Job Title

Chief Executive Officer

Job Description

Drive the narrative that “Liver is King,” and that Liver King (LK) is the role model for “Ancestral Living in the modern day.” Transform mainstream attention & media presence into profitable business revenue(s) for Liver King Co.

Responsible for managing Liver King Co’s overall operations. This requires setting business goals/plans, delegating priorities of work, driving profitability, managing organizational structure, developing & directing business strategy, and communicating with primary stakeholders.

Creating and sustaining the culture & chemistry within the company will drive future success in this position. Clear vision and the ability to use effective communication will be required to instill alignment of task & purpose from senior leadership to all members of the team(s).

Liver King


Determine and ovrsee the strategic direction of Liver King Co.

Establish annual vision, and leverage quarterly goals & business plans to set working priorities

Iterate and refine products, services, and distribution in response to data & performance metrics to drive profitability

Manage communications & expectations with all stakeholders to instill alignment. Stakeholders include but are not limited to:

  • Liver King, Queen, and Boys
  • LK Property Staff
  • Tip of The Spear (Ancestral Supplements, The Fittest Ever, etc.)
  • External Partners (creative agency, production team, legal team, etc.)

Manage Liver King Co. organizational structure (human resources, finances, legal, etc.) & operational cadence (content lifecycle, data & analytics, project planning, etc.)

Required Skills

True Believer - Passion for Ancestral Living and spreading the message

Evolutionary Hunter - Must be entrepreneurial, a self-starter, motivated and ambitious

Preferred Skills

Brand & Social Media Strategy

Project & Program Management

Organizational Leadership

Digital Marketing

Business Finance

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