Liver King has dedicated the past 20 years to reviving the primal patterns that progressed the sole surviving species of genus Homo.

Liver King is an evolutionary hunter (a serial entrepreneur) by nature, with a singular focus to honor our ancestors. To teach, preach, and model the Ancestral message so that it becomes mainstream. So that Primals don't have to suffer and struggle unnecessarily.

Ancestral Living was discovered not out of choice, but necessity. At the roots of today’s suffering, therein lies tremendous friction between modern environments and our biology. Our ancestors had it right. Many years before us, they identified a simple, elegant way of living that enabled us to genetically express the highest version of ourselves.

Liver is King

Liver King

Many Primals have asked “why the name Liver King” and the answer is simple… because “Liver is King.” Our early ancestors always favored the Liver first — many modern-day hunter/gatherer tribes still do — along with lions, great whites and other wild alpha organisms. The Liver is a nutritional powerhouse full of peptides, growth factors and natural vitamins in their most bioavailable forms.

Liver has historically held the crown for being nature’s most nourishing food and literally is the concertmaster so that we can genetically express our highest, most dominant, form.

Of special note, some ancestral cultures even believed that the strength and memories of our ancestors are stored in the Liver, and that when one consumes the Liver, one inherits the strength of that animal and its ancestral heritage.

If how we look and speak are an outward expression of what we believe, then why not use what we've built to more effectively communicate the message? If others can learn that Liver is King, if they can hear that roar, then maybe they will strive for more. Social norms are... well... just that. If you want more, you have to become more, so stretch yourself, leave the comfort of the cave, do something drastically different (for the betterment of you, and the betterment of humanity), and break new ground like a good evolutionary hunter does.

It's time to take massive action and put back in what
the modern world has left out!

Mission Drives Purpose

Liver King is full of fire, unbridled passion and energy, willingness and wantingness to do good in this world, to make a difference. Through insane sacrifice, innate drive, and dedication to creating unstoppable momentum there is opportunity to make the greatest contribution possible... to help Primals heal and be healthy through Ancestral Living (lifestyle, diet and behavior).

You’ll never get tired of watching Primals go from mere existence and suffering in life, to truly thriving and rediscovering meaning.

Moms becoming moms again because they finally have the energy to put their bodies in motion.

Primals that were quietly suffering, trapped in their own homes, now reconnecting with the outside world.

Young Primals (kids) having a decent chance in this world because someone cared enough.

This is what gets Liver King up in the morning.

Liver King was
born for this job!

Liver King was
born for this job!

I've been obsessed with ancestral health and living for more than 20 years

"I'm not a hospital, I'm not a doctor, and this is not medical advice."

I wrote a thesis on the chemistry and biochemistry of supplemental nutrition. I'm a primal blueprint certified health coach and I've been obsessed with ancestral health and living for over twenty years.

Perhaps my best credential is that I care about people. For these reasons, I can usually offer some value and the framework will always be built on and around ancestral living and on proven ways to work with our biology to express the best versions of what we can be."

—    Liver King