Liver King standing in water holding a spear

Whoever told you that you're enough, was wrong... you are never enough

Genghis Khan riding a horse

Masculine excellent always strives... Whoever told you that you're enough, was wrong... you are never enough, and the minute you think you are, you coast, you rest, you decay, you die, you suck at life. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Aztecs created muscular statues... symbols of perfection, embodying the tactical virtues of man... ideals of strength, courage, mastery, honor and above all else, loyalty.

Attempting to affirm with hollow worth, fake trophies, coddling, including and pleasing everyone is an attempt to equally redistribute net worth/self-worth. It's a betrayal against SELF, AND that which makes life so goddam worth living... earning it!... aka, progress...aka  mooooar! Worse, it ends up including no one... it pleases no one... it leaves the unsuspecting weaponless to get goddam work.

So should we aspire to be less?

Fuck that! I got to goddam work, and built this motherfucker from the ground up. I wake up every morning thinking… I am not enough... and I never will be. I go so sleep every night knowing… I did what was required of me to rest, because tomorrow I will strive until my blood fucking burns, to be more than what I am... every goddam day.

Mel Gibson from Braveheart in battle


Which brings me to Avoid drinking like a pussy... only order whisky neat... I even have my own savage liver boys take reps ordering at the bar... "what'll you have... Re: Whisky, Neat, or McAllen 25, Neat"... Even my unborn baby orders McAllen"

Don't be a man that stays home to take care of the children while the wife is fighting and providing for the tribe. Research says this about this... this is what I did... 

Real Men Don't Cry...

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

If I allow myself to cry, the maximum limit is twice a year and four tears, and then I do this thing that I live my life by... it's called MOOOOAR... it's taking massive fucking action to strive, to solve the problem, to address the root cause, to overcome and conquer (NOTE: grieving is a different beast, and even that can be reframed as a celebration even in the case of losing a loved one — been there). Recognizing the theme yet?

Akin to the apology, real "men" don't cry over spilled milk or cry repeatedly over the same issue. They are living in the past neglecting their responsibilities and obligations (self, husband, father, brother, doer of life) to shape and create the present and the future that requires them now. Utterances of more words and not doing anything about it is more of the same sorrow and victimizing mindset that usually got them in the situation to begin with — that's pathetic. Real men take massive fucking action, claw, bleed, fight and face the demons head-fucking-on, put forth permanent solutions to recurring problems to grow and expand, to be better, period — that's leading.

"No one cares about your feelings..."
- Andrew "Cobra" Tate

You still have to get up in the morning, still have to get to goddam work, still have to perform the duties and responsibilities required of you, still have to strive which is the central theme when it comes to masculine excellence. The name of the game is "massive fucking action," otherwise known as fire, fire, fire, aim!

In the 21st century, the way of the barbarian still reigns supreme. 

Liver King doing the Barbarian Workout

In the modern world, the noble cast is popularly defined as those with money and/or possessions of commerce, but since our inception, the noble cast of our ancestors was the Barbarian class. The way of the barbarian demanded him to fight, provide and protect to further the interests of the tribe… it called upon the alpha-masculine tactical ways. The barbaric ways of the evolutionary hunter remain unchanged for modern-day man. He must be what he is and strive as his savage beast... a barbarian double-fisting battle axes clawing up the mountain to no end. To claw, bleed, fight, provide, and protect with the masculine tactical virtues that are required of him (the capacity for catastrophe).

He can now be MOOOAR!... he can and should be who he is, his moral animal because he knows his WHY, his purpose, his true north is to unite a fight for a benevolent cause bigger than himself. He strives in his respective roles as a dominant man, father, son, husband, brother, boss, friend or foe, and leader and doer of good. In the 21st century, the way of the barbarian still reigns supreme... the following section on "Masculine Excellence VS "Toxic" Masculinity — emotions, behaviors, characteristics, qualities of differentiation and examples" transcend time. Since the beginning of history, right up to the present, and forever into the future, the way of men has and will always require the following alpha-tactical virtues:

Liver King standing in water holding a spear

Masculine vs. Toxic Traits

Check yourself. A comprehensive breakdown of qualities that make or break the man.

List and examples of masculine excellence (primal) vs toxic (subprimal) 

All have the stereotypically masculine qualities: Thanos was inevitable, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Chuck Norris, Rocky Balboa, Clubber Lang and Mr. "T", Frederick, Douglass, Paul Bunyon, Booker T. Washington, Arnold Swchartzengger in Commando, Predator, Terminator, Conan and (1990s), Walter White, MLK, Hitler, Genghis Khan, like Alexander, was never defeated, William Wallace, Maximus, Alexander, Hannibal, Freydis Erik's daughter (and Leif Eriksson's sister). Hmm, let's see…Leonidas was pretty formidable and so was Alcabiades. Gorgidas, who created and led the Sacred Band of Thebes.

I didn't say you had to like it... but you can't tell me guys that did x, y, and z aren't manly (amoral in nature)...

What a man isn't... A man is NOT


A man can certainly possess and express toxic traits; ironically though, the man who does is usually the least masculine man in the room, AKA, the beta, the bitch, the subprimal... he's usually the self-proclaimed victim living in his mother's basement retreating to the couch and sitting in contempt. He doesn’t take responsibility or ownership to create internal value so that he can shape his life… he can’t or won’t carry a load and refuses to take action to be more… invariably, he doesn't respect himself... his peers don’t respect him and women continue to reject him, and he blames everyone but himself so he withdrawals further into isolation in the form of video games, social media, substance abuse, more self-loathing and hate.

With just the right amount of hate, hurt, suffer and struggle, it crushes him. He retires at the ripe age of twenty or worse, he resorts to lashing out, violence, and asserting himself by any means necessary in a desperate attempt to dominate something… anything. He takes to the internet and anonymously posts hate comments because this is the language his speaks. He bullies anyone and everyone he can because this is the behavior he knows. He's the ultimate misogynist that uses every toxic trait he can conjure because women have always rejected him... he might even resort to sexual assault because it gives him a sense of conquest, and forced surrender, and because he can... men are on average bigger and stronger than women and can overpower them physically. “Anatomy is destiny," said Sigmund Freud. Unbeknownst to him, he expresses rage and resorts to violence because he's always rejected himself. 

He is actually the most dangerous man in the room because he is precisely not of masculine fortitude, he fucking hates his life, he’s fed up, and he’s arming himself for some semblance of respect in the form of revenge. I’m hard-pressed to think of a more toxic scenario than this, yet it’s happening all around us and we're doing little to nothing about it. The confused and meek will mistakenly label his behavior as “toxic masculinity.” Yes, toxic. No, not masculine. Perhaps a better way to combat this attack is to shine a light so fucking bright that we honor our masculine legacy again.



Liver King Out!