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Comfort is not good for the organism. This is why the sixth Ancestral Tenet is “Get Cold.”

In modern times, we simply put on some clothes, turn up the heater, or avoid the cold altogether by staying inside. No one likes that uncomfortable frigid feeling that comes with cold, especially when we have access to warmth 24/7.

Our early ancestors were regularly subjected to cold, we have brown adipose tissue which is metabolically active for thermoregulation, we have 60,000 miles of blood vessels within us that are lined with smooth muscles that constrict (or) dilate based on our perception of temperature - this process of vasoconstriction and vasodilation is like exercise for your blood vessels - we’re purpose built for cold.

Our potential for strength and health remains encoded in our DNA, and under certain conditions, we can genetically express the strongest, healthiest version of ourselves. For the Primals who regularly get cold, you know what I’m talking about. For those seeking a better life, start with cold/hot contrast showers for 30 seconds at a time. Take notice how you feel afterwards.



  • Improves blood circulation so the arteries work more efficiently at pumping blood, therefore boosting our overall heart health *
  • Promotes “hardening,” which results in increased tolerance to stress and disease *
  • Upgrades the immune system by increasing glutathione (our master antioxidant) and decreasing inflammatory markers *

Intentional cold exposures initiate adaptive processes and response mechanisms that are hardwired into our genes.

Cold exposure benefits include:

  • Boosting heart health through improved circulation and increased tolerance to stress
  • Upgraded immunity, and enhanced metabolic flexibility

Rhonda Patrick, PHD writes “cold exposures increase cold shock proteins including one in the brain that repairs damaged synapses and in muscle prevents atrophy, how a cold-induced catecholamine lowers inflammation and pain by decreasing the levels of 3 inflammatory mediators.”


Start with cold / hot shower contrasts for 30 seconds at a time. At first, you’ll down right hate it because it is uncomfortable. 

Continue the shower contrasts over a 30 day period. Take notice how you feel afterwards. 

It gets easier because the adaptive mechanisms, including the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels, adapt, they get stronger, faster and more efficient at doing what they were designed to do. 

You will notice that your ability to withstand cold will increase considerably after only a few days. 

Like any other stressor, we adapt, it gets easier, and it starts to feel amazing.