The key to unlocking a robust long life lies in our evolutionary past. Our DNA has evolved for over 2.5 million years and our bodies adapted in extreme conditions. The ways of our ancestors–the ways that Liver King has lived for the last 20 years–are better known as the 9 Ancestral Tenets.

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The first Ancestral Tenet is Sleep because it trumps everything else! It's the time when the body and brain detox, recover, rebuild and restore.


How IMportant Is Sleep?


On the hierarchy of health, sleep trumps almost everything else.

It's the low hanging fruit that can affect metrics more than just about anything else. It's the time when body and brain detox, recover, rebuild, and restore.

How can I Improve My Sleep?


Get morning sun exposure (at the same time every day) to regulate sleep / wake cycles.

Finish your last meal at least 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. You can do this!

Earthing - tips to help with Earthing:
Use grounding sheets
Go on barefoot hikes

Use an EMF meter to make sure there are no electrical fields around the bed.

Turn off the wifi at night.

Put your phone in airplane mode and make sure that there are no electronics (nor lights) anywhere near you.

Your sleep temperature should be between 64°F and 68°F.

Use blackout curtains and blackout blinds, room needs to be pitch black. No battery lights, no night lights, nothing!

Use Himalayan salt lamps at sunset instead of regular lighting.

Wear UVEX safety goggles at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Shut your mouth and breathe through your nose. Read this.

Sleep on the floor like our tribe does. why? Our bodies were never meant to be in a cast, courtesy of your bed, all night. Why do you think you wake up feeling like a stiff rock. Check out biochemist, Katy Bowman Move Your DNA for additional information.

Try a sleep concoction 30 minutes before bed to reduce stress and get higher quality sleep:
400MG of magnesium Threonate
2g Redmond sea salt
6g Glycine

It must be the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life… if Barbarian isn't, I can assure you that Super Barbarian will do the job… more below.

Where Do I Start?


If you’re like most people reading this right now, there’s little that you wouldn’t do to reclaim these virtues. Prioritize your sleep! It’s the single most influential thing you can do right now to support your health journey. Start with early morning sun, connecting to the earth and get a pair of UVEX glasses. Start sleeping like our early ancestors did to build your biological resilience. For more on this, see our blog.

What Are the benefits of UV Glasses?


The activity / rest cycle in mammals is one of the circadian rhythms that gets entrained by environmental cues such as natural light and darkness. These cues no longer exist in the modern world because blue light is now ubiquitous. They are emitted from all screens, smart phones, digital clocks and almost all artificial light in the house.

The UVEX glasses block this non-native light spectrum that occurs when the sun goes down.Wear the UVEX glasses at least 2 hours before going to bed. Even when our whole house is lit only by firelight only, I find myself reaching for the glasses because I don’t want even a glimpse of artificial ambient light to disrupt my sleep physiology. Ego holds people back.

We suggest the whole tribe / family wear them two hours before going to bed for the best, restorative sleep ever. UVEX on Amazon

For more information, read this article

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