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Never apologize. As of January 2nd, Liver King 2.0 doesn't apologize... doesn't bend a goddam knee... doesn't express this pathetic, hollow sentiment just recently invented by the modern world — it's deplorable and it's destructive AF... trust me, I would bloody know. Here to set the record straight.

Liver King 2.0

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Modern-day primitive culture tribes don't have this kind of disgraceful language... If you so much as attempt to utter such “words,” it's considered a downright insult and you'd be lucky to  receive an ancestral backhand to your flippant face. What's required of us is extreme ownership, it's called "responsibility," and taking massive fucking action to course correct... to grow... to be better, period. What we “do” is orders of magnitude more important than what we “say”... doing is the way of the evolutionary hunter.

In the modern world, we say stupid shit like "I'm sorry (take me back, don't fire me, give me another chance)", but never take action to change... We hope all is forgiven, but it's not, because you did exactly jack-fucking-shit to lead your life, your wife, and your family to a better place (hence why it's destructive and disgraceful in nature).

Never apologize... never bend a knee... never speak a word before he takes aim and takes force to take fucking massive action to be better. It’s called show ‘em, don’t tell ‘em. 

On December 2nd, Liver King, AKA predecessor, Brian Johnson, Issued an apology video for all to see on YouTube.

If I didn't know better, which I now do (to all the critics: fuck off, it's called growth), I would apologize for apologizing because uttering this type of nonsense is subprimal as they come. LK 2.0 doesn’t do it, and I sure as shit don't let my savage liver boys do it.

Anabolic Steroids/ PEDs... a Complicated-As-Fuck Topic???

I stated that this was a "complicated AF topic," at least to me it sure AF was... The public eye was new territory as I dug myself into my own "complicated" AF hellhole with the 

Liver King philosophy, take massive fucking action — fire, fire, fire, aim... build and break shit along the way... we'll deal with that mother fucker later… when we've built enough value to create the problem in the first place.

So I just kept digging a bigger and deeper hole — creating a whole host of new problems — the primary of which was the quandary of leading young primals (our young men) that wanted to look like, walk like, talk like Liver King… I sure as fuck never wanted the fifteen year olds to so much as consider steroids in the equation to reach their goals… so I continued to vehemently justify the lie. Then, I dug geometrically deeper when Logan Paul invited me on his Impaulsive Podcast by doubling down and leaning in... and there goes the web of entanglements.

I had my WHY in the world — the ancestral message that rescued my own boys' health crisis — which I still believe deeply in, now compromised... I had my biggest fans, my own young boys that didn't know... I had my companies of true believers that moved their families to respective headquarters to advance the ancestral message (the 9 ancestral tenets)... I had business partners to address... I had Liver King class action lawsuits... and a whole host of other "complicated AF" problems (of my own creation) to bury myself. My fucking quandary... My fucking hole... my fucking problem. So yeah, I made it pretty fucking complicated for myself.

Liver King holding rocket launcher


Define your WHY and target your goals with explosive precision.

Liver King (Brian Johnson) Mega Rich & Still Anonymous Before Social Media

Weapons in the field of view increase testosterone

I stated that before social media I was rich and anonymous... see Liver King net worth for a timeline, asset class allocation, and guide to getting rich. Hint: I was plenty rich well before Liver King, the public figure, shot himself out of fucking cannon. Being rich and anonymous is a pretty "nice" life to live. Problem is... the Liver King way is not nice. I knew I had the opportunity of a lifetime... to do social media, expose Liver King and the ancestral message to the outside world, make my fucking dent in the universe, change the trajectory of human health in our lifetime. Truth is, I didn't want anything to do with (anti)social media but I knew if this ancestral living message was going to grow teeth and go mainstream, I had exposed myself and the message of our ancestors, so I stepped down from CEO'ing several companies including Ancestral Supplements.


I will gladly own up to the fact that I influenced millions, and I couldn't be more proud... only problem is, it was never a guise. The 9 Ancestral Tenets is the message of our ancestors... it's the message of YOUR ancestors! These are the things: sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight and bond, we did for millennia to heal, be healthy, and live kickass lives. This is how I honor our ancestors. This isn't my message... this is OUR message. It's reached and resonated with millions because the human organism has never suffered the way that we are suffering now, and we're desperate for something to bring hope.

When I read things like... "liver king persuaded millions," "deceptive business practices," and "misleading consumers nationwide," I'm like, do you know how fucking bad the world is hurting right now...  do you know that 85% have self-esteem issues -- including ME... 70% is overweight, and half are obese... 50% are on prescription drugs... 40% have, or will get cancer and 20% of couples want to have children but can't fulfill our biological imperative (as couples) to propagate our species. This list goes on.

There’s a better goddam life to live and it's a life that’s goddam worth living… So I made this my motherfucking job… to model, teach and preach the 9 Ancestral Tenets. Did I persuade millions... I hope so. Did I mislead primals nationwide... not if they're on the liver train and living the ancestral lifestyle. You were searching when you found me because you were already misled, and you could do no worse than the hellhole you called your life (the same life I suffered with before going full primal).

Steroid Use...

"Liver king admits steroid use"... "apologizes but only because he got caught"... "was taking tens of thousands ($11,000 worth of steroids) per month."  Here's the Liver King PEDS/Steroid Cycle:

  • 0.6 cc of testosterone per week, roughly 120 milligrams... cost: $30 per month
  • 70 iu of growth hormone per week, roughly 35 milligrams... cost: $11K per month
  • Technically, I was taking A steroid (testosterone cypionate) and growth hormone while being monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician in "normal" ranges.

The email remarks about the nandrolone, deca, winstrol and peptides were all accurate. It's true, I tried those (very short stents) and I had to discontinue them because of side effects, predominantly lipid-related, or lack of efficacy as was the case with all peptides trialed in an effort to get my growth hormone and IGF-1 just into the normal range. I was desperate… I couldn’t sort the root cause of low hormones, and reached out to Vigorous Stan for help.

On top of all that, talking heads have been pushing their videos about my ab implants. Read more about how much they cost, ab etching and any other plastic surgery (lmao). I never actually had Gene editing done in Singapore... I made all of that up, thought it was funny as fuck, and it was all intended to be a joke... that's Ancestral Tenet 10 -  have a little goddam fun! Which LK 2.0 is world class at these days!

Liver King 2.0 working out

Liver King 2.0 OFF Steroids

  • Weight: from 202 (1/2/23) to 185 (as of 7/1/23)
  • Strength: max lifts are down approximately 15 to 25%... strict press down 32%
  • Drive: upgrade
  • Determination: upgrade
  • Domination: it's called Liver King 2.0
  • Daily Diet: 1 lb of fresh, raw bull testicles, 1 lb of raw liver because Liver... is... King, always raw meat and animal organs, Liver King supplements, Liver King protein, Liver King bar with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dessert I enjoy a new diet... it's called "30 push-ups every 30 minutes." For mooooar!... LK 2.0 workouts
  • Liver King Workout

Derek: More Plates More Dates... Coach Greg Doucette

I could have never prospectively designed the gift that I received. I've always said that “good, bad, or indifferent, everything in life is a gift.” The outcome of this is LK 2.0... a deadlier weapon has been forged through the resistance. It wasn't all easy… I was brought to my fucking knees in December and then January showed me that there’s always another hell hole beneath the hell… it was a living nightmare (no hyperbole). I’m an open book to talk about the hellholes and how I solutioned my way outta it with 126 novel ways. I’ve always led with such unbridled enthusiasm and passion that everyone in my ecosystem gets pulled forward… That sure as fuck didn’t happen while serving my time. My teams pulled ME forward… the young primals pulled me forward with DMs and a waves of support… my family and Liver Queen pulled me forward, and I needed all of it and I’m as grateful to my last breath. That’s the power of a tribe.

I’d say that not only am I back, but I’d also say that I’m better than ever… stronger than ever (lol, not physically — not even close)... more optimistic than ever, and I've discovered a better, more dangerous life with new weaponry (i.e. testicles every 2 hours, push-ups every 30 minutes, a cigar a day to chill the fuck out, a lighter heart, and sleep hacks that have revolutionized the LK 2.0 game). That makes me a deadlier weapon to make my greatest contribution in the world. More to come on the LK 2.0 journey (from young Liver King before, new never seen Liver King confessionals to Liver King’s real age).

Grateful AF to Derek of More Plates More Dates for the leaked emails on Liver King steroids and Coach Greg to talk about it for a month straight on social media! If not for these guys, and Joe Rogan, LK 2.0 may have never seen the light of day, who is now lighting it the fuck up with lightning bolts in my hands.

Grateful AF to Joe Rogan who always called my shit and the video JR made about my jacked physique, bushy beard and my ridiculous lie. Even when Liver King admits steroid use with an apology video, he leaned in further. To be certain, I would not be the dad, husband, CEO and the dominant man that I am today without him. With a bleeding heart, I’m sending a massive thank you to the legendary king. 

The leaked email about using steroids was a powerful force for the gifts in the Liver King 2.0 orchard... all bearing fruit.

Liver King holding golden guns



Liver King Out!