Weight and Regiment Updates
Sunday, October 1, 2023

Liver King Details Eye Injury, Confirms Brain Damage w/ EEG, Drinks Bottle of Maple Syrup (on Dare), LK Chef Attempts Barbarian, and Liver Nerd Talks Shit

Current weight:


When you know your "why" in the world, winning is a forgone conclusion...all ya gotta do is sort the how and the what — that's the easy part. Define your highest leverage roles (no more than 4)… assign a profound WHY to each, and take massive fucking action (fire, fire, fire, aim!) to execute. Here are mine…

Dominant Man

It’s my biological imperative, and it amplifies my value and impact in my other roles. Doctors said to rest this week… rested hard… and worked out even harder.  

Dominant Dad

To affirm my boys with the depth of challenge, worth and potential, so that one day, they come to believe in themselves as self-made kings. This week, I accept my boys' challenge to drink a bottle of maple syrup, and explain the “risk commensurate w/ reward” principle. 

Dominant Husband

My complementary opposite (the balance to my blade)… my lioness… my soul mate… she makes me whole and gives me my edge. This week, I detail a gift giving as a token of my undying love.

Dominant CEO

Because 4,000/day kill themselves, and there’s something we can goddam do about it. This week I highlight precisely how we’re casting the Liver King-sized net, getting the message out by any means necessary, and working hard AF to deliver on The Barbarian Crucible series.

Liver King Reveals Who Knocked Him Out…

Last week, I confessed the following: 

“Yes, I sustained strikes, got knocked out, got concussed, got taken by ambulance to hospital, and got eye injuries… Good!” — Liver King

This week, Primals wanna know the whole story, and who knocked me out… we’ll here it is:

Turns out, only LK is strong enough to knock self out, concuss, kill brain tissue… imagine what I could do to a lesser Primal.

Yes, it’s embarrassing AF… yes, it’s serious AF… yes, I’m dealing with a host of issues related to concussion, brain, and eye.

Liver King Brain Damage

Lingering symptoms of concussion and two neurologists / two EEGs later, it appears the brain isn’t firing in synchronicity and is behaving like a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Good!... I’ll take different reserve, and overcome.

The good news is that they say I have an “elite brain”... firing my alpha waves at 13Hz per second while the average is 8 to 9Hz. Gotta get it all synched up so that it fires and wires from back to front. Onnit! 



I am Liver King... a savage barbarian beast, double-fisting battle axes... running up the mountain to no end. I stand 5’7” at the horizon, and this week, I descend with 192 lbs of force and flesh upon our earth — there's a reason the giraffe is not the King of the jungle.

  • Dec: 202
  • Jan: 196
  • Feb: 192
  • Mar: 190
  • Apr: 187
  • May: 186
  • June: 186
  • July: 182
  • Aug 10th, 182 (last day natty since Jan 2nd)
  • Aug:  28th, 2023: 186 lbs 
  • Sept 16th, 2023: 190 lbs 
  • Sept 23rd, 2023: 192 lbs
  • Oct 1st, 2023: 192 lbs


The Nine Ancestral Tenets are the forces that shaped our ancestors to become the baddest mammalian predators that ever lived… they still work today so that we can be healthy, happy, strong, and robust.

  • Sleep... subprimal — feeling this… I keep justifying that I’ll sleep/rest when the eye surgery is scheduled.
  • Eat... primal AF
  • Move... primal AF — back to doing all workouts (without jerking motions… because the eye might pop out), including the push-up diet and Barbarians… 
  • Shield... primal
  • Connect... primal
  • Cold... primal — headed for a cold plunge date with Queen right after this.
  • Sun... subprimal
  • Fight... primal AF
  • Bond... primal AF — the Shaman brought us closer
  • Fun... primal AF — make it a fucking party… that’s why it’s called “life”

Want more Liver King stats, or if young "Primals wanna know," MOOOAR, post in the comments section...

Or check out "Primals wanna know" section below where I address common questions and criticisms like:


  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV): record lows
  • Resting Heart Rate (RHR): finally improving... down 4 points
  • Perceived Exertion: improved over last week
  • Grip Strength: getting back to skull-crushing strength
  • Glucose/Blood Sugar: 61 to 74... not after the bottle of Maple Syrup tho
  • Ketones: lowest was .1mM BHB to 1.8mM BHB… metabolically flexible and fit AF!


* No measurements this week except weight

  • Weight: 192 lbs
  • Body Fat: shredded and vascular AF
  • Roman Chest Plate: chiseled
  • Arms: dangerously strong pummeling power
  • Waist: six-pack centerpiece, (maintenance on the Liver King ab implants) and six-pack supplement: murder medley). 
  • Legs: need another Smolov cycle... surgeon says NO.


* No maxes attempt this week just max fucking effort

  • Strict press: worked up to heavy 205
  • Deadlift: triples with 445
  • Squat: worked up to a heavy single w/ 505
  • Bench: overloaded shoulders instead
  • Six Pack Centerpiece: DNA Liver King's 30-push ups every 30-minute diet and DNA  supplemental w/ Murder Medlies on Wed and Sat... DNA heavy unilateral KB carries, yolk carries, and Barbarians, which develop the fundamental building blocks for a strong AF and shredded core... gotta maintain those Liver King ab implants because “life just ain’t worthing Primals, without a pump and a centerpiece six pack.” Let’s see what happens!!



Breakfast, lunch, and dinner back on track with the usual treatment: always getting down on the raw liver, and raw bone marrow... and of course, a full pound of fresh, raw bull testicles/day (since Jan 2nd… yes, still onnit!). Fresh blood, and fresh cream and colostrum when out at LK Ranch. See more on Liver King diet.

Enjoyed meat mountain... everything else unchanged:

Liver King putting salt on a mountain of raw meat

  • Breakfast:
    raw, shell-on, fertilized eggs from Liver King Ranch... Liver Queen's fermented cream, and whatever else LK Chef Lionel puts out for me in addition to the usual stack: Liver King Supplements... Liver King Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and of course, KING
  • Lunch:
    a bone-in piece of red meat, black coffee, and my usual staples... Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and KING. I won’t write this every week but I’ll say it again for everyone in the back… raw Liver, raw Testicles and raw Bone Marrow remain on the menu with all meals. 
  • Dinner:
    More crispy duck, and the usual: a delicious pound of cooked carnivore carcass (ribeyes, bone-in strips, bone-in ribs, beef cheeks, tongue, cheese beast burgers made with liver, heart, pancreas, spleen, kidney, and a little bit of muscle meat), testicle ceviche. Not just for the kiddos… back on the carbs (primal rice, sweet potatoes, Paul Bunyan's maple syrup, and sorghum syrup), and once again, my primal AF staples... Whole Feast Protein, Liver King Bar, and KING.
  • Recents:
    recent additions as of late have been eyeballs, and still planning on running Sorghum syrup as a whole food source of carbs (restarting this next week) and running DHT experiments (for MOOOAR!). Anything and everything food-related that’s a 5-alpha agonist is being selected for. NOTE: DHT is what real alpha Primals are after… It's inaccurately villainized as a propagator of hair loss, and prostate problems, but this topic is incredibly nuanced. Bottom line is DHT is King when it comes to androgens. Liver King DHT articles and videos forthcoming as part of the 126 Ways series.


  • MOOOAR! 5 eyeballs/day
  • a cigar in the afternoons (against doctor’s orders), sometimes paired with a Primal Scotch (always earned)
  • 30-push ups every 30 minutes
  • 300-knuckle push-ups before dinner (under the sun, connected to the earth)
  • 1000+ band pull-aparts and/or several hundred face pulls


LK officially on HRT technology

How is Liver King feeling since getting back on… too many confounding variables to say. Feeling like 3 outta 10 this week. Good! There’s opportunity to dominate.


Sending my boys on a journey.

It’s my job to challenge you… to put obstacles in your way, and teach you how to think of 126 ways to solve for any problem… To aim high… to know your WHYs… to take massive fucking action to strive and earn as you become self-made Kings!

For their safety, I won’t be saying what or where but it will be a grand adventure and a great test.

In lighter news, my boys
challenged me to drink an entire bottle of maple syrup…

That’s 500 grams of sugar all in one setting. EASY! Afterward, I asked if the risk was commensurate with the reward… this led to a great discussion about the principle… to think… to aim… to make an aggressive decision by default and to take massive fucking action. 


Wife has been collecting generations of rings in her Polish family to melt the metals and make something Queen-worthy… this turned into a grand project with lots of struggles but the result landed with a massive sapphire on top…

The sapphire has been seen as a stone of wisdom, royalty, prophecy and divine favor; a symbol of power and strength, but also of kindness and wise judgment.

I gifted this to her this past week. She loves it! We’ve deepend our bond. Mooooar! 


Welcomed a new Barbarian into the brotherhood… and focused on The Barbarian Crucible.

I'm proud AF to say I led... myself, my boys, my Queen, and my professional teams, connecting and affirming my people/tribe with our WHY in the world, and with such worth and potential that they see it in themselves and express a higher form. All while CEO’ing my Tip of the Spear Companies, it’s called “strive mother fucker, strive!”

Anything else ya wanna know, comment or question below...


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