August 8th, 2023

Jesse James West (JJW) messages me  “Hey man, let’s link up and shoot a video… I think it’s time.

August 24th, 2023

Jesse James West shows up to attempt the Barbarian Crucible, and I’ve selected a level 10 Barbarian course to match his savage, relentless drive. Here’s what happened next.

Liver King's Barbarian Brotherhood Emblem


Jesse James West holding raw testicles Liver King put in his pockets

Jesse showed up at the barn a little late, saying he was scared of eating more testicles. We spend a few minutes catching up on our WHYs…wins and growth we’ve experienced since we saw each other last year, including my leaked emails, which turned out to be a gift I could never have asked for.

I had to bust his balls a little for not tying the knot with his girlfriend already - for a guy I KNOW takes massive fucking action, he’s behind schedule. Nevertheless, I gifted his cold feet a pair of LK shorts with frozen testicles in the pockets…

Initial Primal Ranking

  1. Manboy
  2. Beta AF
  3. Involent
  4. Wanderer
  5. Subprimal
  6. Hunter
  7. Savage
  8. Barbarian
  9. Alpha AF
  10. The High Evolutionary is crowned "The Ultimate Primal" and qualifies to compete for "The Barbarian-Crucible King"


He’s already done Barbarian… he’s already cemented his claim to JJW “The Barbarian”... but there’s one problem… this is different and he’s done no training, and there will be no shade… there will be the inescapable Texas heat reigning down, and this unequivocally, one of the most difficult Barbarian courses I’ve built, and bled through…

JJW has the title to lose, or a new title to gain… either way, there will be blood and there will be demons, and there will be a new fiery hell to pay.

Liver King talking to Jesse James West before the Barbarian Crucible

Before separation, I tell him:

“If you don’t finish this, you don’t get to hold your chin above your shoulders. If you end up giving up, if you quit… on life…on the Barbarian, you let one of my guys know and we’ll come rescue you.” 

He promises me that won’t happen

He’s 100% for sure going to complete this. I’m thinking, you have no fucking idea… just because you’ve already done Barbarian on a nice and neat, paved path 1 year ago, you think this is gonna be like that… before today, that was the hardest thing JJW had done… today, you’re in for a ruthless and Primal AF awakening… a test unlike anything remotely close to what you’re familiar with… good!

Liver King smiling while standing in the sun

Stage 1: The Barbarian

Liver King's Barbarian - The Separation logo

The Separation

Jesse James West starting the Barbarian Workout

As JJW sets off on this level 10 Barbarian war path, he’s practically sprinting, moving like the mother fucking savage Barbarian he is. The production crew can’t believe how fast he’s trucking… I can!... I told my guys, “Don’t worry, the wolves are out and they’re hungry. The sun is out and it’s going to drain his soul… ain’t no fucking way he can maintain this “relentless” AF pace.

Jesse James West doing Liver King's Barbarian Workout

But then again, it’s JJW and he does unthinkable things

Liver King heads back to the big house at Liver King Ranch and does what Liver King 2.0 does best as of late… I get back to fucking work! 

Liver King sitting smoking a cigar while holding his gun
Liver King's Barbarian - The Ultimate Test logo

The Ultimate Test

Fourty Five Minutes in, “No Problem”

The walkie turns on… he’s already at the [X] yard checkpoint. My operator tells me he’s going to be done in record time.

To which I reply, “No… he won’t.”

Liver King lying next to his pool with his rifle

Somewhere in the Fifteen Minute Range, after that…

From the LK Ranch big house, Perched on top of the hill, I can see everything, and I’m looking right at JJW laying on his fucking back. He’s going nowhere, except laying down with the devil.

Liver King sitting next to his Liver Queen in the sun

I tell him,

“With every beat of his heart there’s an expansion. He’s either going to choose to contract with the contraction or expand with the expansion. It’s time to get up and move…get off your fucking back. Liver King sees you.

Jesse starts moving again… a very different JJW than the one that started.

Liver King shooting his rifle next to his pool

Meanwhile, LK decides to be a generous King…

I Shoot watermelons from the pool with a 50 cal, and I radio my operators to tell JJW that when he makes it to the next checkpoint, there’s a gift waiting for him in the pasture… i.e. electrolyte rich, cool to the touch, satisfying AF watermelon.

Fifteen minutes later…

JJW is laying on his back again and he appears to be really struggling. He can barely sweat, can’t release heat, his organs start to cook… he says he’s going to call it… He’s Done

Liver King talking on a walkie talkie

LK picks up the radio…

“Bleed…claw…sweat yourself fucking dry…bleed yourself fucking dry. Every fucking step. Barbarian is yours to own, to conquer, to crush, to destroy. You take yourself to the depths of fucking hell. You live there, then you take yourself deeper. And the deeper you go, the more you fucking become…You expand the proportion of your living. You sharpen every fucking blade around you, and you never shrink back to your original size.

JJW stays the course, decides not to give in, not to give up.

He strives, he moves, and never gets a break from the heat nor sun.

Jesse James West doing Liver King's Barbarian

At 1200 yards…

He’s on his back again, but this time it’s different… the energy in his voice is gone and he’s no longer completing coherent sentences. He remains there for what seemed like eternity. 

I knew that he would be cutting it close. His initial pace had him finishing at 90 minutes… at this point, he might not complete it all, and if he does, it will require new gears and will be close AF to the four hour time limit

Liver King's Barbarian - The Return logo

The Return


It was the hardest thing he has ever done in his life. He says, “Gimme a minute… I need some time to collect my soul… I can’t talk right now.”

Stage 3: Thermal Pressure

Jesse James West sitting in an ice bath for Liver King's Barbarian Crucible

Last time JJW attempted COLD at Liver King’s Lakehouse, he literally had a panic attack and lasted less than 30 seconds. Until Mathew Beem came along, he held the record for shortest cold plunge. I wonder what JJW will do this time…

As Jesse enters the 36 degree ice plunge, right up to the Thyroid, he starts his gibberish… singing, rapping, uttering unrecognizable syllables and laughing hysterically… WTF! This time, he was ready. He had trained with the iceman Wim Hoff… he understands how to conquer cold… how to let it in… how to learn from it. 

A test of the mind and soul, he wrestled with the innate response to simply save himself from the illusion of dying… reminding himself of the fiery hell where the wolves ate him alive, to this icy hell that’s becoming familiar territory. Comfort is never good for the organism!

Jesse James West flexing after an ice bath with Liver King

Bullets earned: 5…

One for each minute. 

Stage 4: Ice Breaker

Liver King holding a block of ice next to Jesse James West

As JJW approaches, he sees a 20 pound block of solid ice, and a pair of brass knuckles. He’s instructed to use whatever means necessary to make a breakthrough… to earn and retrieve his token as a result of force… a single bullet

JJW starts talking shit to the ice… says it’s an enemy that he’s going to fight for his girlfriend. 

He chips away, one strike at a time.

Jesse James west breaking a block of ice with brass knuckles

Bullets earned: 1…

Stage 5: Axes

Liver King's Barbarian Crucible Stage - Axes

Jesse James West throwing axes for Liver King's Barbarian Crucible

Stage 6: Spears

Jesse James West holding a spear for Liver King's Barbarian Crucible

Jesse James West getting ready to throw a spear next to Liver King

Stage 7: Shooting Range

Jesse James West getting ready to shoot a pistol

JJW is presented with a selection of x pistols to chose from chambered in 9mm. 

  • Staccato P 
  • FN 509 sub compact 
  • Wilson Combat 9mm 
  • Heckler & Koch 
  • Smith and Wesson 
  • Canik 9mm

He selects the [weapon], puts on his eyes and ears (protection) and has precisely 17 opportunities to be successful in the hunt as he prepares to hear  “shooter ready… 3, 2, 1, GO!” 

Jesse James West shooting a pistol

He takes aim at a nose-to-tail selection of circular targets that read and represent the nourishing traditions of our ancestors. Whatever he hits, he doesn’t have to eat (raw) at the next stage.

Liver King's Barbarian Crucible shooting moving target

Stage 9: Feast & Bond

A platter of raw testicles, liver, hear, bone marrow, and blood

Jesse James West eating raw testicles with Liver King

Liver King and Jesse James West feasting

Liver King holding raw testicles while sitting on a golden chair

Final Ranking

JJW, you've proven yourself by triumphing through the rigorous stages of the Barbarian Crucible. You've fought relentlessly like a true modern day warrior, demonstrating the alpha-masculine tactical virtues of strength, courage, mastery, honor, and loyalty. You've embraced suffering and challenged your body, heart, mind, and spirit to the greatest depths. You battled adversity, and at moments when most would call it quits, you showed your indomitable will and emerged victorious. 

Your achievement isn't just about physical prowess, but also the transformation of character. Just as a young Massai or Machigengua would emerge from their rites of passage a new kind of beast, you too have been reborn through the Barbarian Crucible. You've ventured into the wild of your fears, faced the wolves of hardship and returned a Barbarian, a man worthy of respect and admiration.

This rite of passage, the toughest thing you've ever done, has now transformed you into the formidable force you were born to be. You have pushed past your perceived limits and have proven to yourself and others that a man can be a savage beast as well as a moral animal. You show us that a man can be self-made, earning respect, status, and the "Ultimate Barbarian" title through sheer grit, perseverance, and a warrior spirit.

Son, welcome to the realm of the Ultimate Barbarian. The stage you've just endured has unlocked a new status within the brotherhood of Barbarians. You've earned our respect and proven yourself a true warrior and a King amongst men. Your journey has been worthy of a Liver King's praise.

The Ultimate Barbarian title is not just a label - it's a symbol of your growth, resilience, and the embodiment of an indomitable spirit running up a mountain to no end. By triumphant mastery, you've earned every inch of this honor.

Jesse James West holding a cigar


Liver King having a feast after the Barbarian Crucible


Suffering from low manhood, low virility, and low ambition in life. So much so, 4000 people/day kill themselves; it’s a leading cause of death in our young men, and 80,000 people/day attempt suicide. Liver King would know, I was one of them.


I’ve painstakingly created a life-changing event to show young men how to fucking strive and bleed through a hell of their own choosing, to be prepared to battle through the hell(s) they don’t.

The Barbarian Crucible is an invite-only, polarizing AF, entertaining AF, modern-day rite of passage and initiation into a brotherhood that forges man-boy into barbarian... barbarian into King... cave into fucking Kingdom.

JJW’s Why

“I’ve learned that there’s nothing special about me. You just have to try. I just want to show people that if you work your ass off, you can have the things that I've only recently gotten.” - JJW

Jesse James West has a mission that goes beyond the physical. It's not just about showcasing his own strength or endurance, but unlocking a door for others to realize their untapped potential. Jesse believes that within every individual lies a dormant strength, an untamed force not unlike the Ultimate Barbarian that he himself had become as he traversed the Barbarian Crucible.

Jesse's aspiration is to help individuals challenge themselves, to push their limits and grow not only physically but mentally and emotionally. His journey represents a dedication to enduring discomfort and leveraging it to become a superior version of oneself.

His experience in the Barbarian Crucible serves as a testament to the transformative potential within us all.


Even a lion knows… what is right — wins, and what is wrong — dies. His biological imperative is as fundamental as nature, because IT IS his nature. Before higher, or lower, values (good/bad) can be entertained, a man must be a formidable force to claw, bleed, fight, provide and protect.


When you know your "WHY" in the world, and you center and anchor around it, your tribe will always follow a true north, and you'll stoke fire that fucking rages. When you know your WHY, winning is a foregone conclusion.

Liver King's Barbarian Brotherhood Emblem
Liver King leaning on his weights after doing the Barbarian Workout

Uncage your barbarian

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Liver King Out!