Never apologize… Liver King 2.0 doesn't apologize, doesn't bend a goddam knee... doesn't express this pathetic, hollow sentiment just recently invented by the modern world — it's deplorable, and it's destructive AF... trust me, I would know.

Liver King leaves comfort of the cave…

Because it’s Man’s biological imperative to leave the comfort of the cave… to be the evolutionary hunter he was born to be… to claw, bleed, fight, provide and protect… to further his own interests and the interests of the tribe.

Liver King make public figure…

My singular focus… to honor our ancestors. To model, teach, and preach, the Ancestral message so that it becomes mainstream. So that Young Primals don't have to suffer and struggle unnecessarily… the way Liver King suffered as a young adolescent… the way his own young boys suffered (couldn’t breathe)… the way our people and young men are suffering today.

Liver King's Advice to Get Rich

Liver King make fire… 

Make fire because 4,000 people/day kill themselves, and 80,000 people/day try… along this continuum is suffer and struggle, and our young men are hurting the most… low manhood, low self-worth, no ambition in life… I would know (this was my own hellhole I called my life).

I would fire, fire, fire, until required to aim.

Liver King as a boy standing next to his dad's grave

Liver King burn self by own fire…

The Ancestral message was set ablaze… spreading to all corners of the globe… it worked! November 2022, the internet police leaked emails about Liver King and anabolic steroids. Yes, I lied.

Liver King sorry

December 2022, I made an apology video that’s been viewed, scrutinized, and criticized by millions. 

“I fully own that I fucked up… I lied… I am as sorry as a man can be and all I can do is take extreme ownership right now, be better and lead myself to a better life as a better human”

Liver King collect stones thrown…

Stones be cast and stones collected… but there’s always another hell beneath hell, so good, bad, or indifferent, resistance is that which creates strength of body, mind and spirit. Grateful AF for all the blessings of resistance that have forged me into the unrelenting evolutionary hunter, the man, the father, the husband, and the CEO that I am today.

NOTE: Liver King once told: "hate always comes from below, never from above." Haters are our people too, and might be the ones hurting and hating the most… the ones that might need this message the most.  

Liver King standing in water holding a spear wearing a hat

Liver King make bigger fire (nope, not sorry after all)…

Liver King learns, grows, evolves… forges new stone tools (bifacial blades), and weaponizes the process of Liver King 2.0. Not sorry.

Liver King 2.0 take ownership, make change, be better… 

Take aim, and take massive fucking action to sharpen and balance the blade, and sharpen character. A more formidable force is Liver King 2.0… double-fisting battle axes and running up the mountain to no end. Not sorry.

Liver King wearing sunglasses

Liver King 2.0... before me take fork and eat, me make spear and aims. 

Liver King 2.0... Evolved

Fire, fire, fire, aim > to > aim, fire, fire, fire! Not sorry.

Liver King sitting at a pool with his family

Appeasement, AKA, I’m Sorry 

This is a pathetic, hollow sentiment just recently invented. Modern-day primitive culture tribes don't have this kind of deplorable language...  If you so much as attempt to utter such “words,” it's considered a downright insult and you'd be lucky to receive a Primal backhand to your flippant face.

Show ‘em, don’t tell ‘em

What's required of us is extreme ownership, it's called "responsibility," and taking massive action to course correct... to grow... to be better, period. 

What we do, is orders of magnitude, more important than what we say... doing is the way of the evolutionary hunter.

Liver King's Pushup Diet to maximize testosterone

Hollow Words

In the modern world, we say stupid shit like "I'm sorry (take me back, don't fire me, give me another chance)", but never take action to change...

We hope all is forgiven, but it's not, because you did exactly jack shit to lead your life, your wife, your family to a better place.

Not Sorry

Never apologize... never bend a knee... never speak a fucking word before you take aim and take force to be better. 

Liver King doing the Barbarian workout in Houston

The Way of the Barbarian

126 Ways to Be a Fucking Man... to always stack the deck, dominate, and win at life.

Or wait, do nothing, and let the wolves eat you alive.



Liver King Out!