Ancient Primals evolved eating the whole animal, nose to tail, horns to hooves.

OUR ancestors grew robust valuing the animal foods above all else, consuming plant foods mostly as survival foods to get them by between hunts.

Liver King prioritizes organic pastured egg yolks, wild caught fish eggs, raw full-fat milk & cheese, homemade bone broth, fermented veggies, and of course, organ and muscle meats from happy grass-fed animals grazing on open pasture. All feasts are cooked with plenty of lard, tallow, and/or raw butter to increase nourishing fat intake as well.

No counting calories, macronutrients, or anything like that. We made it to the top of the food chain, in part, by being inventive and intuitive. Remain intuitive and listen to your body, it knows what it needs.

Liver King

Liver and Bone Marrow

First and foremost, we are descendants of the sole surviving species of genus Homo (the baddest mammalian predators that ever lived). We made it to the top of the food chain by expressing the highest version of ourselves (through epigenetics). Our early ancestors always favored the raw Liver and the raw Bone Marrow first — many modern-day hunter/gatherer tribes still do... along with lions, great whites and other alpha organisms, frequently leaving the muscle meat for the birds. Even then, birds will be caught taking marrow bones high into the sky and dropping them onto the rocks in order to gain access to the inside.

If you want to be an alpha organism... strong, lean, robust, disease-free, and kicking ass, these ancient ancestral foods belong on your menu (every day).

We have a full meal plan here.

Try a few choice recipes here


Unless you have a neurodegenerative, mood and/or memory condition, we don’t all need to remain in ketosis for extended periods of time; however, slipping in and out of ketosis on a regular basis, just as our early ancestors would have done, is beneficial. We seem to be purpose-built for doing it and we derive massive health and happiness benefits from it.

For these reasons, my tribe and I follow seasonal eating patterns that allow us to slip in and out of ketosis. If we’re feeling really good, we may stay in it a little longer. It helps us to think, to perform, and to produce.

Water fasting, only consuming water and minerals, is likely the single, most powerful metabolic intervention in existence.

Fasting is accessible to everyone, it’s time and money saving and it’s the default way of life in the animal kingdom.

Only in the modern world have some animals, Sapiens included, had such easy, unlimited, no- effort access to food.

Periods of feast and famine with purposeful 24 to 120-hour fasts followed by huge refeeds are an ideal way to keep your body functioning optimally.


To be clear, Liver King and tribe prioritize fundamentals like Liver and Bone Marrow and a nutrient dense nose-to-tail diet. As the name infers “supplements” should be used as a secondary means to enhance a nutrient rich diet. Supplementation can help with sleep and metabolic function and be leveraged for targeted support.

  • Ancestral Supplements Minerals  –  Nature's whole food electrolyte and mineral complex
  • Ancestral Supplements – Beef Organs
  • The Fittest – Whole Feast Protein
  • Vitamin D3 – get this from adequate sun exposure, wild fish eggs, blubber and grass finished tallow.
  • UVEX Glasses – Liver King doesn't want even a glimpse of artificial ambient light to disrupt sleep physiology

Honorable mentions for targeted support:

  • Thymus or Spleen for allergies or to boost immune system
  • Brain if the brain need a boost
  • Bovine Tracheal Cartilage to recover an injury
  • Thyroid in the winter when little to no carbs are available
  • Adrenal if adrenal support is required.