6-pack, if you’re not prepared to put in the goddam work to get one. Or you decide this is a priority… and you act like it… you demand MOOOAAAAR and strive until your fucking blood burns… until your daily standard becomes MOOOOAAAR.

The result in one word… legendary. How we speak, how we look bare-chested, how we model, teach and preach the unrivaled value of tribe and family, how we unite to fight for a benevolent cause far bigger than oneself — to Liver King — is the ultimate expression of net worth.



Liver King Out!