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— Assets minus debts: $310,000,000
— Asset Classes: cash, real estate, equities, content
— Currency: measured in financial units

— Assets minus debts: Priceless
— Asset classes: self, dad, husband, family, (tribe of employees)
— Currency: measured in family units

He who wields this sword has earned respect... self-respect, respect from his peers, and the respect and admiration of the girl. With the right aim, it leads to the ultimate thing that makes life so goddam worth living... family. The multiplier is his WHY... when he unites a fight for a benevolent cause far bigger than himself.

MOOOAR!... 200 X’d my 31-year-old net worth.
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In September 2021, I decided to do the (anti)social media influencer thing. The aim... one million primals following along by March 2nd, 2022 — six months! I'm proud as hell to say "we fucking did it"... what's MOOOAR is that in less than two years, we amassed ten million primal followers (across LK social platforms).

Turns out, the sharing of Liver King's "ancestral things"... LK mansion, LK ranch, LK beach house, LK jet, LK super hummer, and so on and so forth, sparked a rave of rumors that my money was a result of the social media personality/influencer. Let's find out how it all came to be.


Liver King kneeling in front of cattle
Liver King Net-worth: assets minus debts... $310,000,000
  • Asset classes: cash, real estate, equities, content
  • Currency measured in: financial units
Some of Liver King's ATV'sLiver King's pool
Liver King Self-worth: assets minus debts... Priceless
  • Asset classes: self, dad, husband, family, (tribe of employees)
  • Currency measured in: family units
Liver King sitting next to his boys under a waterfall
A man must be WHAT HE IS (his savage beast, his barbarian)
before he can be WHO HE IS (his moral animal).

As men, it is our very nature to compare ourselves to other men... as the savage beasts we are, double-fisting battle axes (if you’re like Liver King!!), we must claw, bleed, and fight our way to the top of our respective mountain. Once there, we must protect, defend and destroy anything in our way to continue up the mountain to no end. This is why, how, and what we forge with our bare fucking hands to become self-made kings (see Barbarian).

Liver King doing the Barbarian workout with his family

We can't have true net worth without self-worth, and a man’s ultimate symbol of status is his family. As such, net worth is created by compounding interest... internal value (self worth). It is the outcome of his unrelenting savagery... it shows up in his core character... the Roman chest plate and the centerpiece six pack, because he's sharpened his physical sword (what is wealth without health)...

The verbal fluency, ability to connect, and authentic philosophy to navigate any social setting (especially the one where he talks to the girl) because he's sharpened his social sword (what is wealth without relationship)... the ability to use abstract thinking to navigate any problem because he's sharpened his intellectual sword (what is wealth without the mind)... the ability to go deep and expand the proportion of his being because he's sharpened his spiritual sword (what is wealth without an exploration of purpose... creation... the divine).

Your Biggest Lever is Marketing/Personal Branding
AKA, Self-worth and delivering on why

He who wields the sword has earned respect... self-respect, respect from his peers, and the respect and admiration of the girl. With the right aim, it leads to the ultimate thing that makes life so goddam worth living... family. The multiplier is his WHY... when he unites a fight for a benevolent cause far bigger than himself.

You can Also Increase Your Net and Self-Worth, in More than one way!
In fact, There's 126 ways. Interested?



Yearly Income

$2,000 Right outta grade school


$12,000 Right outta high school


$120,000 Right outta college


Wife and I combined forces earning $500,000


Officially a millionaire
through acquisitions, and real estate


(before Liver King on social media)
net worth in the 8-figure range


(before Liver King on social media)
net worth in the 9-figure range


(before Liver King on social media)
net worth in the 9-figure range


(after Liver King on Instagram)
net worth remains in the 9-figure range
But not for long!


8 years old+... 2K/yr right outta grade school (yr 1988)

Liver King as a child profile picture
When I was 8 years old, I started my first business

It was a candy delivery, right outta the garage. When I was 10, I sold the San Antonio Light newspaper door to door in the San Antonio summer heat. The pitch was “I'd like to give you the newspaper for free… all you have to do is pay for Sunday's paper.” When rejected, I'd ask for a glass of water… half the time I was invited in, and that's called “opportunity creation.” Here's where I'm from… here's why I'm here… if you're going to buy the paper, could you help me out, and buy from me?

Liver king as a teen

In middle school, I sold lawn services when I was 12… for free! No one would hire me because I was too young, too little, too inexperienced, or they already had someone. When their cars were gone from their driveway, I'd mow, edge and trim… I'd leave a note:

Dear Neighbor, my name is Brian Johnson.

I did your lawn for free. I hope you like it. If you do, I'll accept any tips. If you don't, let me know what I can do better.

Check YES __    or    NO __    if you'd like me to come back next week.

I'll drop by tomorrow to collect this letter and any welcomed feedback.

16 years old... 12K/yr right outta high school (yr 1994)

Liver King as a teen flexing next to a pool

When I could drive, it was game-fucking-on!!!

I applied for a job at West Telemarketing, but my typing skills were shit. I hurried home, learned to type, retested and sold Sports Illustrated and Terminex services as a telemarketer making triple the minimum wage all while going to John Marshall high school (Leon Valley) and had a short stint in college while at Texas Tech University.

22 years old... 120K/yr right outta college (yr 2000)

Liver King graduating from college

Keep Evolving to Bigger, Better Paid Jobs

I moved on to pharmaceutical (100K+), then medical device (200+) sales out of college. That was big money over twenty years ago. I quickly realized that I had something that others didn't so I went into business for myself in my mid-twenties and the rest is history. FACT: it wasn't smooth sailing… I struggled and doubted myself, but continued as the evolutionary hunter that I was born to be... see below. Primals, want to know how to become a pharmaceutical sales rep and learn to sell... see Liver King stats.

27... wife and I combined forces earning 500K/yr (yr 2005)

Collage of Young Liver King, Brian Johnson, and Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson

I was Crushing It, She was CruShing it, We were unstoppable!

I was crushing it... she was crushing it... we were unstoppable. We both dropped our "safe" jobs to acquire a small dental practice for $420,000 and grew it to $2,200,000 within a year. In year 2 I got to work building the first vertically integrated comprehensive dental center with subject matter experts in every discipline of dentistry with a dental lab and imaging center. We did it… we scaled a successful dentist practice and we did $5,200,000 that year. MOOOAR!

Bought my first piece of commercial real estate for $2,700,000, put another $2,000,000 in to build it out and started leasing it out for $50,000/month. I got in over my head and had more debts than I could pay. Every time payroll came around, I had to solve the problem because I didn't have shit in the bank to cover it. The banks and collectors would ensue for the next years to come.

The boys' schools put their foot down for non-payment. I did every bad deal I had to do to make it work. This turned out to be one of the hardest decades of my life... turned out to be the best growth catalyst too.

To this day, I still own this building... free of debt... and it's doubled in value, but the real value is going through the day-to-day struggle and discovering what you're made of... what you're capable of... I would go on to apply everything I learned and bled through to the next decades of business.

31... officially a millionaire through acquisitions, and real estate (yr 2009)

Liver King before social media with his family

I Ended up selling the dental business for $3,200,000

And by the skin of my fucking teeth, I held on to the commercial real estate. I’d become a goddam millionaire... I made it!... not even close. We were so leveraged we barely had enough to pay the debts, rent a house and consolidate into one beat-up Chevy truck. A millionaire on paper (real estate equity) with barely enough cash flow to pay the nut.

I could have sold the real estate but that would have been too easy. To add insult to injury, my Liver Queen, AKA, Barbara Johnson was retiring to do what she was born to do... to be a mama to our cubs. I'm thinking... now we're really fucked (good)!

I've Navigated Much Worse and I'll do what I've always done
I'll Figure this bitch out too.

The dental business retained me for a two-year stint as a covenant of the sale. Between operations, I schemed a new plan... I would no longer trade my time for money, nor get into a vehicle that can't make me rich AF. In theory, I knew the same amount of effort required to do $5M in revenue was the same to do $100M in revenue. So I made a list of criteria to form my new venture:

  • It must be an extension of me... my WHY.. and build a tribe of true believers
  • It must do some goddam good in the world
  • It must sell 24 hours a day... 7 days a week... 365 days a year
  • It must be global
  • It must be free of the brick-and-mortar constraints
  • It must cost "nothing" to start
  • It must do $100M in annual revenue
With a $7,000 credit card cash advance,
Liver King founded Ancestral Supplements.... MOOOAR!
Liver King before social media

36 (before Liver King’s social media presence), net worth in the 8-figure range (yr 2014)

Liver King before social media on a beach

If all I had was my family, with no money in the bank,
I would remain the highest net-worth person on the planet

I would fucking know because I’ve been there and done that! After relentless struggles in the dental business, I declared myself the CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle... no longer Brian Johnson (liver king's real name) "the corporate guy," I read and reread every book I could find on anthropology, our early ancestors,  and modern-day primitive culture tribes. I placed a $7,000 PO for raw liver glandular and I went all-in on the nine ancestral tenets

Ancestral Supplements does $3M in the first year and continues to double for the next years creating $50M in annual revenue... but it required sacrifice beyond measure… 

If you want to learn mooar on how I built a start-up worth hundreds of millions


40 (before Liver King on social media), estimated net worth in the 9-figure range (yr 2018)

Liver King before social media on his private yacht

When I first started Ancestral Supplements (AS), I couldn't find a roadmap nor anyone to help guide

I had no fucking clue where to start - sourcing, marketing, fulfillment, supply chain logistics or manufacturing. Back then, Dietary Supplements were for the big boys. Step by step, I not only figured out this animal organs thing and how to put them into capsules while preserving the nourishment, I built mastery-level competence in each. 

I've Built Value That resonates commensurate with earnings... Combined Annual Revenue that Exceeds $100,000,000/yr. Mooar!

I knew that for Ancestral Living to go mainstream, I would need to build a company in every category. It's my WHY in the world. Heart & Soil (H&S) and Medicine Man Plant Company (MMPCo) would come next. Between AS, H&S, and MMPCo.

Liver King Supplements has twelve more companies ready to launch in late 2023/2024 including one aimed at Gamers!

This is why I reinvest 95% of revenues to launching new companies instead of buying the mega yacht that Liver Queen and Liver Boys want so badly. To be certain, I have or will have a supplement company in every category which ranges from Fitness to Foraging, Beauty to Birthright, and Dental to Dogs.

‍Go to Tip of the Spear to get your hands on the latest. Each with its own line of Liver King Protein and Liver King Bar (formulated for the respective demographic w/ unique needs). MOOOAR!

45 (after Liver King on Instagram), net worth remains in the 9-figure range (yr 2023)... but not for long!

Liver King eating raw liver

The Liver King diet of raw meat get’s legs

As of September 2021, I was 43 and never had a single social media account, and thought it would remain that way to my dying day. When everyone was on MySpace and Facebook, I rejected it and called it (anti)social media… for obvious reasons.

After all, who wanted to see videos of this caveman doing push ups every 30 minutes and devouring raw animal meat, eating raw liver, bone marrow and fresh raw bull testicles with his bare hands?

With enough pushing and prodding, I said fuck it... if this has the potential to help spread the ancestral tenets, I'll do it for six months, but if I don't have at least 1,000,000 followers (I call 'em Primals) by March 2nd, I'm out. With the help of Logan Paul and his Impaulsive podcast, and almost two years in (at the time of this rambling), the Liver King social media platforms enjoy 10MM primal AF followers who are making a goddam dent in the universe.

Usually filming at Liver King’s Ranch, my Liver Queen and Liver Boys (Stryker and Rad Johnson) have joined in the adventures which have taken us all over the world to live with and learn from modern-day primitive culture tribes... to bring back the wisdom of our early ancestors... to model, teach and preach the nine ancestral tenets. While my net worth remains in the nine-figure range, I'm zeroing in on this one word... MOOOAR!

From the Amazon to Africa, Mongolia to Papua New Guinea, we're only getting started

See about some of the struggles along the way including the anabolic steroids, and how Joe Rogan calls me on my shit (grateful as hell) about my ripped physique.

How to Run And Build a Start-uP worth hundreds of millions:

Quit Everything (in my personal life)

When I made the commitment to do this, I quit all my other jobs that involved everything that mattered… self, dad, husband, son, brother, friend… you name it, I dropped it so I could pour into Ancestral Supplements. I quit on myself… quit working out, quit sleeping, quit eating (lost twenty pounds), quit on my health. I quit on my boys (my two sons).

Quit teaching, quit birthdays, quit spending time with my real purpose. I quit on my wife… quit anniversaries, quit loving (with action), quit spending time with my soul mate. I quit on my friendships… quit and cut all ties. I even quit being a son, brother and so on. Everything that mattered, I quit.


It was painstakingly difficult but I made the decision to bring ancestral living into the fold, and I was going to follow through. At start-up, whether personally or professionally, obscurity is always the problem… no one knows your name. So how do you launch yourself out of obscurity… I didn’t know either, so I took to all the health blogs like Mark’s Dialy Apple, Mercola, Kris Kresser and any other blog that would allow me to engage with the community and allow a clickable link to the website that I built (this was before website builders). One person at a time posted their problem either about themselves or their children.

One person at a time, I gave EVERYTHING I had to give, irrespective of whether or not it led to the only product I was selling… Beef Liver. One person, one email at a time, people found value. Before I knew it, I was providing one on one guided support for hundreds of our people (who weren't even customers). I started receiving hundreds of emails a day… I started to understand, listen, encourage and share everything I knew about ancestral living. I did my best to guide them to a better life through ancestral living.

One-On-One Guided Support...

For someone with recalcitrant high blood pressure, I guided her to take a walk, midday sun (for the nitric oxide), holding the hand of someone she loves with bare feet connected to the earth (for parasympathetic tone, to further open vasculature and dilate vessels), and to do a three minute tabata of chair squats, push-ups or whatever we could figure out that they could do (another nitric oxide dump). It cost nothing… and it worked!

For someone with neurocognitive issues, I suggested a ketogenic based diet plan, which I would formulate, write and fine tune for weeks and months. We included lots of egg yolks, fasting protocols, ancestral sleep optimization, beef or chicken liver and EMF remediation… I even bought EMF meters (that I couldn’t afford) and sent them out on loan to everyone who would try. It cost nothing… and it worked! 

Time after time, they would ask where they could buy my book (that I didn’t have)… where they could buy my “sunshine” pill (that I didn’t have)… where they could buy my “egg yolk” product (that I didn’t have). My reply was always the same, these are the ways of our ancestors (sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight and bond) that kept them happy and healthy for millions of years… it still works today… it costs nothing… please just tell EVERYONE you know about the nine ancestral tenets and how it helped.


I was also keenly aware that if they were not compliant, it wouldn’t work. So I wrote every interaction down on a yellow pad, and I would follow up every ten days with an accountability/encouragement email…

Last we spoke, you were still struggling with X, Y and Z. It doesn't have to be that way. You’re not alone… hundreds, if not thousands of people, just like you have recovered these exact same issues by simply doing what we talked about in our last email:

  • the ketogenic-based diet
  • the four to six egg yolks
  • the two to three ounces of liver, two the three times a week
  • the fasting protocol (found here)
  • the early morning sun... through the eyes, on the face, on the skin
  • the simple EMF remediation
  • the walking thirty-minutes a day

Your personal struggle with X, Y and Z can end now... but I need you to take the first step. Please reply and tell me how you're doing.

Sincerely, Brian

P.S. Embrace the journey, for it is in the midst of hardships that we find the most extraordinary versions of ourselves...


The response rate was overwhelming. And the ten day email system (my yellow pad) would reset IF I didn’t hear from them soon, which in most cases, I did. Invariably, they started doing what I asked of them, they got their lives back, and they told EVERYONE they knew.

The emails flooded and they were coming in faster than I could answer. This created a problem… the solution was to get caught up from 10PM to 6AM and do it all over again… even on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or whatever. Every day was a new opportunity… it was a new day that I could pour myself into, guiding our people past their hurt, hate, suffer and struggle towards the life they always wanted.


Eventually, one by one, the liver sales started picking up and inquiries about other products, that I didn’t yet have, were overwhelming. I hired my first employee, and then with each three million of additional, incremental revenue, I hired another.

At $15MM in annual sales, we had five of us… all doing the one-on-one guided journey to lead our people to a better life… each of us was giving all we had to bring this into the light… that’s called the power of tribe (true believers).


Eventually, I learned how to scale, to create time and space again, and I started working to repair what mattered most in my life that I had so painstakingly neglected. While I’ve recovered my most important roles as man, dad, and husband, to this day, I don’t do friends, son, brother or any other roles for that matter. I learned that I can be world-class at four things, so all my efforts remain pointed here. MOOOAR!

I'm Going to show you how to do the same, HOw to get rich like LIver King.
Keep Reading...

Liver King graduating from collegeLiver King before social media

From the 22-year-old Brian Johnson "the corporate guy" to the 31-year-old Brian Johnson "the entrepreneur"

I 10 X'd my net worth, and I continued to do so right up to the present. The math on the 45-year-old Liver King "the evolutionary hunter," is more than 200 X over my 31-year-old net worth because I created an asset class that stacks and compounds from within... ME! Because I always start with “WHY.” I'm going to show you how to do the same... how to get rich like Liver King. Keep reading…


To the Forbes of the world and the primals that want to dominate in the business world... now you know how Brian Johnson aka Liver King got rich, bought Liver Ranch, and became a social media influencer... but not really. Actually, you don't have the slightest clue, but I'm about to tell all…

Liver King standing in front of his huge house


People pay for value with time, attention, and money. With a robust net worth, 10,000,000 primal followers and growing, and hundreds of millions of impressions per month, it’s safe to say that Liver King knows a thing or two about value creation. After all, single pieces of content are worth hundreds of millions of $$$... it's called art. A well structured attention funnel can produce a Mona Lisa... every year!

Money is a proxy for the value we create in the world… it’s the universal language of value. It’s the tangible embodiment of backbreaking strive-until-your-blood-fucking-burns work… it’s the fulcrum of discipline, ambition, and high leverage opportunity creation. Right or wrong, it’s the prism through which we perceive status.

Money is a metaphor for value, period. Here's the “why,” “how” and “what” related to my value creation and everything you need to know to create your own value at scale.


Liver King posing and smiling

We've defined that value = money

The better question is always “why,” and why does "Liver King net worth" get tens of thousands of Google search inquiries a month? "Why do we create value," and "how do we create it." These are always the better, more important questions.


Primals wanna know...

"What's your bench," when you should be asking “why do you lift.” The answer to "what's your bench" is one word... “MOOOOAR!” The answer to “why do you lift” is... because I can't think of anything more fundamental to be in life than a beast — because strength makes all other values (higher values) possible.

I lift to create the winning mindset, to stimulate adaptation, growth, gainz and endless abundance.
I lift because strength is in my blood, it's my bloodline, and it's my biological imperative as a man!
I lift because I can't be a good dad, husband or CEO if I'm sick, weak or dead. See the difference?

If you only ask “what's your bench,” you only get an arbitrary response like “500.” If you ask “why,” you get the code that unlocks the thing… you now have the blueprint to a centerpiece six-pack, a fulfilling relationship, and any business endeavor. Do you know where to start?

Do you have a hard a time finding your own Way? We've got you covered. Here's 126 Ways to kick-off and kick-ass:



Liver King's Family

Our biological imperative is to propagate our species

In the modern world, we attempt to express our net worth, value, and potential (our status) with things that we can buy at the mall…we wear watches that cost six figures (guilty), drive “luxury” cars (that we don’t even own), and put on the thing in an attempt to say “hey, look at me… my outer appearance is a reflection of my inner value… look at how valuable I am… I am to be respected by my peers, but most importantly, I am worthy of a mate (i.e. mate procurement hypothesis).”

All the money in the world don't mean shit without tribe/family.

So if you’re the rich-miserable-asshole, and you don’t have a family and a soul mate like Liver Queen, you kind of missed the whole fucking point (of life, literally). We are here to propagate our species and the adventure of family rewards us with riches beyond measure.

Real value stacks and compounds from within… my definition of net worth is a direct measure of compounding interest in self-worth (the shit you can't buy at the mall), and it's measured in fulfillment and family units.

In the modern world, the noble cast is popularly defined as those with money and/or possessions of commerce, but since our inception, the noble cast of our ancestors was the Barbarian class. The way of the barbarian demanded him to fight, provide and protect to further the interests of his tribe… it called upon the alpha-masculine tactical virtues:

  • Strength… his ability to generate force
  • Courage… his ability to outwardly express indifference to risk, pain, and physical danger
  • Mastery… his ability to express skills and adeptness
  • Honor… his ability to lead a reputation for strength, courage, and mastery
  • Loyalty… his ability to express striving devotion — a bond above to further the interests of the tribe

In the 21st century, the way of the barbarian still reigns supreme.

The ways of the evolutionary hunter remain unchanged for the modern-day entrepreneur who must also generate force (create impact), take the risks commensurate with the reward, express adeptness, cultivate a reputation and strive with devotion to further the interest of his tribe, his team… his family.

How we speak, how we look bare chested, how we model, teach and preach the unrivaled value of family, how we unite to fight for a benevolent cause far bigger than oneself — to Liver King — is the ultimate expression of net worth.

LIVER KING'S ANNUAL INCOME (2022)...$24,000,000

Liver King's beach house

On paper, it appears to be $24,000,000

If you've seen my videos, you'd think that my diet cost as much... it might... but I own Liver King Ranch where I procure, field dress and butcher most of my foods when hunting with my boys isn't enough to provide for the family.

See more about Brian Johnson, AKA, the Liver King, his time at the pharmaceutical company, how he met Barbara Johnson (Liver King's wife) and his obsession related to ancestral health at Liver King's Stats (Height, Weight & Age).

Liver King's Instagram profile picture
👑 Every King has a royal fleet... Liver King is no exception.

This is how we collect farm-fresh eggs and raw milk... it's how we embark on a sacred (ethical) hunt... how we protect and safeguard the Liver King tribe.

I get in my F-450 dually tank, and I confront trespassers myself... because who better to scare them off than a savage Barbarian?

The 8th Ancestral Tenet is FIGHT... which means we have to possess high courage to continue to Fight for something meaningful.

Conquer your fears, and you’ll have earned your own primal fleet... just like Liver King.
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Liver King's Car Collection, AKA: ROyal Fleet

Liver King's Instagram profile picture
👑 Top King Sh*t is preparing raw bull testicles, while smoking your daily cigar...

Now you know how to handle both… what are you waiting for, Primal?

God forbid you give yourself time to make another f*cking excuse.

If you want to dominate your environment, dominate the balance between your daily cigar and your daily testicles.

Liver King out!
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Liver King's Watch: Audermars Piguet

My father was Airforce, while he didn’t have a lot of money before he died, he passed his watch to me. When I was broke and struggling building the dental business, I was desperate and had to make payroll... sold his watch to an employee in lieu of her paycheck.

As soon as I clawed outta that hole, I attempted to buy it back, but it was too late... she had already sold it.

I promised myself that one day I would create value at scale, and when I no longer had to trade time for money, I would acquire legacy watches for my boys. Hence, the 2 APs.


I created my own asset classes… starting with ME!

As aforestated, real value stacks and compounds from within, AKA, primal net worth. My value/asset classes are directly tied to my four roles listed below with respective “whys” because when you know your "why" in the world, winning is a foregone conclusion... then all you have to do is sort the how and the what — that's the easy part. This is where the multiplier comes in.

Real Estate
Raw Liver (take a joke!)
family!... My liver queen and my savage liver boys give me everything i need and moooar!


Liver King distant stare, wearing a fur coat and black hat with The Fittest gold pin

Our primary role is that of self…

The physical, social/emotional, mental, spiritual self. As a man, it's my job to express my highest and most dominant form because it's my biological imperative to do so... to fight, provide and protect for my complementary opposite and my respective tribe. If “self” doesn't come first, I'll remind you that you don't make a good leader, entrepreneur, or Dad if you're sick, weak or dead…it's hard to make a good Husband if you can't pull your own weight (literally and figuratively). If you can’t, or don't, she'll never respect you…


Liver King Family dressed up for public event

It's my job to express my highest and most dominant form as a father…

To affirm my boys with the depth of challenge, worth and potential so that one day they come to believe in themselves... so that one day, they too become self-made kings. Creating resistance for them physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. This enables one to create and shape a life that is 100% within their control… this is called extreme ownership, leadership, agency, responsibility over one's life.


Liver King holding bovine heart, standing next to wife

It's my job to express my highest and most dominant form as a husband

Because she, my Liver Queen (wife Barbara), is my complementary opposite. If I want her to express her highest form, it's my duty and obligation to do the same… to progress together physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, is to deepen our bond and model the actions of sacrifice (to strive and hope for more) to our boys.


Liver king standing with group of men in a field with cedar fence in the background


It's my job to express my highest and most dominant form as the CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle… because 4,000 people a day kill themselves, 80,000 people a day try to kill themselves and along this continuum is hurt, hate, suffer and struggle in perpetuity.

The modern world is suffering at record rates with depression, anxiety, infertility, cancer, autoimmune, low energy, low libido and low ambition… I would know because that was me... that was Brian Johnson. It hurt like hell. I'm not going to accept this continuum of hurt laying down.


I model, teach, and preach the 9 Ancestral Tenets, spreading the message through social media, podcasts, and the companies I've been quietly building in every category (e.g. Ancestral Supplements, The Fittest, Heart & Soil, Strong Jaw — see portfolio at www.tipofthespear.co) to reach primals where they're at. I visit primitive tribes around the world to learn from the real OGs. I do it by creating actual value like this never-seen-before system I developed: 126 Ways to Increase Testosterone (126 Ways to be a Fucking Man)!

More on how… When I started Ancestral Supplements, I only hired true believers... People who have overcome their own health crisis with depression, anxiety, chrons, infertility, chronic fatigue, and obesity. People who have suffered and now want to make a goddamn difference in this world because this is WHY they exist!


So, what do I sell? I sell a vision! It's called "Ancestral Living," the 9 Tenets… sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond. I sell 126 Ways to unleash your most dominant, primal form so you too can chase excellence.

“I sell the unapologetic celebration of dominant standards.”

Yes, I just so happen to make nutritional supplements out of raw meat and raw organs like animal liver, bone marrow, bull testicles, brains, heart, spleen, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal, and... MOOOAR!


Stop asking “what" (is LK's net worth) and “how much” and start asking “why” and “how”. Creating value for the human condition is far more fulfilling than selling things that hurt the human condition (e.g. coke, McDonald's, porn, and other distractions that sedate our people).

Why? Because too many people hate their lives... go to a job that they hate, they come home to a life they don't love, they take prescription drugs, consume processed food, and sedate themselves with screens to distract themselves just enough to call it a day. Then they do it all over again — this is not "living". This is the problem, so my CEO "WHY" is to advance a simple and elegant solution called "Ancestral Living"... it's something you can do today and it will change your life tomorrow.


Liver King and Lions know... what is right, wins... what is wrong, dies.
  1. Start by eating Liver because Liver... is... King!
    You can't scale and lead yourself, your family, or your team without the currency of life: energy. It's the engine that fuels us to take massive fucking action and never look back.
  2. Lift heavy shit and become a barbarian
    Because you can't scale and lead yourself, your family, or your team without strength... Strength makes all values possible, including self-respect and the courage to take the risk that's commensurate with the reward. If you can't lift heavy shit (literally and figuratively), if you can't fight, provide and protect for yourself and your tribe (your family), you're not good at being a man.
    Our biological imperative is as fundamental as nature, because IT IS our nature. Before higher, or lower, values (good/bad) can be entertained, a man must be a formidable force to claw, bleed, fight, provide and protect...He must be WHAT HE IS, before he can be WHO HE IS (his moral animal).
    If you can't carry your own weight, to save your own life, your wife, a child's life, even your own child's life… What kind of man can you call yourself... can you even call yourself a man? You can't be a good man, an evolutionary hunter, if you're sick and weak. Strength makes all values,higher values, like generosity, integrity and compassion, possible. Our masculine legacy is strength... it's the way of the barbarian... the evolutionary hunter... the undeniable entrepreneur we were born to be.
  3. Learn the barbarian, train the barbarian... uncage your mother-fucking barbarian
    A modern day right of passage to uncage your wild, Primal self… because you can't scale and lead yourself, your family, or your team if you're a pussy.
  4. Get hyper clear on your “why” in the world and make it public…
    You can't scale and lead yourself, your family, or your team without vision (your true north). When you know your WHY, you'll go to any lengths and break down any barriers because you have a profound purpose that's far bigger than yourself... it's the fight of a lifetime that unites the team, the tribe to do the thing with unrelenting, massive fucking action. WHY > HOW > WHAT.
  5. Find true believers that believe what you believe
    That are willing to go to the edge of the earth for a benevolent cause, because you can't scale and lead yourself, your family, your Liver Queen, or your team without a tribe of "true believers." They will always and inherently have the ultimate unique value proposition... it's called the "competitive sustainable advantage" that happens to be every company's greatest asset... people.
    Get this right and you have lightning in your hands because you'll have the culture and the chemistry that powers the engine to achieve. Every other asshole company hires for skillset... you already got their head, but if you want 10X MOOOOAR, you need to have their hearts. This is the real IP, and it leads to unfair competition every fucking day. You can't have true believers without a WHY. Remember the multiplier.
  6. Take massive fucking action in a singular direction (with hyper focus)

    This is called getting to goddam work!!!!!!!!!!!  Because you can't scale and lead yourself, your family, or your team to achieve without taking massive fucking action. This is why your WHY is critical. When you know your WHY, there's no need to pivot. When you don't know your WHY, you get distracted by every new trend. Start with WHY, find your tribe of true believers, and take massive, unrelenting action. I call this The Way of the Rocket Launcher, or "fire, fire, fire, aim," (note: always take the risk that is commensurate with the reward).

    So "take massive fucking action" is about "don't be a little bitch" ... It's the day you light it the fuck up because you were always meant for MOOOAR! Lighting it the fuck up is about limitless energy, love and light to create and shape. It's about energizing those around you, creating an ecosystem of winners, and propelling them into momentum because they're in your gravitational pull.

    Lighting it the fuck up is the undeniable light (the WHY to unite the fight) that contains the information to unlock the thing.. So take massive fucking action... Lift heavy shit, do push ups before dinner, talk to strangers, talk to girls, read a book, earn the promotion and ask for the earn. If you don't stand up and light it up, no ones gonna do it for you. So Don't be a little bitch today or any other day, and light it the fuck up along the way.

    Always remember, nothing is more dangerous than dreaming without action, than blindly taking orders… Be the rocket launcher, take massive action, and always do MOOOOAR to become MOOOAR and you'll forge man-boy into barbarian (self worth)... warrior into King (self worth)… cave into fucking kingdom (self worth, net worth, family, tribe) and win at life!



Liver King laying on fur with his dogs

I'm the first to say that nothing about my past nor present should limit who I'll be tomorrow, and if I'm the same person a year from now, I've catastrophically failed at life. When you know your “why” in the world and when you take massive action, you can become anything… even a King! One word... I say it a lot... MOOOAR!

Here's a list of my favorite books

Opportunity is a moving target, so when it's right in front of you, you better goddam seize it. There will always be risk… what if the girl says no… what if the product doesn't sell… what if the business fails… what if the idea is not popular?

However, the risk is greatest if we do nothing.

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Liver King Out!