Power Posturing increases testosterone by 20% and alpha behavior by 33%

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A commanding disposition increases testosterone and signals "CHAMPION" to self and the outside world

Liver King standing over a bull carcass holding its raw liver in the air

Modern-day men are submissive, subprimal, and weak.... suffering from low manhood, low virility and low testosterone.

Liver King would know, I was one of them... then, I did what any self-respecting Lion or evolutionary hunter would do when faced with the illusion of "no way out"... 

I took massive fucking action to reclaim TOP KING status, strength and self-respect.

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MOOOOOAR! Get Some...

Liver King's dominant stance, wearing hat, smoking cigar, shirtless with hands on hips

Exclusively FULL SEND SUMO, no exceptions, when taking the royal shit ... to take it up a notch, maintain a hot woman in your field of view -- you can see that I keep my hot wife front and center. 

Even my liver boys do it... here you can see Sumo, Cobra and Superman. 

Even my attack pack of Dobermans act like lions... they never cross their legs, and they dominate! 

My tribe is a walking, talking gang of power because a tribe that takes up time and space together, dominates and stays together. 

Even my unborn baby supplants the Fetal position in lieu of Cobra.

You have 20 seconds...

Any position other than that of power leaves you vulnerable and invites attack on you and your tribe

My savage liver boys even practice manspreading, "sumo" and "cobra" while at the dinner table to entrain these alpha characteristics, because I always tell my boys that they're completely fucked, IF they don't earn self-made King status...

Ever see a sumo wrestler take up space or animals in the wild compete (sometimes to the death) for access to the female... it's true, animals in the wild size each other up, as such, the smaller (perceived weaker) beast won't even challenge the bigger (perceived stronger) beast because his life, and his ability to fulfill his biological imperative, may just depend on it. Same thing happens in the modern world amongst our domesticated men which is why The "Victory" posture (arms above head, then pounding the Roman chest plate) is Liver King's favorite. 

We all know that the mind changes the body, but there's also evidence that the body changes the mind (neurochemistry), biochemistry and testosterone, in as little as 2 minutes a day. FACTS

Who do you want to party and win with... a winner with the disposition of a warrior or a beta with the disposition of the dead... more on the coffin posture forthcoming. 

Ever see a "man" cover his mouth with a limp wrist while eating, cross his arms while standing, or the unequivocal worst, cross his legs as if there's no package on board... this is the same type of man that pulls his knees up to chest (the fetal position) and sits down to take a piss.

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weak, vulnerable man/posture
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victory posture

In summary

A STRONG disposition increases testosterone and alpha behaviors which leads to wealth, health, the hot wife, and kickass life full of adventure and excitement! 

A WEAK disposition decreases testosterone and invites attacks which leads to struggle, suffer, and pain, in perpetuity -- this is no life to live. 

The way that you carry your body is the first impression that you create... it literally says whether you're strong or weak before you utter your first words... so walk like a King — chin up, chest out, firm steps, slight smile because the quality of your life, fucking depends on it! 

This is why I do VICTORY every time a make a lift or take a piss followed by beating the drum on my Roman Chest plate.


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superman posture

Superman when standing firm

Chin up, feet at shoulder width, hands firmly on waist. OPTIONAL: or half superman, half Solar (CHAKRA) which spreads the fire element in your body which brings energy, warmth, and light. It's also known to activate intellect, clarity, confidence and aggression.

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sumo posture

The Sumo when I sit

Chest out, knees and ankles out, chin up

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cobra posture


[Brief description of cobra]

Modified versions of Sumo and Cobra can, and should, also be used when laying... 


I even sleep with power, which begets more power, by doing this...

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sumo sleep posture
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cobra sleep posture
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variations sleep posture


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shooter posture


I do Shooter at my standing workstation with feet 3 feet apart (mark board for placement of feet) -- to take it up a notch, add another keyboard for a wider arm articulation -- which adds more... you guessed it, power

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dirty hairy

Dirty Harry when driving

Dirty Harry when driving (the Cigar) -- adds 200 horsepower -- take it up a notch with a shotgun rack!

CLAIM The Upper Hand

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silvester stalone posture/over the top handshake

I do the Sylvester Stallone when shaking hands... otherwise known as "over the top" which says "I'm the boss and you're the bitch for the day". Never let your opponent land on top... Your handshake is your character... The Romans knew this which is why the ancients met with a firm, standing, colliding of open fists.

Whomever overpowered the other, was said to have the "upper hand" with earned privileges such as access to food and women. Add gravitas (weight) by earning callouses and it says everything they need to know about you because your history is written on your hands. The art of the handshake is an entirely different video detailing approach, pressure match, angle, articulation, and reach. 

Victory or Superman when showering with well water -- add a battle axe to take it up a notch!...

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Superman posture showering with well water

Under no circumstance is a real man allowed to cower and contract with arms crossed, legs crossed or do coffin and contraction, and play dead. AVOID: limp wrists, hunched back, rounded shoulders, pointed fingers, chin down, and don't even think about leaning against the wall because... you are STRONG... you are the fucking wall. How can anyone count on you, depend on you, if you can't hold yourself up. You are the rock that makes the fucking wall impenetrable. 

Restless leg, fidgeting, and nail-biting reveal subprimal attributes such as, he's nervous, anxious, scared, and running from something... it definitely does not say "I'm confident and powerful beyond measure"... these behaviors all invite attack, so don't do them. 

From the inception, you have 20 seconds to sort who's got the upper hand (works with women, interviews, and the police) and a full 4 minutes to decide if they want you in their tribe. 

Body language is an outward expression of how we feel/emotions and vice versa. It's the first form of language that communicates whether you're strong or weak. 

Modern-day men are weak and submissive pussies (all you have to do is look around)… suffering from low manhood, low virility, and low testosterone. Translation, it's easier than ever to seperate from the pack of beta males swimming in mediocirty to land the hottie, get any job you want, and earn the wife and life of top Kings.

As early as 50 years ago, our stronger, higher-status forefathers had 50% more of the alpha-organizing hormone — ever heard of old man strength?... of course, you have, because your own Dad could beat your ass into oblivion... 

Reclaim TOP KING status, strength, and self-respect. 


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communicate "impeccable" and power posturing

Because the ultimate weapons, our deadliest, most dangerous weapons are innate. Be impeccable with your language... your body language because it has the power to create or destroy. For now, power posturing, aka, a commanding disposition, signals to others your masculine legacy... strength, courage, mastery, honor and above all esle, LOYALTY. More importatnly, at the primordial level, it signals to self that you know, with King confidence, that you are the master of your domain, that every decision, every action matters to create and shape the exact life that you want to live in... it signals to self that now, this very moment, is a time of action, creation, abundance, and expansion... it signals that you are healthy and worthy enough, to be fertile enough to fulfill your biological imperative... to propagate our species. Turns out, higher T confers this evolutionary trait. 

Make no mistake, power postures like Summo, Cobra, King and double-fisting alpha traits are merely metaphors that create internal value (higher T... to the tune of precisely 20% higher); however, when man fulfills his gender-specific biological imperative... when he knows his roles as a MAN is predicated on physical strength and massive fucking action... to fight, provide and protect for his tribe, and complementary opposite, he will have also developed his head and his heart, and so he will wield every weapon in his being to do what a amoral barbarian must do... to claw, bleed, and fight for the savage luxury that forges warrior into king... cave into fucking Kingdom. 

Here's what you can do...


Liver King's Subscribe Now... 126 Ways to increase testosterone

Start by doing Victory for 2 minutes a day, 1st thing in the morning... while getting early morning sun, grounded to the earth 

— Do Superman when you stand 

— Do Summo when you sit and shit 

— Do Cobra when you sleep 

— Do KING: the only animal-based Testosterone Booster 

and leave the comfort of your cave to develop your innate weapons... the head (start with WHY) and your heart (lead with benevolence). Lift heavy shit, do push ups before dinner, read a book a month, talk to strangers, and contemplate your inner fucking Kingdom.

Winners build tribes of winners (they’re called empires)... losers build tribes of defeat (they’re called forgotten)... your empire starts today by deploying this never-seen-before system: 126 ways to optimize testosterone, always stack the deck, dominate, and win at life.

"proof" and CITATIONS

Frank McAndrew’s research paper “Guns, Testosterone, and Aggression: An Experimental Test of a Mediational Hypothesis” is one of a number of papers which support the “Challenge Hypothesis” developed by Wingfield, Hegner, Duffy, and Ball in 1990’s paper which states that testosterone rises in response to situations that threaten a male’s status or indicate that competition with another male is about to occur.

The Challenge Hypothesis”: Theoretical implications for patterns of testosterone secretion, mating systems, and breeding strategies. American Naturalist, 136 829-846.

David Buss described this effect as “Mate Guarding” where human males would become more aggressive towards males they perceived as posing a threat of stealing the man’s wife or girlfriend.

Human Mate Guarding. Neuro Endocrinology Letters, Suppl. 4, Vol. 23, December 2002

A sudden increase in testosterone was found in male soccer players when they faced a team they considered to be an actual challenge. This rise is attributed to their desire to maintain their social status by winning the match. A similar rise was NOT seen when the games were considered friendly/just for fun with no social standing at stake.

Jiménez M, Alvero-Cruz JR, Solla J, García-Bastida J, García-Coll V, Rivilla I, Ruiz E, García-Romero J, Carnero EA, Clemente-Suárez VJ. Competition Seriousness and Competition Level Modulate Testosterone and Cortisol Responses in Soccer Players. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Jan 4;17(1):350. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010350. PMID: 31947915; PMCID: PMC6981813.

This sort of competition-based testosterone has been found to occur in a number of social interactions where the male’s status is on the line.

Carré JM, Olmstead NA. Social neuroendocrinology of human aggression: examining the role of competition-induced testosterone dynamics. Neuroscience. 2015 Feb 12;286:171-86. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2014.11.029. Epub 2014 Nov 26. PMID: 25463514.

Basically, threatening a man’s social standing threatens their ability to reproduce and so we evolved to produce testosterone in these situations to help us compete.



Liver King Out!