Weight and Regiment Updates
Sunday, August 20, 2023

Liver King Back On Steroids (Find out!) in this week’s confessional.

Current weight:

Kanel Joseph Collab, 19 Years W/ My Queen, and Liver King Back On Steroids (Find out!) in this week’s confessional.

This has been a crazy AF, Primal AF last two weeks. Several flights later, a Barbarian w/ my Queen, working out on the plane, filming “Snakes on a Plane,” endless hikes in Utah canyon country, being met by a small army in the middle of the desert night with an ultimatum to give up my Pit Viper or leave immediately, and shooting tanks, rocket launchers and 126 Ways to Increase Testosterone… I’m ready… for MOOOAR! 

The greatest gift I can give to another brother is to bleed them through the 9-stage living hell I call the Barbarian Crucible.

On July 6th, 2023‍

Kanel DMs me, “Can I become the Liver Prince?... I need your blessing.”

To which I replied, “That can only be earned… nothing is given.” 

On August 4th, 2023‍

Kanel shows up to attempt the Barbarian Crucible.
Here’s what happened next… Kanel Joseph attempts the Barbarian Crucible

Celebrating 19 Years W/ My Queen

I took my Liver Queen on an a fucking adventure (back to where it all began) to celebrate our 19th Anniversary. It was epic AF, and I loved every minute of it. 

In the hardest hours, through bloodied and calloused hands... this, Primal, is where the deepest, most unbreakable bonds are forged. I could think of no better way to celebrate 19 years of sprinting towards life together... than by squaring up, and tackling the hardest thing I do all week with Liver Queen right by my side. So step-for-step, we bled ourselves through our first-ever, tandem Barbarian.

Young, Primals, love is not simply a gift... It must be earned, re-earned, and re-newed every goddam day. To struggle... to persevere... to overcome... to throw oneself into the fiery hell would hold no weight... without my unwavering compass... my light... my ultimate "why" in the world. You are the reason I hold myself to the highest and most dominant standard of man, father, and husband, and you are the reason the fire fucking rages.

To you, my queen... I am forever grateful, and I pledge my undying efforts to further the interests of the tribe, and unite this fight on this grand adventure together. 

As we celebrated deep into the night, a small army of 5 shows up at our tent door while LK is sleeping. They demand to talk to me. LQ says you’re going to have to wake him bc I’m not. Next thing you know, I’m being issued an “ultimatum” to give up my “gun” or leave immediately. They give me 10 minutes to decide. 

Reminding myself that sometimes you lose, you actually win, I reluctantly put the Pit Viper in the safe, remove the safe from the previously vaulted shelf, and conceded. We exchanged pleasantries, I gave a generous tip to show no hard feelings, LQ and I had a good laugh, and I went back to sleep with no problem at all (bc unbeknownst to them, I am Liver King, I have 3 more firearms by my side).

Liver King Back On Steroids (Find out!)

After dealing with my pre-sick, pre-piece of shit, pre-worthless stint (see here) that was two weeks of subprimal suck ass as I dealt with a severe mechanical injury, I’ve regained weight and feeling like a goddam King again! This morning (8/20) my official weigh-in was a solid AF 187 lbs… earned!

‍On January 2nd, 2023, I decided to become LK 2.0, and decided to be natty… I told myself that I’d take it one day atta time… I told myself that this is my goddam life to live, that I’d do it on my terms, and if I wanted or needed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) again, I’d do it, and I’d share it. Here it goes…

After 220 Days Natty, Liver King is Back on Technology

After 220 days natty, Liver King is back on the technology, more specifically, steroid (singular) and low-dose HGH. Everyone around me has put in their nickel’s worth saying shit that ranges from “why, you’re looking better than ever, you don’t need that shit”... to “bro, steroids are awesome, you should get back on ‘em.” 

Until you’ve marched a Barbarian mile in my boots, eaten a pound of fresh, raw testicles every day for 220 days, and dealt with recurrent injuries that side-lined and required a CT scan, I’m gonna live my life by my terms. I’ve proven to myself what I needed to prove… I see the utility of this technology, and I’m using it again to optimize. If you wanna know the specifics, drop a comment, but bf you whine about it not being ancestral or primal, I'll say it louder for everyone in the back... 

The name is "Liver King," not "Liver Caveman." How do Kings' live... where do Kings' live... I didn't show up 2 years ago and say, "Me Liver Caveman, me make fire, sleep in cave like ancestor brother, technology bad." 

A self-made King is the mark of a man who earns... who creates unequivocal value to unite a fight bigger than himself — it's called "ancestral living" in the modern world. It's the ultimate juxtaposition where the way of the Barbarian (the 9 Tenets) meets modern man to forge whatever goddam life he wants to shape and create.

The baddest Barbarian earned rights to the bigger cave and deadlier weaponry (yes, technology). The noblest King earned the castle, carriages (fleet of supercars) and right to bear arms — to lead his people with nobility. 

The modern-day man is no different. The ancestral lifestyle is a fundamental Primal framework to express our highest and most dominant form. The modern world, with all its imperfections, offers great utilities to optimize further... to become even MOOOAR! I've made my "natty" point, proud AF doing so, and I'm gonna live my life by my terms. 

We left the comfort of the cave and invented percussion technology... the smashing of things to gain access to the nutrient-rich brains and bone marrow. We invented fire-at-will technology. We invented language technology, and continued the communication technology trajectory with social media. Point is, the evolution of technology, as long as it's used as a utility (as opposed to pure entertainment that distracts from doing the thing to create value), is pretty goddam Primal.

There’s an evolutionary story of technology across time, and by definition — the invention of useful tools — technology is Primal AF. 

  • Percussion technology w/ rocks gave us access to otherwise inaccessible foods like the cranium/brains, and the femur/bone marrow
  • Percussion technology gave us bifacial blades to hunt
  • Communication systems to signal "good/bad, live/die, love/hate
  • Fire-at-will to feel warmth
  • Travel by horseback… travel by jet
  • And, yes, HRT 

It's up to the Primal to sort what is a utility to wield as a weapon to build and create or retract and destroy. Choose your weapons wisely, aim high, get to fucking work, and build motherfucker, build!


With collabs, filming commitments, a big network documentary, a Barbarian performed with my Queen, cave dad to my Savage Liver Boys, and CEO’ing my Tip of the Spear Companies, it’s called “strive mother fucker, strive!”


I am Liver King... a savage barbarian beast, double-fisting battle axes... running up the mountain to no end. I stand 5’7” at the horizon and descend with 187 lbs of force and flesh upon our earth — there's a reason the giraffe is not the King of the jungle.

  • Dec: 202
  • Jan: 196
  • Feb: 192
  • Mar: 190
  • Apr: 187
  • May: 186
  • June: 186
  • July: 182
  • Aug 20th, 2023: 187 lbs... 


When you know your "why" in the world, winning is a forgone conclusion...all ya gotta do is sort the how and the what — that's the easy part. Define your highest leverage roles (no more than 4)… assign a profound WHY to each, and take massive fucking action to execute. Here are mine…

Dominant man… it’s my biological imperative, and it amplifies my impact in my other roles.

Dad…  so that one day, they come to believe in themselves as self-made kings.

Husband…  my complementary opposite (the balance to my blade)… my lioness… my soul mate… she makes me whole and gives me my edge.

CEO.. 4,000/day kill themselves, and there’s something we can goddam do about it.


The Nine Ancestral Tenets work to express your highest and most dominant form! 

  • Sleep… subprimal — I took on too many commitments
  • Eat.. primal AF
  • Move… primal AF — all workouts, the push-up diet and Barbarians… DESTROYED!
  • Shield… primal AF (thanks to my Queen)
  • Connect… subprimal
  • Cold.. primal AF
  • Sun… primal AF
  • Fight.. primal AF
  • Bond… primal AF and got bonus points for trips with family
  • Fun… primal AF!

Comfort is not good for the organism. Make it a hell of your choosing, and earn the fuck outta life, or make it a hell of someone's choosing, and suffer and struggle more of the same. ‍‍


Modeled to my boys what 19 years of discipline w/ the Queen looks like and celebrated the fuck outta it. Had a huge talk about “Loyalty Above All,” and took massive action with them. Had another talk at dinner about earning it with their workouts every goddam day or else you’ll be fucked… everything taste better, feels better, looks better, is better on the other side of earning it. They enjoyed a short trip to kick up their feet in the Texas Hillcountry. 


Destroyed this… I was a top King husband as of late, and still have our end-of-summer vacation with my Queen and boys, forthcoming.‍ Also started the planning process to celebrate our 20th with our inner circle tribe.


Always doing big things as the CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle... many stated above. Leading with WHY. Created meaningful content, as opposed to just “entertaining” content (about to drop). Finishing up the Strong Jaw article… the catalyst to getting into the supplement business to begin with.  

I'm proud AF to say I led... myself, my boys, my Queen and my professional teams, connecting and affirming my people/tribe with our WHY in the world, and with such worth and potential that they see it in themselves and express a higher form.


* Want more Liver King stats, or if young "Primals wanna know," MOOOAR, post in the comments section


* Need improvement

  • Heart rate variability (HRV): down from 88 to 56
  • Resting heart rate (RHR): up from 68 to 74 bpm (a sign of over-training/reaching, especially with HRV going down) 
  • Perceived exertion: from high to higher
  • Grip strength: 120 lbs upon waking… skull-crushingly dangerous
  • Glucose/blood sugar: relatively unchanged from 72 to 74


* No measurements this week except weight

  • Weight: 187 lbs
  • Body fat: shredded and vascular AF
  • Roman Chest Plate: massive
  • Arms: strong pummeling power
  • Waist: six-pack centerpiece, (maintenance on the Liver King ab implants)
  • Legs: with the additional lower body sessions, they’re getting there!


* No maxes attempt this week 

  • Strict press: DNA
  • Deadlift: worked up to heavy doubles 
  • Squat: box squat cycle... heavy triples with 385# straight weight, plus 80# chain weight 
  • Bench: heavy dumbbell presses... 5X15 with 100# DBs
  • Six Pack Centerpiece: maintained the Liver King's 30-push ups every 30-minute diet and continuing to supplement with Murder Medlies on Wed and Sat... still performing heavy unilateral KB carries, yolk carries, and Barbarians, which develop the fundamental building blocks for a strong AF and shredded core... gotta maintain those Liver King ab implants


  • Liver King strict press challenge: DNA
  • Barbarian: completed my 120th renewal (now training for "Hell on Earth")
  • Fran: 1:51 is my PR... not repeating this for a while. Will leave on record bc I’m fit AF


* Breakfast, lunch, and dinner get the usual treatment: always getting down on the raw liver, and raw bone marrow... and of course, a full pound of fresh, raw bull testicles/day (since Jan 2nd). As foretasted, a shit ton of electrolytes and or fresh blood when out at LK Ranch. See more on Liver King diet.

  • Breakfast: raw, shell-on, fertilized eggs from Liver King Ranch... Liver Queen's fermented cream, and whatever else LK Chef Lionel puts out for me in addition to the usual stack: Liver King Supplements... Liver King Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and of course, KING.
  • Lunch: a bone-in piece of red meat, black coffee, and my usual staples... Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and KING.
  • Dinner: ate Snakes on a Plane, Beef Heart Sashimi, crispy duck, and the usual: a delicious pound of cooked carnivore carcass (ribeyes, bone-in strips, bone-in ribs, beef cheeks, tongue, cheese beast burgers made with liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, kidney, and a little bit of muscle meat), testicle ceviche, carbs (primal rice, sweet potatoes, and Paul Bunyan's maple syrup), and once again, my primal AF staples... Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and KING.

Liver King Snacks:

  • a cigar in the afternoon, sometimes with a Primal Scotch
  • 30-push ups every 30 minutes
  • 30-knuckle push-ups bf dinner every 1-2 minutes for a 30-minute stretch before dinner (under the sun, connected to the earth)
  • 1000+ band pull-aparts


Since January 2nd, I've been an upgraded, more dominant version of myself... With 220 days clocked of Primal “natty” savagery, it comes to an end. LK 2.0, is officially back on a steroid and a low dose of HGH. Since I just started this, it’s too soon to comment but will in the subsequent confessionals. Be sure to drop comments, questions, love, and hate… I love it all.

Anything else ya wanna know, comment or question below...



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