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Without commenting on any specific legal case, which I would never do, here’s what you need to know about all of Liver King’s past, current and future legal matters… my wheelhouse is winning, this is what I do, period… and I have the physique, family, philosophy and pecs to prove it!

Every Tom, Dick and Jane will reach out at the start and end of every legal “battle” for a comment… I can’t imagine why? You’re telling me that you don’t have anything better to do? If you’re reading this, I can pretty much guarantee that you have a whole lot more interest in lawsuits against the Liver King than I do. One of my superpowers is focus… I/we have so much more important things to advance. But since you asked, and will continue to do so, here are my comments below.

* NOTE: Only the comments by Liver King in “quotes” are official comments of the Liver King. The legal matters and quotes of third persons in this article are fictional and are not based on actual events.


Is this what you want to hear? We all like some good old-fashioned gossip, don’t we? Well, if you came here for insights into my legal matters, then pour a glass of Macallan 25… get yourself a puro, strong, full-bodied cigar… and enjoy because I have the following, never seen nor discussed nor commented before, content about my legal affairs… glad I could be of service!

Liver King's Asset Class


Liver King with blood on his hands

I will gladly own up to the fact that I influenced millions, and I couldn't be more proud... only problem is, it was never a guise. The 9 Ancestral Tenets is the message of our ancestors... it's the message of YOUR ancestors! These are the things: sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight and bond, we did for millennia to heal, be healthy, and live kickass lives. This is how I honor our ancestors. This isn't my message... this is OUR message, and it's reached and resonated with millions because the human organism has never suffered the way that we are suffering now, and we're desperate for something to bring hope.

When I read things like... "liver king persuaded millions," "deceptive business practices," and "misleading consumers nationwide," I'm like, do you know how bad the world is hurting right now...  do you know that 85% have self-esteem issues -- including ME... 80% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck... 70% is overweight, and half are obese... 50% are on prescription drugs... 50% have osteoporosis/osteopenia... 40% have, or will get cancer and 20% of couples want to have children but can't fulfill our biological imperative (as couples) to propagate our species. This list goes on.

There’s a better life to live and it's a life that’s goddam worth living… So this is my job… to model, teach and preach the 9 Ancestral Tenets so we can collectively express our highest and most dominant form. Did I persuade millions... I hope so. Did I mislead customers nationwide, not if they're on the liver train and living the ancestral lifestyle. Did I conflate Liver King's $500,000,000 net worth... not if net worth is direct reflection of self-worth.

LIVER KING’S COMMENTS ON negligence, breach, UNFAIR COMPETITION AND how he Persuaded Millions W/ intellectual PROPERTY

Liver King holding shotgun on 4 wheeler, covered in mud.

Reporter: I have questions about comments that Plaintiffs have made in lawsuits. Here is one for example: “I bought the Liver King’s products believing that I would look like the Liver King… walk like the Liver King… talk like the Liver King.” — California (CA), Plaintiff 

When Liver King was asked about the alleged accusation, he responded: 

“Are you a vegan?” — Liver King

Reporter: Another Plaintiff had this to say: “I’ve never worked out a day in my life… I’m unemployed… not in a relationship nor do I have kids… but I believed… I believed that if I took his products, I would express my highest and most dominant form, get rich, get a family and get the same life that Liver King portrays online.” — CA, Plaintiff 

When Liver King was asked about the alleged accusation, he responded: 

“Primal, do you even lift?” — Liver King

Reporter: Another Plaintiff said: “After 30 days of taking his Liver King brand of products, I could still not grow any facial hair… my dreams quickly faded.” — CA, Plaintiff 

When Liver King was asked about the alleged accusation, he responded: 

“Do you know any vegans?” — Liver King

Reporter: Well, how about this one: “I started to doubt it would ever happen so I decided to do something about it. Instead of going to the gym, lifting heavy shit, doing push-ups before dinner, reading books, or talking to girls to sharpen my social sword, I decided to take massive action… that’s when I call for a pizza, after that, I called a lawyer (yeah, that’s what I’ll do).”  — CA, Plaintiff 

When Liver King was asked about the alleged accusation, he responded: 

‍“Wait… wait… wait… can you say the whole thing all over again, I wasn’t listening…” — Liver King


Liver King kneeling in front of cattle

Who would have thought… rules must be followed. After all, rules are what separates us from animals… only problem is, Liver King is an animal. 

Reporter: Do you think the censorship of the social media Influencer’s message has blunted your reach and catalyzed an onslaught of intellectual property, copyright, and trademark infringement allegations? 

When Liver King was asked about the alleged accusation, he responded:

Liver King: I’ll quote the great Ben Stiller to explain…

"Nobody makes me bleed my own blood! Nobody!" — White Goodman in Dodgeball

For Liver King, even if I had financial exposure, which I don’t, I’d be happy to lose it all… all over again!

Liver King sitting on a throne in a boat wearing a fur coat.

Here’s the deal… I don’t spend my time worrying about stupid lawsuits… no matter how much money is at stake. What I do know is the worst thing that could happen is this… X amount of money gets awarded to X person for something they didn’t earn nor deserve and now they’re even more fucked.  I like to preach and teach the following to my Liver Boys…

“People who have enough money to last generations are fucked – if you don’t earn every cent of it, you’re going to fucking hate your lives. This is why I make you earn the hell out it… you may hate me in the moment, but I’d rather you hate ME, than grow up to hate yourselves… this is why I model, preach and teach the playbook of KING principles along the way. This is why my boys complete a rite of passage... it's called Barbarian.”

For Liver King, I’m not afraid to lose it all (been there, done that, always makes me stronger) because I could hit “rock bottom,” reset tomorrow, and built the empire all over again, and again, and again because I’ve created the internal value to build shit… it’s called IP coursing through the veins. No one can ever threaten that nor take that from my calloused hands.


Liver King dressed as Mario from Nintendo's Mario Bros

While I don’t claim to be a master about the law or financial exposure, I know that I didn’t get here by being an idiot which is why I rely on a team of experts to manage those areas. Everyone has their strengths and I rely on them to develop the right strategies that maintain the edge of these respective swords.

In other words, money is a proxy for the value that we create in the world. When a person is capable of creating immense value (high net worth), they usually know a thing about building, protecting and winning. It’s true… how you do anything, is how you do everything.


Liver King Push Ups and Class Action lawsuits

I’m the CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle… that’s what I know. I’m a dominant man… a Dad and a Husband. My wheelhouse is winning because I focus on these four roles, and nothing else. If all I had was my family, with no money in the bank, I would remain the highest net-worth person on the planet… I would know, because I’ve been there and done that too!

I don’t waste mental energy on meaningless or stupid cases… that’s why I have experts. I don’t care so much to know when a new one begins and when an old one ends. What’s the point? The opportunity cost of involving myself takes me away from my highest priorities…

  • Dominant Man
  • Dad
  • Husband.. want to know more about Liver King's Wife, Liver Queen, and her affection quota or thoughts on toxic masculinity.
  • Evolutionary Hunter / Entrepreneur / CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle

If I were to allow someone to drag me, my attention… my brain… my heart… into a role or conversation about anything other than my four roles, I’ve already lost. I remain focused because I know my WHY in the world, and when you know your WHY in the world, winning is a foregone conclusion. And THAT is why winning is my wheelhouse.

Don't know YOUR WHY?
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Liver King's Advice to Get Rich

Primals want to know... "what's your bench," when you should be asking “why do you lift.” The answer to "what's your bench" is one word... “MOOOOAR!” The answer to “why do you lift” is... because I can’t think of anything more fundamental to be in life than a beast — because strength makes all other values (higher values) possible. I lift to create the winning mindset, to stimulate adaptation, growth, gainz and endless abundance. I lift because strength is in my blood, it's my bloodline, and it's my biological imperative as a man! I lift because I can’t be a good dad, husband or CEO… if I’m dead. See the difference… if you only ask “what's your bench,” you only get an arbitrary response like “500.” If you ask “why,” you get the code that unlocks the thing… you now have the blueprint to a centerpiece six-pack, a fulfilling relationship, any business endeavor.

I have more important value to advance, and so do you

Liver King and Lions know... what is right, wins... what is wrong, dies.

In the end, every class action… every lawsuit… every attempt to take that which was not earned, fades into the annals of history, a fleeting moment in the realm of power and dominance… that which can only come from within.

They will always come... let them. Future legal cases put forth by feeble-minded defectors and parasites will attempt to describe Liver King's polarizing message as deceptive business practices, conflating his personal decision to take PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) with the more important message... The 9 Ancestral Tenets. This will FAIL in court because it's BULLSHIT. The King has said routinely that he does not guarantee anyone will attain his body through such practices... actually, I say "to express your highest and most dominant form," not mine. Rather, taking their health into their own hands would unlock the path to their OWN most dominant form. The 9 Ancestral Tenets lifestyle is the launch pad - free and accessible to all. The standard messages of 30 day transformations, crash diets, and miracle pills, are the true deceit of the fitness industry, misleading consumers nationwide to rely on CRUTCHES and quick fixes, leaving them sicker, weaker, fatter, and dumber.

To be clear, as of this writing, I’ve never had a $150 million class action lawsuit against me. These writings serve solely as my ramblings, thoughts, ideas, philosophies, and facts that you can quote me on related to my approach to life. So stop with the distractions and start eating liver, lift heavy shit, talk to strangers, and lean into the evolutionary hunter that you were born to be… I have more important value to advance in the world… it starts with a Roman chest plate… affirming my boys with the depth of challenge, worth and potential, so that one day they come to believe in themselves… walking barefoot with my queen, hand-in-hand while taking in the sunset… and taking massive fucking action to model, teach and preach the ways of our ancestors, so that our people no longer have to suffer… so our people can live a life full love, light, laughter, and liver… never forget, the name is Liver King because liver… is… king!

Ready to advance your value in the world?

Ready to advance your value in the world?
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Liver King Out!