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The eye is fucked

On September 24, 2023, I got knocked out, concussed, and detached my cornea. The eye surgeon told me my eye was destroyed and I was likely going to lose it. He said that even with multiple surgeries, I would lose central vision, face recurrent surgeries every couple of years, and I still might not recover any vision at all. 

If that's my fate, so be it, but I'll be damned if I don't do MOOOAR to come back in full Barbarian force. So I got to fucking work...

At the October 18th checkup, the eye surgeon could hardly believe it... the retina had healed and reattached - something he knew was possible but had not seen in his 30 years of experience. Read the full story.

Turns out that my healing protocol can be applied to virtually any injury, so I feel obligated to share it. To state the obvious, I ain't no cave doctor, and this sure as shit ain’t medical advice.


Still working it out... at first, I could only attach a 45 pound plate to my eyelid for heavy triples… I’ve worked my way up to double the weight, and double the reps. Yes, this is a joke.

The list is long, and I can’t overstate the critical nature of leaning into all of the 9 Ancestral Tenets.

My healing protocol details how I’m incorporating the tenets, sleep, healing nutrition, stem cells, spiritual practices, technology and MOOOAR - Sign up above or below to download the protocol for FREE!

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