Liver King holding bovine heart, standing next to wife


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The internet can be completely full of sh*t, as is the case with 90% of the misinformation related to Liver King’s wife — Liver Queen. For starters, her born name is Bozena (not Barbara), she's 50 years fierce (not mid-to-late 30s), she was born in Hajnowka (not Warsaw), and she's a mama to precisely six (not two). Here to set the record, straight from the source.

Every lion has a lioness... Liver King's is Liver Queen. If you want the low-down, unique, and factual content on the Liver King's wife (alias Barbara Johnson), buckle up, because we're about to dive deep into the life of the Poland native Bozena, aka, Barbara Johnson, aka the one and only — Liver Queen. From her proud roots to her thriving beauty business (Krowa), and the incredible fairytale-like relationship with her King.

Short Summary

  • Meet Liver King's wife, Bozena Johnson, AKA the Liver Queen: a proud Polish woman... unrelenting supporter and nourisher to her husband (Liver King), compassion maker for her two sons, and an attack pack of (four) Dobermans.
  • Liver Queen and the seemingly strange affection quota (it's true), Liver Queen's stats (blood type, animal organs and raw liver), family philosophies (loyalty above all), and thoughts on "toxic" masculinity.
  • Brian Johnson, The Liver King, way to pick up hotties and retain a hot wife like his Liver Queen and indulge in exclusive pictures, videos and the ancestral lifestyle!
  • With her unapologetic stance on raising boys, and a clever response to the "blink twice if you need help" accusations (inside joke: it's Tik Tok people). And yes, Child Protective Services (CPS) makes regular visits to the LK Ranch where her boys couldn't be more loved, nurtured, and challenged to grow into the men they are becoming.

Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson, standing on boat dock


Liver Queen's real name is Bozena, but goes by Barbara Johnson since moving to America at fifteen years old. As the wife of the legendary Liver King, she is a fierce force to be reckoned with. You'll see... A loving mother to the savage luxury.

  • Role: Mama to two savage liver boys (Stryker 16 & Rad 14) and an attack pack of four Dobermans (Axe, Mace, Dobber and Tundra), and yes, they bite... all of them!
  • Role: Liver King's wife and complimentary opposite to her Liver King (18 years strong). The two met in Park City, Utah on the hill… snowboarding (literally). More on that below.
  • Role: Nourisher… nurturer… caretaker and compassion maker for Liver King tribe.
  • Role: Teacher (boys are self-taught)… curriculum approved by LQ and includes jiu jitsu, lifting weights and heavy things, weapon proficiencies, hunting, butchering, building, business making, reading books like Extreme Ownership (and anything by Tony Robbins), talking to strangers, talking to girls, taking risks (commensurate with the reward), world traveling to primitive culture tribes and self-mastery.
Liver King's with family, Rad, Barbara, and Stryker

LIVER QUEEN STATS... Age, Height, Professions, Workouts, Plastic Surgeries, Beauty Routine, Weapons of choice, Favorite Things

  • Born: Poland ... 100% proud Polish heritage
  • Liver Queen's Age: fifty years fierce (as of 2023)
  • Liver Queen's Height: 5’ 5”...  Liver King's Height
  • Liver Queen's Weight: perfect… Liver King's Weight
  • Hair: light brown…  eyes: sky blue... heart: of an angel
  • Measurements: C'mon now.
  • Profession: Retired doctor of dental surgery (DDS), mama, wife, business owner.
  • Belief: Modeler, teacher, preacher of the 9 Ancestral Tenets
  • Workout programming: Barbarian training, Crossfit and Westside Barbell. Barbarian and Super Barbarian Finisher (details below w/ CTA to Barbarian programming)
  • Plastic surgery: and cosmetic procedures: none… EVER! “Never trust a woman without a wrinkle” — Liver Queen. Can we say the same for LK? See Liver King Ab Implants.
  • Owner: of Krowa Beauty
  • Graduate Studies: Stony Brook University
  • Barbara Johnson Nickname: Liver Queen aka Bozena. You'll commonly hear her king summon her by adorningly yelling this one word: "wife."

Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson, sitting in bathing suit on dock

Weapons of choice

Her heart & soul, her husband's diet (raw liver), her Springfield Hellcat (9mm), her Henry .410-.45 mare's leg, and proud owner of a fully functioning guillotine… sayer and doer of “Loyalty above all… or else the heads with fall.” If someone in the family shows up with a body, Barbara Johnson aka The Liver Queen, is known to ask “Where we gonna bury it?" Loyalty first, morality second. At the top of the family crest is the word “Loyalty” to illustrate this principle and remind her boys that nothing is more important.

Liver King's Wife is shown here on target at LK Ranch with the ..45 APC. 'Loves to spend time at the range plinking targets with her .45 UMP' .45 UMP is the common name for the gun she is shooting in the picture. Universal Machine Pistol.… ding, ding, ding, ding. Yeah, wearing Versace or Kuiu, Liver Queen got game at the range owning those targets. A family that fights together, eats raw liver together, shoots together, provides together, stays together.

Liver King family standing with rifles in front of military tank


  • Meals w/ family…
  • Spreads of... yep, raw liver and bone marrow
  • Massive bone-in stakes (rare)
  • Farm fresh fertilized eggs smothered in butter 
  • Fresh cream from LK ranch
  • Ceremonial cacao
  • Nourishing sun w/ family
  • After dinner walks w/ my King, bare feet connected to the ground, connected to each other (holding hands), taking in the sunset
  • Protecting my family
  • Adventures w/ family
  • Getting cold... every day!
  • Uniting to “fight” as a family
  • Liver King protein and the hormone optimizing Liver King bar
Liver King and Liver Queen reclining near raw food
Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson, collage - gazing, barbarian, applying lotion


  • Sun gazing
  • Earthing aka grounding... barefooting with nature
  • Cold plunging
  • Mid-day sunning
  • Red light sauna'ing
  • Krowa morning beauty balm and body balm
  • Gua sha face massage with essential oils 
  • Facial cupping with essential oils
  • Krowa night balm
  • Six raw egg yolks (for breakfast), duck fat, raw cream, my ceremonial cacao, and of course, more raw liver
Collage of old photos of Young Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson

BARBARA JOHNSON AKA LIVER QUEEN'S WHY... The Woman "Bozena" Behind the Name

As any good cave mama would, we tried everything that conventional medicine had and all it did was mask the issues. My little boys couldn’t breathe, literally… allergies and hives all over… allergic to our own dog, and constantly wheezing. I couldn't take it anymore.

My husband, Brian Johnson at the time, was relentlessly fighting for solutions... then he read Sally Fallon’s “Wise Traditions,” then devoured Weston A. Price’s “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,” which led us to the thesis the way our ancestors lived for millions of years to express robust health and happiness, might still work today. And it did! We did an elimination diet, GAPS, and introduced the bone marrow soups, liver and egg yolks. It was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever been through but we stuck with and it paid dividends. After a few days of not eating, they devoured the ancestral foods and the lights turned on. We saw an optimized version of them that we had never seen before… a new energy, curiosity for life, and zeal for adventure so we went all-in on Ancestral Living as my husband developed The Nine Tenets of Ancestral Living: sleep, eat (raw beef liver), move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond.

After seeing the transformative benefits for my boys, my husband's diet and myself, we made it our mission to spread the message far and wide.

— Liver Queen

Polish Proud & Polish Strong

Barbara Johnson, aka Queen Liver, embraces her 100% proud Polish roots. Born in Hajnowka, Poland, her Dad first fled communist Poland, sleeping with cockroaches in Germany, striving to carve a way to get to America for a chance at a better life. After many years, it happened. The patriarch fought, forged, and led his family as first-generation Polish-Americans and set the tone and trajectory for Liver Queen's rise.

My lineage is coursing through my veins... it's part of who I am, and proud to declare Poland as my home country, and even more proud and grateful for the opportunities to build our lives. — Liver Queen
Polish eagle crest
Collage of Young Liver King, Brian Johnson, and Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson

The Love Story of Young Liver King (Brian Johnson) and Liver Queen, 0 to 60 seconds, Complementary Opposites...

The King met his Queen, the old-fashioned way… see the girl… approach the girl… talk to the girl… be the first to reach for her hand... give unrelenting chase… create unequivocal and unending value… fight, provide and protect for her... get the girl… secure the girl... and never stop loving her."

I knew immediately she was my soulmate... she's the love of my life and I would die for her 1000 times over. I was good at being a man before I met her... she unequivocally made me a good man (with higher values). — Liver King
Young Brian Johnson wearing a hate and sunglasses with Young Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson

Riding up a chairlift, the young Liver King spotted her ponytails and a helmet from 50 yards away and did what any evolutionary hunter would do next… he took massive action, chased her down to the next lift line, invited her for a tour of the mountain (which he actually didn't know... but she didn't), and that was the first date.

  • 2 months later they got engaged: Matangi Island, Fiji.
  • 2 months later they got married: Nevis, West Indies
  • 1 year later they had their 1st savage liver boy, Stryker
  • 1.3 years later they had their 2nd savage liver boy, Rad
  • 6 years later they started Liver King Supplements
  • 8 years later they had their first female Dobermans
  • 12 years later they had their first male Dobermans
  • 18 years later they spend 12 hours on top of their mountain every Saturday renewing and deepening their bond.

"YOU ATTRACT YOUR COMPLEMENTARY OPPOSITE" — LIVER KING... Brian Johnson attracted Bozena "Barbara" Podsiadlik and forged a formidable empire fit for a King and his Queen

Liver King sitting on a throne in a boat wearing a fur coat. attract your complementary opposite, so if you want a 10, you have to create internal value in yourself so that you're a 10 too. If you want a 2, remain a 2, so on so forth. - Liver King

I don’t know who said that it was okay to make a good first impression, do a few dates, get engaged (all while working out), maintain a decent figure, even "lose" weight for the wedding, and then gain 5 pounds/year in perpetuity… one day, you end up waking up next to a beast, perhaps someone you still love, but you no longer lust. This is unacceptable. What happens next is the respective parties look for what they deem as attractive outside of the marriage… this is not good… it’s dangerous for the individual and it destroys the relationship. 

Liver King says, "you fucking owe it to yourself and your complementary opposite to express your highest and most dominant physical form… from year one to one hundred. Put that at the center of the marriage, and it’s all good… actually, it’s fucking great because you earn the life, wife and sex life you behold."

Liver King and Wife, wading in chest deep water, looking affectionately at each other


Easy... get rich! And by that, I mean build an over-the-top net worth, and by that I mean compounding interest in self-worth. “I sell the unapologetic celebration of dominant standards” Here’s the roadmap!

  1. Start by eating raw beef liver because Liver... is... King… you can’t scale and lead without energy… it’s the currency to take massive action.
  2. Lift heavy shit because you can’t scale and lead without health, self-respect and courage.
  3. Become a barbarian – your Primal wild self… because you can’t scale and lead if you’re a pussy.
  4. See steps 4. 5 and 6 in detail here... Liver King's Net Worth (Section: How Liver King made his money) Preview: always start with WHY and you too will forge caveman into king... king to fucking kingdom. More on Liver King's Net Worth.
Liver Queen and Liver King wearing swimsuits, posterior shot near tropical water


Masculinity is neither good nor bad… it is amoral… it is who we are (not what we are). It is man's biological imperative, period, end of story (but not really).

Men And Women are not created equal…

That's why a man is called a man, and a woman is called something different.

We have complementary and opposite strengths...

Men are purpose-built for physical strength to fight, provide and protect for their complementary opposite and their respective tribes.

Women are purpose-built for social and emotional strength to nurture, nourish, care take and compassion make for their complementary opposite and their respective tribes.

We are intellectual, and spiritual equals but require each other (hence complimentary opposites) for holistic strength, to express our highest and most dominant form.

Before higher values that deal with morality (good or bad) can be entertained, we have to set the framework of what we are (amoral animals) before we can be who we are (benevolent beings).

For a man, these are amoral virtues, PRIMAL VIRTUES (tactical virtues)… not values per se. 

Want MOOOOAR!... we have options:


Liver King's wife AKA Queen Liver is on a mission to promote the ancestral lifestyle.

Promoting Ancestral Living

Through her travels and social media presence, Barbara Johnson continues to inspire others to embrace the wisdom and benefits of nine tenets... ancestral living.


From the Amazon to Africa, and Mongolia to Abu Dhabi, exploring new places to connecting with people worldwide, Barbara Johnson uses her travels as a platform to spread the word about the tenets of ancestral living and its life-changing benefits.


Liver Queen's height might be small stature, but she's a giant in her own right. To be certain, I don't need help. I have my King, my savage liver boys and an arsenal at my disposal. Help.. LMAO... you might be the one who needs it, which is why I'm here... so listen up and hear the message of our ancestors... YOUR ancestors.!

Liver Queen, Barbara Johnson, kneeling with her dogs
Liver Queen smiling adoringly at Liver King as they're neck deep in tropical water


Resounding YES! It’s one word… MOOOOOAR! — Liver King

The Liver King says “ the modern world, most people give more affection to their dogs than they do their own soul mates. What does this say to each other... what does this say to the kids…” This is why Liver King indeed requires his Queen to meet an affection quota, what he calls “a show of love,” that models compassion, caretaking, and the ultimate in feminine energy which strengthens the bond of union… is this really so bad?

  • 4 kisses/day
  • 2 hugs/day
  • 6 additional touch points/day (shoulders, legs, beard, hands… it don’t matter)
  • 2 hand holds / day
  • 1 head on heart while sleeping
  • 1… nope, that’s where we draw the line… some things remain sacred, and our sex life is one of them. 
  • For the record, LQ's affection quota, according to her king, is always this one word... MOOOOAR!

Barbara Johnson's Career Path

As a businesswoman, Barbara Johnson, Liver Queen, has achieved remarkable feats. Before retiring, she was owner, operator and full mouth restoration dentist. She's now the owner of Krowa Beauty, and, along with her husband, earns over a whopping $100M annually in combined business revenues.

Dental Practice

She ran a team of foremost subject matter experts in every discipline of dentistry... a vertically integrated center w/a dental lab and imagining center.

Owner of Krowa Beauty

Krowa is an animal-based beauty company offering wildly efficacious products that go on the body, face, skin, and consumables... all ingredients are edible, as opposed to the modern toxic skincare products that most our putting on our largest organ — the skin.

Liver Queen's Social Media Influence

With over 90K just on Instagram, the entrepreneur and social media mama, shares glimpses of her daily life (eating egg 6 yolks/day), adventures in nutrition supplements, and her passion for ancestral living.

Entrepreneur and social media phenom, Barbara's social media and Instagram account is a treasure trove.

MOOOOAR!... stats, pictures and videos you can only find from the source... here!

Commonly Asked Questions

What was Young Liver King before, like? What's the deal with homeschooling? Do you force your boys to live this way? What's Liver King's family like off-camera?



LMAO... no! Barbara Johnson did that already. I'm settling into this whole Liver Queen thing.

LIVER Queen,


Liver King's Family