Liver King's Push Up Diet to Build A Roman Chest Plate

Liver King Push Ups and Class Action lawsuits

"Winning increases Testosterone"... so everything that supports winning, by default, increases testosterone... this lives in a closed loop. Detailed evidence shows that a commanding disposition increases Testosterone by 20%.

Liver King's push-up diet increases Testosterone by 21.6%

Liver King's Pushup Diet to maximize testosterone

Modern-day men are submissive, subprimal, and weak.... suffering from low manhood, low virility and low testosterone.

Liver King would know, I was one of them... then, I did what any self-respecting Lion or evolutionary hunter would do when faced with the illusion of "no way out"...I took massive fucking action to reclaim TOP KING status, strength and self-respect.

Liver King's Pushup Diet - Transform Physique

Liver King's Push-up Diet

Build the disposition of a warrior.

MOOOOAR! get some...

Liver King's more and proof that weapons increase testosterone

Everyone says they want more outta life, but few are willing to do "more" to become more. If you want an uncommon life, you gotta do uncommon things. You gotta be willing to do today, what others aren't, so you can do tomorrow, what others can't. Here's MOOOOOAR, all the extra's that can only be found here.

Even a lion knows... what is right, wins... and what is wrong, dies.

Liver King's Pushup Diet mooooar

"January 2nd, I pinned my back against the wall and left the comfort of the cave to claw, bleed, fight and forge my transformation to Liver King 2.0"

The result... I broke down that fucking wall and developed 126 ways to win... 126 ways to increase Testosterone...  to always stack the deck, dominate and win at life. The 1st thing I did was put a weapon in every conceivable field of view because maintaining weapons in the field of view,... well... it increases Testosterone by 60%

This is why I Do pushups... always!!

A commanding physique increases testosterone and signals "I get to fucking work", period.

Liver King's Pushup Diet - Unleash Power

A commanding physique increases testosterone and signals "I get to fucking work... I have discipline, for days, that you don't... I am willing to do today, what others aren't, so I can do tomorrow, what others can't"...a strong physique is the centerpiece of a King... you can't buy it at the mall, take it from someone else nor can it be taken from you... this crown is bolted to the mutherfucking head and heart and can only be earned.

Who do you want in your tribe to go to war and win with... a winner with the disposition of a warrior or a beta with the disposition of the dead.

Ever see a well-put-together specimen... broad shoulders, v-tapered waist, confidence in how he moves through space...  this communicates: "how you do anything is how your do everything", "a lean, mean, dominating machine.

How you do anything is how your do everything.

the Roman Chest plate says... "step the fuck off, bitch, I'm the alpha today"

Here's a proven system based on the biological law of accommodation and 30 days of progressive overload — it has a low perceived exertion, takes 30 seconds per set (ONLY 12 minutes a day), and will stoke massive benefits for heart health and longevity but what we're really after is the Roman Chest plate and six-pack centerpiece with side benefits of unequivocal punching, pushing, and pummeling power that say... step the fuck off, bitch, I'm the alpha today. In summary, get to goddam work.

If you can't do at least 60 unbroken, proper form push ups (trust me, you can't), sign up below.

Liver King's Pushup Diet - Inner Alpha

Liver King's Push-up Diet

This will change the entire trajectory of your life.

LIVER KING'S Push-Up Diet... Advanced Program

The push up diet is 30 push-ups every 30 minutes (30 days)... here's the advanced program.

  • Week 1... 30 push ups every 2 hours. Even at work, in the shower or at dinner.
  • Week 2... 30 push ups every 1 hour. Even at work, in the shower or at dinner.
  • Week 3... 30 push ups every 30 minutes. Even at work, in the shower or at dinner.
  • Week 4... exactly the same as week 3, or do what LK does, 33 push ups, every 30 minutes.

After the 1st month is complete, congratu-fucking-lations... it's time for MOOOOAR!...

Rinse, wash and repeat to alternate between the push ups, band pull-aparts and pull-ups to build Roman statue-like symmetry on anterior and posterior delts, pressing and pulling power and a commanding King disposition to dominate in life.

Liver King Push Ups and Class Action lawsuits


Define your WHY and target your goals with explosive precision.

How You carry your body is the first impression that you create... it literally says whether you're strong or weak.

Here's how Liver King gets after it

  • I do push ups in the shower, watching with my boys, on the plane, on the boat, cold plunging, working out.
  • I even do push ups in my sleep, before getting in my bed, getting outta bed... I'll even do push ups when I'm fucking dead.
  • I do push ups while standing, laying, sitting and shitting.
  • I do push ups before driving, after driving and even while driving (the steering wheel press) -- it adds horsepower to your horsepower.
  • I do push ups before breakfast, lunch and dinner, when I meet someone, hire someone, and fire someone (if they don't join in the push ups).
  • I do push ups on palms, on knuckles (I call 'em brass knuckles), inclines, declines, on fingers and even on finger.I do 100 push ups UB, tabata push ups, and every minute on the minute push ups, for LIFE!
  • I do push ups at the range.

King Shit

That's why this program is based on a 30-day progressive overload cycle, then another movement altogether. Take note, Same thing happens socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Say you have the same conversation every day with the same person in the same way... of course, youd be a fucking idiot and you wouldn't develop your social sword so your social IQ remains subprimal — but this is what society is doing right now. That said, lift heavy shit, do push ups before dinner, talk to strangers, read a new book a month, and get COLD to go DEEP inside yourself

Real Men are purpose-built for physical strength and look the part too... for him to fulfill his biological imperative is to fight, provide and protect for his tribe, and complementary opposite, he will have also developed his head and his heart, and so he will wield every weapon in his being to do what an amoral barbarian must do... to claw, bleed, and fight for the savage luxury that forges warrior into king... cave into fucking Kingdom.

Liver King's Pushup Diet - King Shit

126 Ways To Increase Testosterone

Reclaim "Top King" Status, Strength & Self Respect

Start by Doing the push-up diet for 30 days.

  • Talk to strangers
  • Read a new book every month
  • Get cold and contemplate your existence
  • Do KING: the only animal-based Testosterone Booster

Then leave the comfort of your cave to develop your innate weapons... the head (start with WHY) and your heart (lead with benevolence). Lift heavy shit, do push ups before dinner, read a book a month, talk to strangers, and contemplate your inner Kingdom.

Winners build tribes of winners (they’re called empires)... losers build tribes of defeat (they’re called forgotten)... your empire starts today by deploying this never-seen-before system: 126 ways to optimize testosterone, always stack the deck, dominate, and win at life.

Click here for the entire system (126 Ways to Increase Testosterone) or remain the same weak, subprimal, submissive pussy with no self-respect. Take massive fucking action... Dominate... Win... you're welcome!

"proof" and CITATIONS

Frank McAndrew’s research paper “Guns, Testosterone, and Aggression: An Experimental Test of a Mediational Hypothesis” is one of a number of papers which support the “Challenge Hypothesis” developed by Wingfield, Hegner, Duffy, and Ball in 1990’s paper which states that testosterone rises in response to situations that threaten a male’s status or indicate that competition with another male is about to occur.
- The Challenge Hypothesis: Theoretical implications for patterns of testosterone secretion, mating systems, and breeding strategies. American Naturalist, 136 829-846.

David Buss described this effect as “Mate Guarding” where human males would become more aggressive towards males they perceived as posing a threat of stealing the man’s wife or girlfriend.
- Human Mate Guarding. Neuro Endocrinology Letters, Suppl. 4, Vol. 23, December 2002

A sudden increase in testosterone was found in male soccer players when they faced a team they considered to be an actual challenge. This rise is attributed to their desire to maintain their social status by winning the match. A similar rise was NOT seen when the games were considered friendly/just for fun with no social standing at stake.
- Jiménez M, Alvero-Cruz JR, Solla J, García-Bastida J, García-Coll V, Rivilla I, Ruiz E, García-Romero J, Carnero EA, Clemente-Suárez VJ. - Competition Seriousness and Competition Level Modulate Testosterone and Cortisol Responses in Soccer Players. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Jan 4;17(1):350. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010350. PMID: 31947915; PMCID: PMC6981813.

This sort of competition-based testosterone has been found to occur in a number of social interactions where the male’s status is on the line.
- Carré JM, Olmstead NA. Social neuroendocrinology of human aggression: examining the role of competition-induced testosterone dynamics. Neuroscience. 2015 Feb 12;286:171-86. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2014.11.029. Epub 2014 Nov 26. PMID: 25463514.

Basically, threatening a man’s social standing threatens their ability to reproduce and so we evolved to produce testosterone in these situations to help us compete.



Liver King Out!