The fourth Ancestral Tenet is shield because we need to avoid dangers just like our early ancestors did, but instead of running from lions, nowadays we run from seed oils, excessive wifi, EMFs, and man-made poisons.

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Dangers like these end up compounding and with an additive effect, they disrupt our hormones, metabolism and ability to get deep sleep.

Start by turning off your wifi at night and stop wearing perfume. The name of the game is progress, not perfection.



It will seem totally impractical to avoid all danger, but you can certainly take steps.

For instance, instead of avoiding your off-gassing furniture and toxic flame retardant mattress, get some house plants in each room to soak up the toxins and produce fresh air.


Liver King goes straight for the ethanol and drinks Everclear.

Ancestral living has to be practical, or it doesn’t work. 

However, if you can become more robust, if you can build biological resilience so that you can better withstand dangers, poisons and toxins, there’s nothing wrong with a little alcohol from time to time, especially if it’s done right! 

It’s clear that the benefits of sensible indulgence outweigh the drawbacks. 

An interlude with a good drink, a bottle of wine, or a bottle of Everclear, can deepen the experience, can strengthen the bond and be profoundly positive in context, of course.

There’s no room in Liver King’s life for hangovers, which is why the Tribe sticks to Everclear.